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High Visibility Winter Headwear

high visibility winter headwearAs temperatures begin to drop, you might find yourself grabbing a hat on your way out to work. While any type of hat will keep you warm throughout a cold workday, only a high visibility hat offers an extra level of protection on a potentially hazardous job site. With bright colors and reflective accents, you can't go wrong by improving your ability to be seen this winter.

High Visibility Winter Beanies

Beanies are a staple of cold weather. These are your typical, tight-fitting knit hats made with a flexible design. Beanies hold tight to your head to help stop the release of heat while protecting you from the elements. High visibility beanies like the ML Kishigo 2826 Knit Beanie have a single lower ridge, while others such as the Tough Duck Reflective Knit Beanie have a folded ridge. There are a variety of styles to choose from, most of which sport reflective striping to further enhance your visibility. Beanies are an affordable, simple and effective method of staying warm all winter long.

High Visibility Balaclavas

Even though you might not recognize the name, you've probably seen or used a balaclava before. The unique yet simple design of a balaclava offers coverage for your head, face and neck. Similar to a ski mask, high visibility balaclavas have eye openings but no opening for the mouth. Ideal for frigid temperatures and fast winds, the balaclava will protect your head and face in any environment. The long neck tucks effectively inside the collar of your jacket to prevent drafts of cold air. Many different styles of high visibility balaclavas are available, from simple knits to Thinsulate and Fleece Lined versions.

High Visibility Aviator Hats

Aviator hats? Aren't those for the hats used by WW2 pilots? Surely they are, and for good reason - they work! High visibility aviator hats can vary in design but they generally have the same purpose - keeping your head an ears as warm as possible. These hats are lined with warm, insulative materials and feature large flaps on each side which usually tie under the chin. They feature a reinforced brow that offers extreme warmth for the most brutal weather and reflective accents to give you that extra bit of confidence in low visibility working conditions. The Tough Duck High Visibility Thinsulate Aviator Hat is a great example for under $20.

High Visibility Hard Hat Liners

Hard hat liners aren't necessarily new technology but they've come a long way. If your job requires a hard hat, you owe it to yourself to have a warm, protective hard hat liner during the coldest months of winter. High visibility hard hat liners come in a variety of types and styles but they all have one thing in common - they feature loops or rungs designed for the head strap on your hard hat. Once attached to your hard hat, these liners deliver extra protection while ensuring your hard hat is secure on your head. It's the best of both worlds. One of our favorites is the Ergodyne N-Ferno Winter Liner with Thinsulate.

Before choosing your high visibility winter headwear, be sure to consider your work environment, general winter weather conditions (temp, wind, precipitation), and budget. You might decide to have more than one product for normal days and another for extreme cold. For example, if you're working in an area with icy winds you'll probably fare best with full face protection. For wet environments, polyester lined headwear will be more beneficial over simple knit products. The goal is to be as warm, safe and comfortable as possible so you can focus on doing your job.

Check our our complete selection of high visibility winter headwear today, we have the perfect solution for your winter workplace needs. Stay warm out there!

ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Safety Vests

ansi class 3 high visibility safety vests
High visibility safety vests are an important aspect of workplace safety for anyone working in a hazardous environment. They ensure a higher level of visibility than normal clothing and decrease the likelihood of workplace accidents by making sure you can be seen among co-workers, equipment operators, motorists and others.
ANSI Class 3 high visibility safety vests provide the highest level of safety and are usually reserved for this working in the most dangerous environments. This includes busy roadways where traffic moves in excess of 50mph, however, class 3 garments can be used by anyone looking for optimal safety. They're very common among truck drivers or utility workers and anyone working in harsh weather conditions where visibility is substantially reduced. In fact, although your job might only require ANSI Class 2, many people opt for an ANSI Class 3 safety vests for the added protection they offer.
The requirements for ANSI Class 3 safety vests are an impressive 1,240 inches of high visibility background fabric (lime/yellow/orange) and 310 square inches of reflective striping. Due to the strict standards, ANSI Class 3 vests can often be larger than class 2 due to the required minimum surface area. Nearly all class 3 vests feature short sleeves to meet this requirement, often resembling a t-shirt more than the classic sleeveless vest design. Generally, they're equipped with more - or wider - reflective striping but this depends on the design.
ANSI Class 3 Vests are most commonly used by road workers, utility workers, brigde builders, miners, railroad workers and anyone working in close proximity to very large equipment. It's also especially common for marine workers, depending on their job tasks. Again, even though Class 3 garments may not be mandatory for your job duties, they offer the highest level of safety and visibility.
As a major retailer of high visibility safety garments, HiVis Supply stocks a variety of ANSI Class 3 gear, including the newest and most popular styles from the industry's top brand names. Shop or browse our selection of ANSI Class 3 Safety Vests today and save on safety!

Spring Into Spring With High Visibility Rain Gear

high visibility rain gearIt seems like a huge relief when the temperature climbs above 30 degrees after a long and brutal winter of frigid weather. It's still cold but thankfully not so cold that you can't stand to be outside, let alone work outdoors all day. Within the next month the temperatures will climb to something more reasonable and you'll be able to leave the hats and gloves at home and start to shed those extra layers of winter clothing that you've become so accustomed to. Finally!
So what comes next you ask? The rainy season, that's what - and there's no better way to be prepared for work than with some high quality rainwear products. They make the job easier, safer and more comfortable by keeping you dry and visible throughout the work day.
Take a look at a few of our most popular rainwear products that can make your life easier this spring.

ML Kishigo Economy Series Class 3 Rain Suit

This combo features both pants and jacket; everything you need to stay visible and dry - and from a brand you can trust! The ANSI Class 3 Jacket and Class E Pants make for a high-performance set of rain gear at a truly affordable price of less than $43. Both pieces are manufactured from durable, waterproof, 150-denier polyester oxford fabric with polyurethane coating and sealed seams. Adjustable wrist & leg cuffs make for a perfect fit and a non-sparking snaps and zipper for added safety. This suit is sold as a set and is available in Lime or Orange. See more HERE.

Viking Professional Thor 300D Ripstop Class 3 Rain Jacket

If you're interested in the ultimate in safety and rain protection, you might want to take a look at the Professional Thor Rain Jacket from Viking. Made from rugged 300D tribal ripstop polyester, it's as tough as they come. This jacket features 4-inch reflective striping by 3M, guaranteeing the highest visibility under even the harshest weather conditions. Equipped with waterproof zippers, a detachable 'stormblaster' hood and armpit vents to provide adequate ventilation. It's 100% windproof & waterproof and has double-sewn, taped and heat-sealed seams. ANSI Class 3 compliant and available in yellow or orange. $125 right now, see more HERE.

Falcon 3-Piece Rain Suit

We couldn't finish this blog without adding something quick and simple.. The Falcon 3-Piece rain suit is just that - it's simple, inexpensive and surprisingly effective. The 100% waterproof suit features a jacket, bibs and detachable hood. It's not ANSI compliant, but at just $9.95 it's perfect for job sites where ANSI gear isn't required. Made from .35mm thick PVC and polyester, the jacket features a vented back and underarms to promote ventilation while the bibs feature elastic suspenders and a front fly. To ensure a comfortable and effective fit, the suit is equipped with adjustable wrist, waist and ankle snaps. Dual front jacket pockets with flaps for storage and a storm flap front. THis jacket is silicone free and available in yellow, lime or orange. See more HERE.
If you're looking for something different or would like to browse other rainwear products, check out our complete inventory of high visibility rain gear. There are plenty of products to choose from at our everyday low prices, as well as many other spring and summer garments to keep you safe and comfortable on the job.

Blaklader Workwear is Here!

blaklader workwearWhen the job calls for more than just average safety, it calls for Blaklader. New to the HiVisSupply product lineup, Blaklader is one of Sweden's leading producers of heavy-duty work wear. Since 1959, Blaklader has been developing, producing and selling some of the finest professional workwear available and it's now available for purchase on our website.
Top quality materials, rigorous testing and a proven history are just a few of the things that make Blaklader and excellent choice in PPE. Especially impressive is the winter workwear line, as we can surely assume that the Swedes know a thing or two about cold weather.

It's in the Details

Blaklader takes great pride in providing more than a simple garment, they provide 100% functionality. Down to the finest details, each garment is designed, developed and produced to deliver maximum quality, comfort and purpose. Blacklader understands that the perfect materials, a different type of button or a thicker fabric can make all the difference when it comes to flawless functionality in the workplace. With efficiency being key, it's no wonder that nearly one million garments leave their factory each year - workers trust Blaklader.

Lifetime Warranty

It's not often that you'll find any type of garment - let alone one made to take abuse - that comes with a warranty. Blacklader is so confident in the contraction of their safety gear that they offer a lifetime warranty on stitching. If a seam should split, they'll replace or repair the garment at no cost. Everything that leaves the Blaklader facility is made to last.

The Philosophy

Blacklader follows one rule - functionality, durability and design. It's not hives material with a couple cheap pockets sewn in and it's not gear that offers little protection. It's made to be tough, to last, and to protect you in one place only - at work! If you want true efficiency, top-quality safety features, and the ultimate in durability, take a look at blockader.
HiVis Supply has Blacklader Workwear in stock and ready to ship today. Check it out, give it a try and become a loyal believer in the Blacklader difference. You'll be glad you did!

Prepare for Fall with High Visibility Long Sleeved Shirts

hi vis long sleeveThere are only 30 days until fall, and cooler temperatures will be on the way soon. If you're working outdoors, you'll probably be adding an extra layer of clothing. But instead of the same-old-same-old, consider investing in your safety with a high visibility or ANSI Class long sleeved shirt. They work great in the place of safety vests, or even in combination with them while providing excellent visibility and comfort.
From non-ANSI to ANSI Class 3 and even FR rated, there are plenty of styles, sizes and colors to choose from when it comes to long sleeve hi vis shirts. Some models, such as the ML Kishigo Economy Series Long Sleeve Shirt are manufactured from lighter materials, making them thinner to provide enhanced air flow so you don't overheat or sweat too much during vigorous work. Other brands and models are made with thicker fabrics to help keep body heat in for the colder days, such as the PIP Premium Hooded Sweatshirt.
The benefits of long sleeved high visibility shirts is that the shirt itself improves visibility - so instead of tossing on one of your black sweatshirts and wearing your hi vis vest over it to meet compliance standards, all you'll need is the shirt itself. And better yet, if you're really serious about visibility you can wear your safety vest over it too.
Similarly, high vis long sleeve shirts that are Non-ANSI are excellent for added visibility when worn underneath your ANSI vest. These shirts offer vivid safety enhancing colors but lack the reflective striping. The prices are cheaper with these models and they definitely offer improved visibility when worn in combination with your ANSI compliant safety vest. The ML Kishigo High Visibility Microfiber Long Sleeve is one of the perfect garments for this type of setup and at only $15.45 it's quite affordable. It's also thin enough to be worn over a normal sweatshirt, but consider ordering a larger size if that's your intention.
Get ready for the fall season now before you forget by checking out or selection at HiVisSupply.com today. We offer everyday low prices on the highest quality ANSI safety apparel available.

High Visibility: Prismatic Tape vs. Glass Bead

prismatic tape vs glass beadsThere are two types of retro-reflective materials available that meet the ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Standard on High Visibility Safety Apparel: Silver Glass Bead retro-reflective material and Prismatic retro-reflective material.
The silver glass bead material is flexible, lightweight and can be a good solution for many kinds of work environments. The reflectivity (light returned to the headlights) is accomplished using microscopic glass spheres embedded either in a heat activated adhesive or on fabric. One of the drawbacks of this technology is its ability to perform well when under wet conditions where it can lose most of its reflectivity when wet. In fact, its visibility simply starts disappearing before your eyes – and more importantly, to oncoming traffic. Water causes the reflective optics to scatter the light, rather than reflect it back to an approaching motorist – when visibility is most critical. Additionally, the glass beads are not protected from abrasion and are easily worn away by contact with seatbelts and normal work tasks.
Prismatic retro-reflective material (PRM) is a different technology that utilizes thousands of micro-prisms that are protected by a transparent plastic film. Prismatic retro-reflective materials are far more efficient at returning light to drivers’ headlights than glass beaded products. They perform exceptionally well under wet conditions and avoid abrasion because of this protective layer. One of the drawbacks with PRM’s can be experienced under extremely cold conditions. Like any vinyl material, it can become stiffer than glass beaded material. In addition it is heavier than traditional glass beaded material. Prismatic materials are available in fluorescent colors for added visibility during dusk, dawn, and inclement weather conditions when additional conspicuity is most important.
Before you determine which material to use, do a quick analysis of your use and then base your decision on the performance characteristics of the material. Very simply – if you work under wet conditions, or experience a lot of abrasion in your job (baggage handler) then chances are you’d be much better off using prismatic reflective material. If your primary objective is lightweight and durability and wet conditions are not an issue, you’re probably better off with glass beaded material.
source: www.MLKishigo.com

Natural Colors of Autumn Can Reduce Worker Visibility and Safety

fall hi vis safetyAs the days get cooler and the leaves begin to change to their beautiful fall colors, the enhanced visibility offered by your safety vest can be reduced significantly.
The bright orange, lime and yellow hues that stuck out like a sore thumb during the winter, sumer and spring can blend right in with the vibrant colors of fall, practically acting as a camouflage instead of the extra protection they're designed for.
While it may not apply to people in certain professions or those residing and working in southern states, it's definitely a legitimate concern that most workers and employers are going to overlook.
The changing colors of the fall season is an issue that might not affect offshore workers, factory workers or emergency personnel, but it's definitely going to lower the visibility of people like park officials, loggers, surveyors, tree climbers and those in similar positions who will be exposed to the type of environment where their high visibility gear suddenly turns into a low visibility danger.
I'm guessing that many of you, even those of you who fall into the 'at risk category' have never considered the factor of bright fall leaves as a safety hazard. Although the hazard is only temporary, it's definitely something you'll want to share with your employer and/or coworkers. If you're an employer, you should consider addressing the issue to ensure the utmost safety of your employees.
Fortunately, there are many manufacturers who have created high visibility safety gear for this reason and similar issues. For example, the ML Kishigo Black Series offers ANSI Class protection that will offer a huge increase of visibility over the traditional lime, orange or yellow colors that we've all came to trust.
Another option for those unable to find a vest that offers adequate contrast to the changing colors of fall leaves is to upgrade to a higher class of ANSI compliance such as ANSI Class 3 safety vests. The Class 3 products are going to offer the highest level of visibility which partially makes up for the visibility that's lost with the reduction in contrast.
The Viking 300d Safety Jacket and vest are other great examples, which are all black and still offer both ANSI and FR protection. Garments like these are going to offer the maximum visibility in a natural fall environment.
Be safe out there this season! Never neglect your personal safety or the safety of your co-workers or employees in the workplace, it's just not worth it. Staying visible allows you to focus on your job without the added worries of whether or not you can be seen by motorists, co-workers and equipment operators.

ANSI Class Compliance and Multiple Class Requirements on the Job

multiple ansi class requirementsIf you work in a dangerous or risky environment, you're probably no stranger to high visibility gear. At the very least (and depending on your job requirements), you probably don a simple safety vest on the job. Alternatively, if you're working with certain chemicals or in hazardous environments, you might be required to wear non-ANSI protective gear.
Regardless of what you're protecting yourself from on the job, there's always certain standard requirements that must be met. This could be reflectivity, chemical resistance or fire retardant properties - and along with these requirements comes different levels of protection (depending on the work environment) and therefor different standards that are required to maintain compliance.
As an example, ANSI Class 2 requires a certain level of reflectivity which is rated by the actual amount of reflective material the garment contains. ANSI Class 3 uses the same principal, yet requires a higher amount of reflectivity meaning an increased amount of reflective material is required to meet compliance.
The concept is pretty easy to understand, especially if you've been working in your field for a while and are familiar with the specific safety requirements of your job. But what about when those requirements change?
In some fields, there are multiple standards of compliance depending on the duty being performed. Many times these are ignored or met with confusion and while it may not be intentional, many workers risk their safety each day without actually realizing it.
A common situation is when certain areas of a job site require a lower standard of protection than other areas, yet there are many workers who travel throughout the site performing different duties. They might be required to wear high visibility or non-ANSI safety vests in one area, while workers in higher traffic areas require ANSI Class 2 gear to meet compliance standards. The misconception in this situation is that workers from the lower traffic areas might assume they're protected for their specific job description, but their safety gear doesn't actually meet the requirements for the higher traffic area of the job site, regardless of the duty they're performing. While this sort of scenario might not seem to be a big deal, it puts the workers at greater risk by decreasing their safety and increasing the chances of an accident.
Road workers are another one of the many professionals whose safety requirements change on the job. If they're working long hours into the night, they're going to have to meet the ANSI requirements for night time road work, regardless of whether or not they normally work at night. So in a situation where construction is running behind and long hours or overnight shifts are required, you might have workers out there who aren't used to wiring after dark and aren't equipped with gear that meets the minimal safety standards.
What about your job? Are there certain times when your duties, even if rarely, require a different level of safety than the typical or most commonly performed duties that you partake in? Are there times when even if for a shirt period, you're in a situation where your safety gear doesn't meet the standards for that particular task or environment? If so, you're only putting yourself at risk.
Think about it, and think about the importance of safety on the job. After all, it's a job. Do you really want to risk serious injury or death while at work? The whole point of work is to be able to support yourself so you can enjoy life, and neglecting safety on the job is like neglecting the importance of your life.
If you work in changing environments, consider picking up the extra gear to ensure that you can always meet the minimal safety standards. If possible, consider purchasing gear that meets the highest requirements available or gear that's a level above what's required to ensure that you're always meeting and exceeding the standards instead of occasionally falling below them.
HiVis Supply carries a complete line of high visibility safety gear and apparel from the top brand names to meet any level of compliance necessary. From safety vests, hard hats and gloves to rain gear, winter gear and more. We have the top quality products you need to remain visible, safe and comfortable on the job, including all classes of ANSI/ISEA 107 compliant gear. Visit our website now to check out our massive inventory and save with our guaranteed everyday low prices. Your safety can't afford to wait, it should always be the top priority.

When it Comes to Your Safety, You Can Trust the Brand Names

hi vis safety gearAt work, high visibility gear protects you from many common dangers while greatly increasing your visibility. Day in and day out, it assists you in the prevention of accidents, injury and even death in the workplace. It's a part of your job, a requirement, and a measure that's been put into place not only to protect you, but your co-workers as well.
We notice that many times, in many situations, workers are equipped with old, outdated or worn out safety vests and gear that are not nearly as capable of accident and injury prevention as it originally was. This can be due to several factors such as extremely rough, rugged or dirty work environments, inattentive employers, budget cuts and more. Regardless, safety should always come first.
Whether safety gear is provided by employers or the responsibility of each worker to provide their own, nobody should have to cut corners or choose a less than desirable option for financial reasons.
While many people see high visibility gear as nothing more than a requirement, others take workplace safety very seriously. While we understand the points of view from both sides, there's one thing we can definitely assure you - quality gear from a quality brand will outlast and outperform similar safety garments of lesser quality.
Generally speaking, the safety gear that costs more is going to be a higher quality product. Unlike designer shoes or clothing, you're not just paying for a name or a logo, you're paying for quality. Since ANSI class apparel has to meet certain requirements, you can rest assured that a vest with a higher price tag will lend better abrasion resistance, a nicer fit and of course more reliable reflectivity - all which helps to increase your safety and performance on the job.
While we don't want to sound contradictory to ourselves, hi vis apparel is one case where the brand name DOES matter. Companies who consistently produce gear at the lowest cost possible will likely barely meet ANSI safety requirements, which remember, are the MINIMUM requirements. On the other hand, a company who produces a piece of quality manufactured safety gear likely has a significant amount of time, research, and money invested into creating products that are highly effective. These quality made products are easily going to outperform the cheaper alternatives in nearly every aspect, which overall actually makes them more economical in the long run.
Instead of buying the cheapest gear you can find, take a minute to think about your safety, the safety of your co-workers or the safety of your employees. It only takes a single accident to change things forever. Are you willing to risk your safety, your life, or the safety of others just to save a few dollars? Once that cheap gear wears out it's not only ineffective but it means that it needs to be replaced because it no longer meets the specifications for complying with ANSI requirements.
The next time you need to purchase safety gear, look at your options. Look at the new technology that's available including the strong, puncture resistant ripstop materials, FR or fire resistant fabrics, and high tech reflective technology offered by certain brand name innovators. Get the gear that will protect you at your specific job in the best way possible and don't be tempted to cut corners because it could cost you your life.
HiVis Supply carries an immense inventory of high visibility safety gear and apparel from the top, most trusted brand names as well as up and coming smaller companies who put a genuine focus on quality and performance. Shop our inventory today and save with the lowest prices available on the best gear offered anywhere.

Beat the Heat with High Visibility Shorts

vinatronics high visibility shortsDepending on your line of work, you might glad to hear that you could be a little more comfortable this summer in your safety gear. Why? Because HiVis Supply is happy to announce that we're now carrying a pair of high visibility, ANSI Class E compliant work shorts.


Made by Vinatronics, these hi vis shorts offer relief from the scorching summer sun and high temperatures without sacrificing your safety. Manufactured from a durable, all-season solid polyester, the Vinatronics shorts feature dual 2-inch reflective striping made with 3M Scotchlite material for enhanced visibility. The lightweight fabrics make a huge difference over most hi vis pants, letting you enjoy maximum breathability and an increased range of movement.


Vinatronics High visibility shorts are ANSI Class E compliant, meaning that you can still achieve ANSI Performance class 3 when they're worn in unison with an ANSI Class 2 or Class 3 rated top.


While full-legged pants might be a requirement in the workplace and some people will always prefer the added protection of covered legs as compared to exposed, these shorts will still be a lifesaver for many workers whose jobs require high vis safety gear. They're ideal for outdoor jobs that require no risk of exposure to chemicals or loose and potentially hazardous materials. For example, shorts might not be practical for labor intensive jobs like road construction or concrete work, but a surveyor or a a traffic flagger would likely benefit greatly from them.


The shorts come equipped with a drawstring waist, 2 waist pockets and are available in high visibility lime or orange from size small (28-36) to XL (40-50). Best of all, they're made in the USA! Click HERE to check them out today and get your own pair for under $25.


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