Payment Options

About payment options:

When you pay with a credit or debit card, you need the name printed on the card, the card number, the month and year the card expires, and the 3-digit or 4-digit security code.

This information, along with the billing address for the credit card, is entered during the purchase process.

These credit cards are accepted:




Debit cards issued by the financial services companies listed above are accepted, as well.

What happens next?

Credit cards are generally charged only at the time we ship the item or items to you. For orders that are drop shipped directly from our manufacturer, you will be charged once we place the order with our manufacturer. For imprinted orders, you will be charged at the time you approve the quote.

However, for both credit and debit cards we may “pre-authorize” your order amount with your card issuer at the time you place the order. This may trigger an “authorization hold” on your card. For debit cards, which draw on funds in a bank account, this means the amount of your purchase remains in your account but is no longer available to you. For credit cards, the charge is not processed but the amount may be deducted from your available line of credit. 

Your credit or debit card will then be charged at the time we ship your items to you. If your order is sent out in multiple shipments the charges will process as each individual part of the order ships (you will see multiple, smaller amounts charged to your account).

It can typically take three to seven days for the purchase amount to clear your account. Your bank controls the timing of authorizations and payments from your account; for details please check with your bank.

If you still have any questions, please contact the HiVis Supply Customer Service Team by calling 1-800-786-4035, or emailing

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