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7 Tips To Stay Cool On The Jobsite In The Summer Heat

Jobsite Worker With Hydration Pack

Heat Stress Can Make You Sick, or Worse!

If you’ve never worked outside, you may not realize just how dangerous it can be. Heat stress is just one risk outdoor workers face every summer. Various kinds of heat stress can cause illness, injury and even death. The Center for Disease Control (CDC, 2018) estimates that somewhere around 658 people fall victim to hyperthermia, otherwise known as heat-related illness.

So, it’s important to have a game plan in place to battle the scorching conditions before you or your crew falls victim to Mother Nature’s fury. We asked HiVis Hank for his thoughts on how you can stay cool this summer. We weren’t surprised he had a few things to say on the matter. 

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Fast Treatment for 6 Common Heat-Related Illnesses

Working outdoors or in hot conditions can quickly lead to dangerious heat-related illness.

Summertime is here, and if there’s one thing HiVis Hank knows more than high visibility protection it’s working in the hot, hot sun. There’s been more than a few times he’s suffered the effects of long hours and hot conditions. Over the years, he’s learned a few things that help him avoid the burn.

Speaking of burn, sunburns are just one of the risks you can encounter if you don’t take proper precautions in the summer. Heat-related illnesses can also include annoying heat rash or even potentially deadly illnesses like heat stroke. Those most at risk include seniors and young children, but increased exertion or preexisting medical conditions can be triggers for heat stress. That means folks that are fit-as-a-fiddle need to be careful too. HiVis Hank doesn’t want you to suffer, so he racked his brain to come up with some simple solutions to help you avoid heat stress this summer.

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Dress for Success: How PPE Can Help You Beat The Heat

What workers wear can make a big difference on their health and safety during hot weather months

THOUSANDS OF WORKERS ARE AFFECTED BY HEAT-RELATED ILLNESSES EACH YEAR AND DOZENS DIE FROM IT. This isn’t a scare tactic, it’s true. Somewhere around 40% of worker deaths happen in the construction industry alone. We know that workers are exposed to countless occupational hazards, but we forget they also have to deal with hot and miserable conditions as well. Think about your own team for a minute. If your crew works with electrical components and flammable materials, they may be suited up in flame-resistant clothing. If they work in high traffic zones they may be wearing high-visibility apparel to stay seen. All that gear can be hot and heavy, but there are solutions that can keep you cool and safe. You just need to choose the right material and fabric to do the job. Just remember, workers experience many kinds of hazards every day, from work-related falls to exposure to dangerous materials, equipment and more. Make sure to complete a thorough hazard assessment of your workplace before deciding on the personal protective equipment (PPE) they need. Below, we’ll share some of the key features you’ll want to know about your hot weather PPE.

What HiVis Hank wants you to know about choosing hot weather work gear

 If you haven’t met HiVis Hank, let us introduce him. He’s kind of the brains behind the operation here at HiVis Supply. Well, that’s what he likes to think anyway. He wants workers of all kinds (human and the non-human variety) to stay safe and comfortable on the job. Here are some quick tips on choosing hot weather clothing materials:

Cotton: Cotton is often comfortable and soft, but after a few minutes in the blazing sun you’ll quickly be ready to peel it off. Those comfy cotton duds can become saturated with sweat and super uncomfortable. Plus, they’ll take forever to dry, which is why you may want to consider performance fabrics that dry quickly.

Moisture-Wicking: It’s no secret when it’s hot, you sweat. So, unless you want everyone to get up close and personal with your signature scent, you’ll want clothing that wicks away moisture. Moisture-wicking clothing absorbs sweat and pulls it away from your body, minimizing the chance of you smelling like Chewbacca by lunch time.

Pro Tip: Look for 55/45 blend of synthetic to natural fibers for the best in moisture wicking.

Lightweight and Light-Colored: Light-colored and lightweight clothing allows all that solar heat you’re dealing with to reflect off the garments. When you wear heavy and dark colored apparel, it’s more likely to suck up all that heat and keep it snug against your body. That only raises your core body temperature and increases your chance of heat stress.

Breathable: New on the scene are PPE and high visibility options like gaiters or vests that allow portions of the garment to be mesh material. Air can move freely within your garments, helping to regulate body temperature. Think about all that airflow you can achieve and still be ANSI-compliant!

High Visibility: When you have a hazardous work environment that requires you to remain highly visible, our buddy HiVis Hank says, “Safety comes first”. He knows that layering is an ideal and flexible way to stay cool, while staying seen. Choose a high-visibility, moisture-wicking base layer that draws moisture away from your body, but provides you with the right ANSI level visibility protection. Then, you can follow up with a standard vest if necessary.

HiVis Supply will be here all season long to help you improve worker safety, both indoors and out. If need some help, just click here to contact one of our knowledgeable professionals.

Beat the Heat - Cooling Towels, Neck Shades and BandanasBeat the Heat - Cooling Towels, Neck Shades and Bandanas

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HiVis Supply Named To Industrial Distribution Watch List


With March Madness underway, your favorite high visibility safety distributor took care of business and picked up its first hardware of the year as it was named to the Industrial Distribution 2019 Watch List. HiVis Supply is one of seven distributors in the industrial and safety field to be named to the watch list, which is in its ninth year. The Watch List provides a spotlight on companies that have been making a positive impact in the industrial and safety fields.

“The awareness of the need for HiVis apparel and the demand within the US workplace has certainly assisted us with our growth,” said Donald Meeker, president of HiVis Supply. “However, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that when a consumer is seeking high visibility safety apparel, the HiVis Supply name is the name that immediately comes to mind.”

Below is HiVis Supply’s company profile in the Industrial Distribution magazine.

high visibility rainwear

What are the key product categories for the company?
HiVis supplies high visibility safety apparel (HVSA).

What are the defining qualities of the company culture?
HIiVis Supply continues to maintain the long-term customer relationships not commonly associated with an online-only distributor—a commitment to product expertise backed up by personal service. This level of commitment is only possible when each and every one of our employees truly believes their role in the company makes a difference. This ultimately helps us achieve our vision of protecting the American workforce. 

What makes current or potential customers choose you over your competitors?
HiVis Supply is hyper focused on the HVSA product category, so we have a selection of products second to none. The breadth of our offering extends well beyond simple high visibility, but also recognizes the expanding needs of the American work force to also include protective apparel for other hazards (i.e., seasonal temperatures, working at heights, electrical hazards, etc), while still maintaining worker visibility.

What goals does the company have moving forward?
We hope to implement new software/technology to improve service levels to our customers, expand our footprint of product warehouse location(s) to provide faster delivery service, and further develop product offering to stay aligned with new safety standards and the growing demand of the U.S. labor force.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Brooksville, Florida, HiVis Supply is the leading national online retailer of high visibility safety apparel including safety vests, shirts, pants, jackets, hard hats, gloves and much more. HiVis Supply carries products from the industry’s most popular brands, selling to individuals and businesses of all sizes as well as offering customization through imprinting services. HiVis Supply is a Summit Safety, LLC company. Visit us online at

Nominations for the Industrial Distribution Watch List were solicited online and from major trade organizations.

HiVis Supply Announces New High Visibility Socks


Just when you didn't think we could push the boundaries any further! Introducing to our selection, the all-new high visibility socks! These breathable socks are made of a polyester-cotton knitted blend to make sure your toes are seen and cool. Don't ever be unseen again!

Hurry, order now! These limited edition socks will only be available until midnight yesterday!



HiVis Supply Gets A New Look And Feel, Meet HiVis Hank


HiVis Supply, a Summit Safety, LLC. Company, established in 2007, is the leading online retailer of high visibility safety gear and apparel. We have just started to rebrand our company and are excited to share this moment with our customers, followers, partners and especially our employees. We want to take this exciting time to let everyone know we stand by the core principles of making the workplace a safe (and visible) environment. Additionally, have decided to add a little spin to the logo adding Bigfoot to the mix, except this version of BigFoot is HiVis Supply’s new brand advocate, icon and mascot named HiVis Hank! Bigfoot’s ironic reputation for being an elusive but noticeable character was the perfect symbol to represent our company and we like to think of HiVis Hank as our pal. Our company slogan, “Prepare To Be Seen,” is representative of our new look, new feel and new adventure that begins on Monday, August 28, 2017 (our new logo release date). We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this exciting time.


As BigFoot, HiVis Hank has an elusive behavior and extreme camouflaging abilities. However, his selection of high visibility apparel helps him Prepare To Be Seen and Stay Safe to avoid unfortunate accidents when he chooses to step out in the lime light. We’re proud to say he’s chosen HiVis Supply for all his HiVis needs and we’re officially bringing him on board as our brand ambassador!

HiVis Hank learned the importance of ANSI 107 standards by monitoring workers from a distance. By partnering up with HiVis Supply, he’s able to gain more insight into the safety industry and lead by example. In some cases, even educate audiences online via the team at HiVis Supply.

HiVis Supply is extremely excited to have HiVis Hank join our team. Together, we will help educate the American workforce on how to stay safe and be seen on the job.

No longer will you have to search the deepest, darkest corners of the remote forest. You can spot HiVis Hank on, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@hivissupply). Join the conversation online using #hivishank, #preparetobeseen and #hivislife.

Orange You Glad To See Me: HiVis Supply And #NWZAW

This year’s theme for National Workzone Awareness Week, Workzone Safety Is In Your Handsfocuses on the importance of driving cautiously in work zones to protect drivers and workers along the road. Although drivers tend to see more incidents, it’s important to realize that unfortunate events  exist on both sides of the cone. The theme itself brings home a message that the future of someone else’s life is in your hands. Aside from the main National Workzone Safety Awareness Week event to be held in Maryland this week, several local and regional organizations will be holding safety awareness sessions for all professionals on the roadway.

To make an even greater impact during the 2017 National Workzone Awareness Week campaign, Go Orange Day (#OrangeForSafety) will be Wednesday, April 5, 2017. This day will be a campaign within itself, where everyone will collaborate on social media using the hashtag #OrangeForSafety as OSHA orange is the most utilized color for safety in highway work zones.

HiVis Supply will be participating the week’s events, including savings on orange hivis gear and apparel, including ANSI Class 2 and 3 safety vests, shirts, jackets and more. HiVis Supply will hold a contest on Go Orange Day (April 5) to promote Work Zone Awareness Week on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram; all participants need to mention @HiVisSupply, use hashtags #OrangeForSafety and #NWZAW, and include a picture of them wearing the color orange for a chance to win. Winners and prizes will be announced on the last day of Workzone Awareness Week (April 7).

HiVis Supply has a wide selection of orange high visibility gear and apparel for professionals on and off the roadway. In support of Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, we encourage you to participate in our contest and learn more about roadway safety. Stay tuned for safety tips and more on the HiVis Supply blog.



Most Cited OSHA Violations of 2016

most cited osha violations 20162017 is a new year, offering up a new chance for everyone to improve their workplace safety record. It's important to know, however, that the 5 most cited OSHA violations continue to remain the same nearly every year. In fact, the top 5 violations in 2016 were same 5 from the year prior and they even ranked in the same exact order.
If we pay attention to where the problems lie, we can make the extra effort to improve our compliance and get these numbers down. This isn't just for the sake of better statistics but an effort to reduce the risks of injury and death on the job.
So what were the most cited OSHA violations of 2016? See the top 5 below.

The Most Cited OSHA Violations of 2016

Fall Protection: 7,402 Cited Violations
Fall protection is an important requirement that seems to always be the first or second most cited OSHA violation. Make sure to adhere to OSHA standards, no matter how long or how high up you're working. Standards may seem overly cautious in some instances, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
Hazard Communication: 5,681 Cited Violations
Hazard communication covers a wide variety of information and situations related to chemical hazards. Generally, citations for hazard communication are based on a failure to implement hazard communication, failure to maintain records, or inadequete information about materials and labeling.
Scaffolding: 4,681 Cited Violations
Scaffolding citations make up a large part of OSHA violations and more often than not these citations are the result of improper use, or a lack of protection from falling. Other common scaffolding violations include improper entry and exit to the platforms and inadequate railing. Know the standards and avoid falls and fines!
Respiratory Protection: 3,626 Cited Violations
Respiratory protection is a highly important safety measure in circumstances where its use is required. Not only is respirator use important, it's important to have the proper type of respirators and to ensure they're clean, functional and provide a secure fit. The top citation for respiratory protection is medical evaluation for respiratory protection, followed by non-use and improper fit.
Lockout/Tagout: 3,308 Cited Violations
Lockout and tagout is a big deal. Some of the most horrible, lethal and 100% preventable injuries and fatalities in the workplace are a direct result of failure to properly lockout equipment, machinery, and delivery systems. The top cited violations for lockout/tagout are for unsafe operation, lack of performance evaluations, and lack of valid certification. It's important to follow lockout/tagout by the book to ensure safety in all procedures.
Every day that you step foot into a workplace or onto a job site is a day where you make the decision to perform tasks. It's up to you whether they're performed safely and professionally. Remember that cutting corners is not always at your own risk - your choices and actions can cause serious injury or death to others. Be responsible on the job. Make the right choices when it comes to safety and remind your co-workers to do the same. Everyone wants to make it home safely, every day. Let's make that our goal.

ML Kishigo Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants

ml kishigo brilliant series rainwearLooking for the best rainwear you can get your hands on this year? ML Kishigo has introduced a unique, effective and highly protective ANSI Class 3 outfit to the market. Their Brilliant Series Rain Jacket (RWJ112) and Brilliant Series Rain Pants (RWP112) give you unparalleled visibility and comfort on those rainy days, making sure you stay dry so you can focus on the tasks at hand.
Manufactured from a lightweight breathable polyester material, the Brilliant Series rain jacket and rain pants are sold individually but intended for use as a complete outfit. This rain suit is 100% waterproof, featuring taped & sealed seams and a waterproof zipper to eliminate water penetration. The unique vents located at the back and underarms function in an exit-only fashion, allowing for the release of hot air to help maintain a comfortable operating temperature - something that was often a burden with rainwear in the past. Adjustable wrist cuffs on the jacket and ankle cuffs on the pants allow for a superb fit while preventing excess entry of water, giving a higher level of dryness, even in strenuous working conditions.
The Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants are designed with strategically placed black fabric in high-contact areas which gives a clean look while hiding the appearance of dirt, grime and grease. Accented with prismatic reflective striping and additional reflective accents for ANSI Class 3 compliance, these Brilliant Series garments ensure you're as visible as possible. For convenience, the jacket is equipped with a removable, hide-away hood that can be used as needed. Front slash pockets offer room for basic storage while a left-chest ID pocket makes this jacket perfect for large worksites or anyone who needs to display identification or credentials. The interior is mesh lined for exceptional comfort and breathability while reducing the static and stickiness often associated with waterproof apparel.
ML Kishigo's Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants offer a new level of confidence and comfort throughout the workday. If you're serious about productivity and safety, you'll find that these garments give you a great advantage for working in wet and rainy weather.
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