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History of High Visibility Fluorescent Colors

Understanding High Visibility Fluorescent Colors

Those bright fluorescent colors on HiVis Supply’s workwear aren’t just there because we think they’re pretty. No, as you probably know, they serve the important purpose of protecting workers on the job by making them more visible. But you might have wondered before: Just how did those colors get so bright and vivid, and how did they come to be the industry standard for hi-vis clothing

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Preventing Workplace Injuries from Runovers and Backovers

Tips On Preventing Workplace Injuries from Runovers and Backovers

Runovers and backovers are among the most serious types of workplace injuries. These accidents happen when the operator of a vehicle or heavy equipment doesn’t see a worker in their path and accidentally backs over or runs over the worker or part of their body. A runover or backover often causes serious injury or death, so every manager and every worker should be constantly aware of the danger and doing everything they can to prevent these workplace injuries. 

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Tips on Layering HiVis FR Workwear for Best Protection

A flash fire or arc flash happens in a tiny fraction of a second, but it has the power to end a worker’s life or scar them forever. These powerful discharges of heat energy are among the most dangerous hazards that workers face on the job, which means that it’s critically important to take all necessary precautions against them. 

Wearing flame-resistant (FR) clothing is one of the most important protective measures that workers use to guard themselves against the devastating effects of arc flashes and flash fires. In some cases, it’s recommended for electrical maintenance professionals and other workers who need FR clothing to layer their FR workwear to make it more comfortable and/or more effective. 

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How to Layer Clothes for Cold Weather: Essential Tips for Outdoor Professionals

Having multiple lines of protection is crucial for people in almost every field. A football team relies not just on its defensive line, but on the safeties and linebackers behind them. A cybersecurity team sets up multiple layers of defense to keep hackers out of their systems. A safety engineer designs multiple failsafes to keep workers safe if an accident happens. 


Outdoor professionals who work in cold conditions know the value of multi-layered protection in winter gear as well as anyone. Just as much as in other industries, each layer has its unique role to play. When it’s time to layer up, here’s what you need to know about how to layer clothes for cold weather. 

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Tips on Choosing the Best Hi Vis Workwear for Utility Workers

The utility workers who maintain gas, electric, and water systems have some of the most demanding jobs around. A utility worker’s workwear needs to match the tough nature of their industry. When every day means being potentially exposed to hazardous environments and bad weather conditions, there’s no room for anything less than the best. 


HiVis Supply understands what our utility worker customers need, and we take pride in providing it. Below, we’ll talk about the things that utility workers should look for in their workwear and some awesome hi vis workwear options that are perfect for utility workers. 


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Not All Work Rain Gear Is Equal. Which One Is Right for You?

“Into each life, a little rain must fall.” That’s how the old song goes, and it’s a good reminder that wet weather doesn’t discriminate and often arrives when least expected. But just because it’s going to rain sooner or later doesn’t mean you have to sit there and get wet. 


In fact, the best defense against rain is equipping yourself with the right work rain gear. But with such a large array of rainwear on the market now, how can you pick out only the best stuff that will keep you dry and comfy on the job? Below, we’ll discuss the basics of choosing the best rain gear for today’s outdoor workers. As we begin, let’s take a moment to understand the principles behind how rainwear works. 

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What Is the Difference in Reflective Tapes?

Reflective Tapes: Understanding the Different Types

If someone ever tells you that your actions “reflect well on you,” they mean that you’ve done the right thing and made yourself look good. Congratulations! But when you’re on the job site, the best look of all is a look that is literally… well, reflective


High visibility safety apparel is designed with reflective material that helps keep workers of all kinds safer on the job site. Reflective tape is an essential element for any garment to comply with the ANSI 107 standard. The retro-reflective tape is designed to improve visibility in low light conditions by catching reflecting backlight in a way that it draws attention. It’s one of the most important high-visibility clothing materials ever developed, and you’ll find it used in reflective vests and other workplace PPE around the world. Which kinds of reflective tapes are out there, and how are they alike and different? We’ll answer that question—after we review the must-know facts about reflective tape. 

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Using Color Identification When High Visibility Isn't Enough: Enhanced Visibility Apparel Explained

Understanding Enhanced Visibility Apparel

People wear all kinds of apparel to make themselves stand out in a crowd and differentiate their looks from others. A flashy pair of sunglasses, a well-cut jacket, a killer pair of boots—many apparel elements can create an impressive appearance. But creating visual distinction for yourself can be a lot more important in the workplace, where lives are often on the line. 


That’s the idea behind enhanced visibility apparel. These vests, jackets, headwear, and more feature colorful and reflective designs that attract the human eye and make workers easier to see. Beyond that, however, they also offer big advantages for identifying employees and their functions more easily. In this article, we’ll talk about the many uses of enhanced visibility apparel to create a safer and more organized workplace. To kick things off, we’ll talk a little bit more about exactly what enhanced visibility apparel is.

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Everyday Applications of the Incident Command System

When an emergency strikes, everyone must be on the same page in terms of response. Resources have to be deployed efficiently, communication has to be clear, and decision-makers have to be accountable. That’s why we have the Incident Command System (ICS). The ICS is a standardized management framework for coordinating a response to an emergency. Whether that’s a hurricane, a wildfire, a hazmat spill, or another type of disaster, the ICS helps create a more efficient and coordinated response. 

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