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Using Color Identification When High Visibility Isn't Enough: Enhanced Visibility Apparel Explained

Understanding Enhanced Visibility Apparel

People wear all kinds of apparel to make themselves stand out in a crowd and differentiate their looks from others. A flashy pair of sunglasses, a well-cut jacket, a killer pair of boots—many apparel elements can create an impressive appearance. But creating visual distinction for yourself can be a lot more important in the workplace, where lives are often on the line. 


That’s the idea behind enhanced visibility apparel. These vests, jackets, headwear, and more feature colorful and reflective designs that attract the human eye and make workers easier to see. Beyond that, however, they also offer big advantages for identifying employees and their functions more easily. In this article, we’ll talk about the many uses of enhanced visibility apparel to create a safer and more organized workplace. To kick things off, we’ll talk a little bit more about exactly what enhanced visibility apparel is.

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Everyday Applications of the Incident Command System

When an emergency strikes, everyone must be on the same page in terms of response. Resources have to be deployed efficiently, communication has to be clear, and decision-makers have to be accountable. That’s why we have the Incident Command System (ICS). The ICS is a standardized management framework for coordinating a response to an emergency. Whether that’s a hurricane, a wildfire, a hazmat spill, or another type of disaster, the ICS helps create a more efficient and coordinated response. 

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Are Surveyor Vests Only for Surveyors?

Surveyors perform an essential function for the construction, real estate, and civil engineering industries. Before a building or roadway can be constructed, surveyors have to determine property boundaries and catalog the land’s geographic features. This data is crucial for a successful construction project, so we have surveyors to thank for just about every building and public works feature that allows us to live our lives. 

When doing their job, surveyors need durable high visibility surveyor vests to keep them safe. Below, we’ll examine why surveyors use surveyor vests and how they’re different from a normal safety vest. Then, we’ll look at why surveyor vests are a great option for workers in a variety of industries, as well as some of HiVis Supply’s most popular surveyor vest models.

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Understanding Dual Performance High Visibility FR Clothing

The changing complexity of today’s work environment often requires seemingly competing safety requirements. Being seen on the job is key to alerting everyone around you of your presence. However, many job functions can often expose you to hazards from flash fire or electrical arc flashes. Each presents its own unique challenges and dangers. So when it comes to choosing the right safety gear, you cannot settle for an either/or solution. If there are multiple safety gear requirements, the only way to work safely is to follow all of them. That’s exactly why we have dual performance high-visibility FR clothing. 

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Which Winter Hat Is Right for You?

Discover Which Winter Hat Is Best For You

As they used to say on a certain famous TV show, winter is coming. Or, perhaps by the time you read this, winter is already here. Either way, if you’ll be working outside in the winter weather, there are lots of important factors to think about when it comes to how you’ll stay warm. 

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How to Protect Your Outer Extremities from Winter Weather: The Best Cold-Weather Clothing and Accessories

Text: Essential Cold Weather Work Gear and image of man sitting outside drinking from a thermos.

That tingly feeling in the tips of your fingers and toes is not just 'Jack Frost' nipping at you, it's your body communicating to you that it is cold. Anyone who's ever worked outside in the cold knows that ignoring these signals can quickly turn into a serious problem if you are not wearing the appropriate cold-weather work gear. From fumbling fingers to frostbite, having cold outer extremities is no joke.

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Vendor Spotlight: Why We Love ML Kishigo

There are certain names you know you can trust when it comes to the most important things in life. Everyone has different favorites, but the key is finding the ones that are perfect for you. Workwear brands are no different. The best workwear brands in the market are known for their long history of reliability and their array of products designed for the needs of the working person. So, if you’re looking for your next favorite high-visibility workwear brand, it’s time to get acquainted with ML Kishigo

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