Tips on Choosing the Best Hi Vis Workwear for Factory Workers

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Safety is everything in a factory. It’s more important than productivity, profit or prestige — moreover, it’s the foundation for all three. To be safe, every worker first has to be seen. Being seen is why it’s so important for all factory workers to come prepared with the right hi vis workwear. HiVis Supply offers a great range of hi vis workwear designed for safe and comfortable performance through long shifts on the shop floor. Below, we’ll look at how factory workers and managers can choose the right gear to keep everyone safe when it counts the most. 

1. Know and use the relevant standards. 

There are detailed standards for high visibility workwear, so know them and use them! The ANSI 107 High Visibility Standard is the most important in terms of high visibility since it describes the required high visibility colors and materials for any given piece of hi vis gear, such as a reflective vest. Find out if your facility requires a specific level of ANSI visibility before you choose your workwear. 

Some factory jobs might also require flame-resistant (FR) clothing that self-extinguishes when exposed to open flames. If your position requires FR workwear, make sure to learn about the Hazard Risk Category (HRC) standards that evaluate performance for FR clothing. Dual performance hi vis FR workwear that satisfies both FR and hi vis needs is now available in many different styles. 

Finally, your shop might also require OSHA-mandated safety gear such as hard hats and hearing protection. HiVis Supply is a one-stop destination for your safety needs on the job, so don’t hesitate to grab what you need while you’re selecting hi vis workwear. 

2. Find the gear that’s designed for factory work. 

Workers in each industry need something a little bit different from their high visibility gear. For factory workers, important features might include any of the following:

  • Breakaway safety vests to prevent workers from becoming caught in machinery
  • Light and breathable materials to prevent discomfort and exhaustion from excessive heat
  • Insulation for factories with low ambient temperatures
  • Built-in flexibility points to allow a full range of motion 

Of course, there’s no one-size solution for every factory. The point is to think carefully about the specific hazards and challenges of your workplace and address them through smart workwear choices. 

3. Consider enhanced visibility apparel. 

If your shop doesn’t require a specific level of ANSI visibility, remember that enhanced visibility apparel can be useful, too. This non-ANSI-rated hi vis gear is designed to provide extra visibility outside of specific ANSI standards, and it’s often highly cost-effective. 

Enhanced visibility apparel is also typically available in many different colors that are perfect for job site color-coding. This can help determine positions and make sure that unauthorized workers do not enter unsafe areas. Our guide to color-coded workwear can tell you more, including how people in high-stress occupations use color-coding to make sure the operation runs like a well-oiled machine. 

tay Safe on the Job with Our Hi Vis Workwear

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4. Don’t forget high visibility gloves. 

Many factory workers need hand protection to keep their hands safe while working with tools and machinery. Typically, this means choosing a good pair of work gloves with features like leather palm grips, knuckle armor and flexible construction that lets you keep your manual dexterity. However, a lot of today’s best workwear gloves also include high visibility color schemes that help you stand out even more. 

HiVis Supply offers a carefully curated selection of hi vis work gloves for factory workers. Our stock includes ANSI-rated cut-resistant gloves, gloves with built-in knuckle armor, high dexterity gloves and much more. Think about the daily demands of the work you do with your hands and choose a model that has the right balance of protection, flexibility and visibility. 

5. Women workers should choose gear designed for them. 

Women who work in factories need the same level of protection that men do. But a lot of women’s safety gear isn’t cut correctly for women, so women need the comfort and performance of properly designed hi vis workwear. Quality women’s workwear like the Kishigo Ladies’ Softshell Jacket is specifically designed from the ground up to fit a woman’s body more comfortably. 

For more about this important topic, see our guide to women’s safety gear. We talk about why women should demand safety gear that’s purpose-built for them, and we show off some of our favorite women’s safety gear choices. 

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If you’re ready to start looking for the best hi vis factory workwear, explore our complete selection of safety apparel for factory workers on our manufacturing solutions page. For more information on one of our most popular options for factory workers, take a look at our guide to breakaway safety vests


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