Vineyard Visibility: Outfitting Your Crew for a Safe Harvest

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Despite what its effects might make people think, wine doesn’t come from a magical spring in the ground. Anyone who works in a vineyard knows that great wine is the product of vineyard workers and winemakers working long, hard hours to harvest grapes and create amazing products. 

And when those vineyard workers are on the job, they need rugged protection that fits the work they do. HiVis Supply provides a full range of workwear for vineyard workers that helps protect their health and safety. If you’re outfitting your crew for harvest season, use this guide as a starting point to develop a gear kit that will help them stand out and stay safe. 

Why Vineyard Workers Need Proper Safety Workwear

Every industry has its own working conditions that determine what kind of workwear is necessary. For vineyard owners and managers, these are some of the conditions that you need to take into account when outfitting workers: 

  • Early Mornings: Vineyard workers often start work very early in the morning, sometimes before the sun is up. High visibility gear with bright fluorescent colors and reflective material is a must-have. Check the ANSI 107 standard to learn more about the different levels of hi vis protection available. 
  • Autumn Harvests: Most vineyards in the northern hemisphere, though not all, harvest their grapes between the beginning of August and the end of October. These months have unpredictable temperatures and weather conditions, so your crews’ workwear needs to be versatile and breathable. 
  • Hand Work: Some vineyards harvest grapes by hand. Hand protection is another essential to protect workers’ hands from injury on the job. Vineyards that use pest control products must also minimize workers’ skin contact with sprayed grapes before they’re washed. 
  • Machinery Proximity: In many vineyards, you’ll find workers doing their jobs alongside heavy machinery. Vineyard workers need high visibility workwear to keep them safe and seen and avoid struck-by accidents. 

Essential Elements of Vineyard Workwear

Although every vineyard will have different workwear needs for its employees, the basic elements that each harvester’s kit should include are: 

  • High visibility reflective vest
  • Warm but breathable jacket, depending on the season
  • Thick but flexible gloves 
  • High waterproof boots with sole grips
  • Headlamp if harvesting before dawn

When considering how to outfit your vineyard workers, remember that OSHA sets specific standards for protecting agricultural workers. These resources and regulations should always be the basic foundation for developing your vineyard’s safety policies. 

Safety After the Harvest

The need for safety doesn’t end when the harvest does. Many workers will continue to put in long hours even after production begins, so keep these tips in mind for a safer crushing operation: 

  • Use gas detection equipment to monitor carbon dioxide levels. Fermentation produces significant amounts of CO2, which can create a potential safety hazard if it builds up. 
  • Make sure workers are wearing goggles during the crushing and mixing process, as debris and liquid can fly out of presses during crushing. 
  • Keep the winemaking area clean and tidy, and address spills immediately to avoid slip-and-fall hazards. 

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Great Safety Workwear for Vineyard Workers

HiVis Supply has the selection of safety workwear that vineyard workers need for a safe and productive harvest. Here are some of our most popular workwear pieces for vineyard workers: 

Browse Our Selection Of Hi Vis Workwear

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HiVis Supply’s selection is expertly curated to match agricultural professionals’ needs. Take a look at our full selection of safety vests and work gloves to find out more about how we can make your harvest the safest and most fruitful one yet. And don’t forget our options for safety vests with custom logos, which could be just what you need for expanding your winemaking brand. 


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