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ML Kishigo Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants

ml kishigo brilliant series rainwearLooking for the best rainwear you can get your hands on this year? ML Kishigo has introduced a unique, effective and highly protective ANSI Class 3 outfit to the market. Their Brilliant Series Rain Jacket (RWJ112) and Brilliant Series Rain Pants (RWP112) give you unparalleled visibility and comfort on those rainy days, making sure you stay dry so you can focus on the tasks at hand.
Manufactured from a lightweight breathable polyester material, the Brilliant Series rain jacket and rain pants are sold individually but intended for use as a complete outfit. This rain suit is 100% waterproof, featuring taped & sealed seams and a waterproof zipper to eliminate water penetration. The unique vents located at the back and underarms function in an exit-only fashion, allowing for the release of hot air to help maintain a comfortable operating temperature - something that was often a burden with rainwear in the past. Adjustable wrist cuffs on the jacket and ankle cuffs on the pants allow for a superb fit while preventing excess entry of water, giving a higher level of dryness, even in strenuous working conditions.
The Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants are designed with strategically placed black fabric in high-contact areas which gives a clean look while hiding the appearance of dirt, grime and grease. Accented with prismatic reflective striping and additional reflective accents for ANSI Class 3 compliance, these Brilliant Series garments ensure you're as visible as possible. For convenience, the jacket is equipped with a removable, hide-away hood that can be used as needed. Front slash pockets offer room for basic storage while a left-chest ID pocket makes this jacket perfect for large worksites or anyone who needs to display identification or credentials. The interior is mesh lined for exceptional comfort and breathability while reducing the static and stickiness often associated with waterproof apparel.
ML Kishigo's Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants offer a new level of confidence and comfort throughout the workday. If you're serious about productivity and safety, you'll find that these garments give you a great advantage for working in wet and rainy weather.

ML Kishigo 1510 Heavy-Duty Safety Vest: An Economical Solution

ml kishigo 1510 safety vestWhen it comes to safety vests, there seems to be endless choices. Today, we've decided you help you make a decision on a vest that's affordable, comfortbale and effective at improving your visibility on the job.
The 1510 Brilliant Series Heavy Duty Safety Vest from ML Kishigo delivers ANSI Class 2 compliance to keep you safe throughout the workday. Manufactured from ultra-cool, 100% polyester mesh fabric, it's the perfect vest for any weather. In the summer it can be worn over your t-shirt or tank top, and in the winter it can be worn over a jacket, sweater or bibs. It's durable, it meets ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 2 standards, and it costs under $15.
For the best in visibility, this safety vest features 2-inch reflective striping placed over a 3-inch contrasting stripe. Equipped with a zip-closure front, webbed reinforcement in high-wear areas for a longer lifespan, and additional high visibility reflective trim, you can't go wrong with the ML Kishigo 1510 Heavy Duty Safety Vest. It also features ample pocket space, including an outside lower cargo pocket, a 2-tier pencil pocket on the right chest, a radio pocket on the left chest and an inside patch pocket.
The 1510 Brilliant Series Heavy Duty Safety Vest is available in high visibility orange or yellow. This is a no-hassle, simple safety vest that has flexible usage in a variety of work environments. You'd be hard pressed to find a better vest at a better price. See it here for more information or to get yours today.

The ML Kishigo Black Series Windbreaker

ML Kishigo Black Series WindbreakerWith the fall season closing in on us, it's time to begin preparing for cooler temperatures. In the outdoor workplace, this usually means adding an extra layer of clothing. While we're still a few months away from the brutal cold of winter, it's nice to be comfortable when the temperatures drop. The ML Kishigo Black Series Windbreaker offers a perfect combination of warmth and safety to make your workday easier during the beautiful but often chilly fall weather.
The Black Series Windbreakers (WB100/WB101) are ANSI Class 3 compliant and constructed from lightweight 100% polyester fabric, giving you unmatched flexibility and water resistant protection throughout the workday. To meet the needs of demanding work environments, this high visibility windbreaker is equipped with ripstop reinforcements in high-wear areas, giving it a longer lifespan and improved durability over most hi-vis windbreakers. The black side panels and underarms of this windbreaker provide better contrast when compared to solid colors and have a cleaner, more stylish appearance to them. You're going to look better, be more visible, and feel safer than you've ever felt in windbreaker.
If you're worried about functionality, the WB100 Windbreaker will set your mind at ease. With VizLite reflective striping that exceeds ANSI Class 3 standards, you're going to be visible in even the worst weather or low-light conditions. Also, unlike many windbreakers, this jacket is equipped with shoulder vents that allow just enough warm air to escape so you don't get too warm during vigorous physical work. The adjustable waist and wrist cuffs ensure the most comfortable and secure fit at any given moment, preventing cool drafts and uninvited water during periods of rain.
To protect important items, the left chest of the Black Series Windbreaker is equipped with a waterproof zippered pocket. The lower front pockets are also equipped with zippers and perfect for simple storage of gloves and similar personal effects.
If you're looking for comfort and safety this fall, be sure to take a closer look at the ML Kishigo Black Series Windbreaker. It's available in Lime (WB100) or Orange (WB101) in a variety of sizes. In our opinion, it's one of the best, most functional hi-vis windbreakers on the market at the moment, with quality craftsmanship and an affordable price of right around $50.

ML Kishigo Keeps It Cool with the 9120 High Visibility T-Shirt

ml kishigo 9120 hi vis t-shirtSummer is here and the temps are heating up, but are you keeping as cool as possible at work? Proper clothing is critical and so is your safety - thankfully the ML Kishigo 9120 High Visibility T-shirt has you covered in both areas. These shirts are designed for optimal comfort and performance, even in the hottest weather - and they don't sacrifice your visibility to do so.
Manufactured from a lightweight and highly breathable microfiber polyester fabric, these high visibility t-shirts help reduce body heat by promoting the quick evaporation of moisture and allowing for maximum airflow. You stay cooler for a longer period of time, making it easier to concentrate on your job and keep your body temperature at a reasonable level when compared to hi-vis shirts made from other fabrics.
The high-contrast design of these shirts gives more visibility than normal ANSI Class 2 shirts by featuring 2-inch silver reflective striping laid over a wider hi-vis stripe that contrasts the color of the shirt itself. This creates a more vibrant garment that helps motorists, co-workers and others see you - reducing the chances of an accident or injury on the job. The fabric is also flat-stitched instead of layered, giving you the same level of thickness in the contrasting areas as the rest of the shirt for lightweight comfort.
If you're looking for a t-shirt that offers as much visibility as possible, the 9120 series by ML Kishigo is an excellent choice. It also features a front chest pocket for simple storage and is available in high visibility lime or yellow. These shirts are ANSI 107 Class 2 compliant and available in a variety of sizes.
ML Kishigo makes quality high visibility garments and these shirts are no exception. Make your life easier without having to worry about what to wear at work! Stay cool and safe this summer by picking up a few for yourself - at just $20.95 each, you really can't go wrong.

ML Kishigo Black Series Surveyor's Safety Vest

ml kishigo black series surveyors safety vestWhile a surveyor's job might be never-ending, ML Kishigo has taken another step to make sure your workday is easier and safer than ever with the new Black Series Surveyor's Safety Vest. Designed to meet the demanding needs of everyday work, this ANSI Class 2 vest goes above and beyond in all aspects of comfort, functionality and purpose.
Designed with a solid polyester front and mesh back, this lightweight vest is manufactured with breathable, durable materials and features a heavy duty black bottom to help hide dirt in high-contact areas while providing a clean & stylish appearance. Although a safety vest might seem like the last thing to ever be considered "stylish", ML Kishigo has done an excellent job with the styling of their Black Series high visibility garments - ever since their release, Black Series products have been flying of the shelves as fast as retailers can stock them.
The key aspects that make this vest different from the others are its unique, surveyor-oriented features that have been incorporated into the design. After all, it's not called the Surveyor's Vest for nothing!
Equipped with:
• Padded neck for improved comfort and wearability
• Zipper-front closure system, reinforced with webbing for durability
• Left and right side microphone tabs offer for mounting hands-free communication
• Dual lapel grommets
• Left chest 2-tier pocket featuring a dual-function flap (hook & loop feature allows this pocket to be held open if needed)
• Large right gusseted pocket with flap closure
• 2 outside lower front pockets with flaps
• Left and right side stake pockets
• Left and right side elastic spray-paint can pockets
• Lower inside right full-length pocket featuring a load-bearing strap
• Lower inside left tablet pocket with a load-bearing strap (fits iPad)
• Hidden back pouch with left & right zipper access
As you can see above, this safety vest offers ample pockets for storage, most importantly for stakes & spray cans - which are indispensable to the surveyor's job. Also, maximum functionality means improved efficiency and performance in the field. Thanks to the 2" wide CNSS reflective striping and 3" contrasting background stripe, the ML Kishigo Black Series Surveyor's Safety Vest has the ability to deliver outstanding visibility on the job, regardless of the weather and/or light conditions. It's fully compliant with ANSI Class 2 (ANSI/ISEA 107-2010) safety standards, giving you the confidence you need to perform your job without excessive worry about safety.
Visit our website today to see more info and photos, or to purchase your own Black Series Surveyor's Safety Vest.

ML Kishigo Mossy Oak Infinity Break-up Safety Vest

The Mossy Oak Infinity Break-up Safety Vest by ML Kishigo brings the brand's known high visibility technology together with style and functionality. Instead of the "same old" safety vest design, ML Kishigo has created a vest with a unique camouflage lower area that add a bit of personality while aiding to hide dirt in a high-contact area.
Check out the video below to see the features and benefits of this newly released safety vest.

The ANSI Class 2 compliant vest is equipped with helpful features such as an inside pocket that's perfectly sized for a tablet, and a microphone tab on the lest chest pocket to simplify the use of hands-free communication at work. Outer cargo pockets provide ample storage space on this vest, while a dual-tier pencil pocket is ideal for miscellaneous storage including a walkie-talkie, radio or a cell phone.
Mossy Oak Infiniti Break-up Safety Vests are made from ML Kishigo's signature Ultra-Cool Mesh to provide maximum air flow to the body, even during periods of extreme heat. 2-inch vented reflective striping enhances airflow and reflectivity while reflective edges offer additional safety for low light conditions.
The vest is available in orange or lime at HiVis Supply and can be purchased directly HERE.

ML Kishigo: The Brilliant Series Advantage

ML Kishigo has been a trusted brand and an industry leading manufacturer of high visibility safety gear and apparel for over 40 years. Continued innovation and increased functionality are two critical factors that have allowed ML Kishigo to remain on the leading edge of workplace safety.
Now, ML Kishigo has brought us the Brilliant Series. This line of safety gear reaches above and beyond the typical high visibility safety gear to deliver an unprecedented level of safety. Increased low-light and night time visibility coupled with improved features for added convenience and functionality make the Brilliant Series one of the most effective lines of safety gear available today. Take a look at the video below to see just how effective the Brilliant Series is at keeping you safe in the workplace.

To view the complete line of Brilliant Series safety gear and shop ML Kishigo products at some of the lowest prices available, visit our website today. You can never be too safe, and the Brilliant Series lineup is a step in the right direction.

ML Kishigo Black Series ANSI Class 3 Windbreaker

ml kishigo black series windbreakerWorking outdoors has both its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most critical aspects of an outdoor workplace is obviously the weather, yet too often it seems that we're either braving the extreme cold of winter or trying to find a place to cool ourselves from the scorching summer sun. Ideally, we'd prefer the weather to be somewhere in the middle - not too hot, not too cold. Usually it's only during the spring and fall that we get to enjoy the luxury of ideal working conditions. But what type of high visibility gear can be worn during these mediocre temperatures? When it's a bit too warm for a bulky for a sweatshirt or jacket and still too cool for a t-shirt, what's the answer to safety and comfort? A windbreaker; and ML Kishigo has just the product.
The Black Series Windbreaker is the perfect answer to the rather mild and unpredictable months of spring and fall. Manufactured from 100% lightweight polyester it offers enough protection to dampen the wind yet provide breathable and flexible high visibility safety when you need it the most. It also functions perfectly as a space saving backup that can be kept in a car or locker and used on an as-needed basis. Better yet, it's ANSI Class 3 compliant so it's suitable for practically any job site.
As are all ML Kishigo's products, the Black Series Windbreaker is designed for a tough job. Comfort, safety and functionality has always been trademarks of the brand and they've surely been incorporated in the design of this windbreaker.
Being ANSI Class 3 compliant, it features plenty of reflective striping for poorly lit environments and decreased visibility. Strategic placement of these materials on the garment provide you with the best overall reflectivity to ensure that you're seen by drivers, equipment operators and co-workers. After all there's no such thing as being too safe, right?
Adjustable wrist cuffs allow for a secure yet comfortable fit while adjustable waist cinches are located on the interior of the zippered front pockets to prevent from being snagged on equipment or materials. We think that's quite clever from a safety point of view - not to mention it provides a cleaner look.
There's also a vertical pocket on the left chest with a waterproof zipper for anything that needs to remain dry during wet conditions. Unique shoulder shoulder vents have been integrated as well to allow heat to escape during rigorous activity, keeping you cool enough to prevent sweating and discomfort. The black fabric areas of the underarm are made from a more durable ripstop material to help prevent wear while providing a clean appearance in areas that might normally appear soiled from frequent contact with materials or equipment. Not too bad for a windbreaker!
The ML Kishigo Black Series ANSI Class 3 Windbreaker is available in HiVis Lime or Orange (WB100 or WB101) in sizes Medium through 5XL and is priced just under $50 at HiVisSupply.com right now. It's a solid investment in long lasting comfort and safety, two things you definitely don't want to spend the work day without. If you're interested at taking a shot to win one for free, be sure to enter our April HiVis Giveaway on our Facebook page for your chance. 

Stay Ultra-Dry with ML Kishigo Brilliant Series Rainwear

brilliant series rain gearWhen you think of a rainy day at work you probably have unpleasant thoughts of waterlogged clothes, wet feet, and water dripping into your eyes. Not to mention slippery surfaces and standing water that seemingly make even the simplest tasks a burden. Working in the rain is no fun for any of us, but unfortunately some of our jobs require it. On a more positive note, there are ways to make the work day more bearable and productive, even in the wettest weather.
The folks at ML Kishigo have been designing and manufacturing some of the best high visibility safety gear on the market for quite some time and have put a significant amount of effort into creating high visibility rain gear that's affordable, performs well and keeps you visible in even the most extreme weather conditions. The Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants are no exception, and in fact, they're the perfect example of top quality gear for the rainy season.
The Brilliant Series Jacket and Pants are made from high quality 150-denier polyester oxford fabric which provides maximum durability in a lightweight and breathable style that will keep you dry without retaining too much heat and sacrificing your comfort on the job. Of course, they are 100% waterproof featuring sealed seams to prevent even the smallest amount of water penetration.
While the jacket features a waterproof front zipper with storm flap and waterproof zippered pockets, it also has a vented back and underarms to improve air circulation while keeping out any water. The pants utilize waterproof side cargo pockets and adjustable leg cuffs that provide a comfortable and secure fit. When it comes to storage, dryness and comfort, Brilliant Series Rain Wear offers the best performance available.
But what about safety? The Brilliant Series Jacket and Pants have that covered also.
Both products employ Reflexite prismatic tape for ANSI Class 3 protection, but that's not all. Reflective trim pinstripes are used around the edges and seams offer enhanced visibility to ensure the utmost protection and safety. Used in combination, the jacket and pants are some of the most effective garments available for working outdoors in rainy or wet environments. As a touch of style and for the purpose of maintaining a cleanly appearance in areas that usually discolor from dirt and contact, ML Kishigo has incorporated black fabric into the lower areas of both garments to help hide dirt and prevent discoloration.
If you're serious about staying dry on the job this year, be sure to check out these two products in the high visibility rain gear section of our website.

Stay Dry on the Job with High Visibility Rain Gear

hivis rain gearAlthough we're still battling the frigid winter air, spring is practically right around the corner. As the temperatures begin to rise and provide some much needed relief for those of us who work outdoors, we're almost immediately met with the seemingly never-ending rains that springtime brings. While those freezing days of waiting to coming home to a warm house are finally over, the focus has shifted to getting somewhere dry instead.
Working outdoors during the rainy season doesn't have to be so miserable, however. There's an abundance of products available to keep you dry out there. Thanks to improved technology and a demand for more comfortable, higher quality rain gear, things have com a long way since the days of those classic vinyl rain suits. Before you spend another year dreading this rainy days, take a look at a few of the latest and most popular high visibility rainwear products on the market.
ml kishigo economy series rain suit

ML Kishigo Economy Series Class 3 Rain Suit

The Economy Series Rain Suit by ML Kishigo is, well, economical. But that doesn't mean it's cheaply made! For about $45, you get the jacket and the pants. That's a pretty good deal too, especially considering that they're both 100% waterproof and made from 150-denier polyester oxford with a polyurethane coating. All seams are sealed and the jacket is equipped with a zipper storm flap closure, lower front patch pockets and adjustable wrist cuffs to help keep water out. The pants also feature adjustable ankle cuffs for an improved fit around your boots. The 2" reflective striping on the jacket and pants enhances your visibility and meets ANSI Class 3 compliance. You don't have to spend a fortune to stay dry and safe!
viking thor 300d rain jacket

Viking Professional Thor 300D Class 3 Rain Jacket

This one is pretty impressive. If you want serious quality and first class performance, take a look at this one. Made from 300-denier ripstop polyester, it's about as tough as they come. It also has a lot more to offer than just being tough though. It's 100% waterproof, machine washable and features double sewn and taped seams for durability and performance, even in heavy rains. Articulated elbows offer increased comfort for a long day at work while the unique arm pit zippers provide ventilation allowing you to stay cool while keeping dry. It also features a removable Stormblaster hood and microphone clips for hands-free communication. Meets ANSI Class 3 specifications for maximum visibility in wet weather and is available for $123 at HiVis Supply.
ml kishigo brilliant series rain pants

ML Kishigo Brilliant Series Rain Pants

These are serious rain pants for a serious day at work. The Brilliant Series Rain Pants by ML Kishigo are not only waterproof, they're also stylish and durable. Sealed seams make them 100% waterproof and the Reflexlite Prismatic Striping helps make you 100% visible. Reflective trim stripes add to these already ANSI Class E compliant rain pants. They even have cargo pockets that provide waterproof storage for your goods while the adjustable leg cuffs ensure you're getting the best fit possible. The black bottom design also helps to hide dirt, providing a cleanlier appearance. Best of all? They're valuable now in either lime/black or orange/black at HiVis Supply for $47. Don't forget to check out the matching Brilliant Series Rain Jacket while you're there!
As we said, working in the rain doesn't have to be terrible. Equip yourself properly and you'll hardly know you're out there. To see more high visibility rainwear products that will keep you dry all day long, visit our website at www.HiVisSupply.com and check out our complete inventory. We're loaded up with the best quality rain gear that's ready to ship at the lowest prices available.
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