5 Reasons Why You Should Put Your Logo on Your Workwear

5 Reasons Why You Should Put Your Logo on Your Workwear

Workwear can be so much more than just the clothing that workers wear on the job. It’s the gear that keeps people working safely, thanks to features like high visibility colors and reflective tapes. It’s the clothing that professionals depend on to keep them comfortable throughout the workday. And, if you choose to customize your workwear by adding your company logo, it can be many other things, as well! 

Why do so many businesses choose to add their logo to their workwear? There are many good reasons to customize workwear, and most of them come down to the same idea: There’s a big difference between being seen and being recognized. From helping to differentiate workers on a job site to improving your brand recognition, custom workwear can help make sure your business is always on the right side of that line. 

We’re here to talk about custom imprinted hi vis workwear and what it can do for your business. Let’s look at five of the most important reasons that businesses might order custom imprinted workwear for their employees. At the end, we’ll also preview some of HiVis Supply’s best options for fast and easy custom imprinted workwear creation

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1. It helps distinguish your workers from other contractors on a job site. 

Many of today’s job sites have workers from two, three, or more businesses on their site at once, thanks to the system of contractors and subcontractors. When it gets hard to tell the general contractors from the plumbers from the tile installers, it can seriously hamper communication on the job. 

This is what we mean when we say that it’s important for workers not just to be seen, but to be recognized. Obviously, workers need to stand out in the visual field of heavy equipment operators. But not everyone realizes how important it is that workers also be readily identifiable. Without an easy way to identify which workers are which, site supervisors and other employees often find it frustrating to communicate effectively. 

Custom imprinted workwear with your logo can nip this problem in the bud. When your workers are wearing your logo, it becomes much easier for site supervisors and other workers to quickly identify them. A large, crisp logo on your workwear makes it simple to tell your workers apart from everyone else. 

To make differentiation even easier, some businesses choose to use color-coded vests that correspond to employees’ responsibilities and training. For example, you might designate yellow vests for workers with the training to operate heavy machinery. When a site supervisor sees yellow vests with your logo on them, they’ll know that the person driving the excavator is trained and ready to execute. Additionally, as we’ll talk about next, they’ll associate that level of competence and training with your business’s brand. 

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2. It strengthens your brand and helps build a place for it in people’s minds. 

Branding is more important for businesses today than it’s ever been, and we’re not just talking about the lifestyle and consumer goods brands that you might think of when you hear the term. A strong and trustworthy brand is just as important for a contractor business as it is for a food or clothing brand — maybe more, in fact, since contracting requires a far higher level of trust and commitment than buying a frozen pizza does. 

So, how is it that customized workwear helps build your brand? Part of it is the psychological principle known as the mere exposure effect. That is, the mere fact of having your brand around and on display can make people more familiar with it. With that familiarity comes trust — the trust that can help you forge new connections and, potentially, score new contracts. 

In this sense, putting your logo on your workers’ protective workwear is a highly efficient form of constant low-cost advertising. When workers are on the job, or even just out getting lunch, they’re constantly displaying your brand on their custom workwear and creating mental connections that help establish your brand in the minds of other people. 

The more people are exposed to your brand, the easier it will often be for them to become comfortable and familiar with it. When people are more comfortable and familiar with your brand, they’ll be more likely to remember it when considering who they want to work on their next project. 

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3. It looks highly professional and creates a good impression for your business. 

The idea of dressing to impress doesn’t always mean shiny black shoes and a tie. It can also mean showing up to the job site with all of your workers in sharp-looking uniforms that present a professional image and make them easy to identify. 

Few project owners want to hire contracting businesses that put in the bare minimum. Instead, they want contractors who are ready to go the extra mile and provide exceptional service. Customized uniforms help demonstrate that your business is different. They set you apart from the pack by demonstrating your commitment to quality and standards. 

The sharp and distinctive impression that custom imprinted workwear creates can even help attract new employees. Someone looking for a job may see your logo and remember your company the next time they seek out places to apply. You never know how your custom imprinted workwear might improve your chances of attracting your next great hire. 

Of course, this does require that you trust your workers to use integrity and common sense when representing your brand. When issuing imprinted workwear to workers, it’s important to make sure that they understand that they’re representing your business. They have the responsibility to act in a way that reflects well on them and the business when they’re in a company uniform. 

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4. It helps employees stay in a productive and unified mindset. 

The most successful businesses today recognize the high importance of creating a positive psychological mindset for employees. One action that can provide a big boost in this area is creating sharp-looking custom imprinted workwear with a company logo. 

Studies have shown that the way we dress at work can have substantial effects on the way we act, perform, and perceive ourselves on the job. When employees suit up in a company uniform with your logo on it, they’re preparing themselves for productivity, focus, and all of the other important attitudes that come with great performance. A person in a uniform is more likely to see themselves as a capable, confident and committed worker. 

A uniform can also help employees feel more connected to their fellow workers and more cohesive as a workforce unit. Everyone wearing the logo is there to work for a common goal, even if they’re performing different functions. By building a sense of solidarity and connection in the workplace, custom workwear uniforms help everyone pull together to get the job done right. 

5. You may be able to get a tax deduction for ordering custom imprinted workwear. 

Imprinted workwear is an investment in your business — and, in many cases, the IRS recognizes that. In fact, necessary protective clothing for your employees is almost always a tax-deductible expense for your business, and putting your logo on that protective clothing is a classic two-birds-one-stone. Which protective clothing can you legally deduct on your taxes? Generally, this two-part test will tell you:

  • The protective gear has to be special clothing that’s necessary for the job. Custom high visibility workwear usually falls into this category, especially if it’s for an industry such as construction or utilities work
  • The protective gear can’t be suitable for everyday clothing. For example, a lawyer can’t deduct their tailored suit, because that can be worn outside of work, but custom workwear with an imprinted logo is rarely worn outside of work, so most workwear should easily pass this test. 

Now, this is the part where we tell you that you should always talk to a tax professional before you assume you can deduct anything on your business taxes. But you knew that, right? Assuming you’re able to deduct your custom imprinted workwear, it can provide you with real savings on your taxes and all of the benefits described above at the same time. 

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The Custom Imprinted Workwear Process from HiVis Supply

We’ve talked a lot about why custom imprinted workwear can be such a useful and productive investment. Now it’s time to learn how HiVis Supply follows through on our commitment to creating the best-custom imprinted workwear around. 

Here’s the basic process for how we provide our customers with the highest quality custom workwear: 

  • Choose which piece of workwear you’d like to imprint your logo on. HiVis Supply can imprint your logo on almost any piece of workwear that we offer, but we so require a minimum order, which varies depending on the specific item. We can mix and match colors on most items. 
  • Fill out a quote form and submit it to our imprinting service team. Make sure to specify the text and/or logos you want to be imprinted on your custom high visibility workwear. If you want logos and/or images imprinted, please provide us a high resolution graphics file in one of our acceptable image formats
  • Our design specialists will contact you and, together, we’ll talk through your business’s unique custom workwear needs. From turnaround time to price to design elements, we’ll discuss everything with you and make sure you’re fully informed before proceeding with our design process. 
  • Our designers will create proofs of how your custom imprinted workwear will look. We’ll submit these to you and make sure they meet your needs. 
  • Our production team will use state-of-the-art materials and equipment to apply your logo to your selected workwear. At each stage of production, we use a three-step quality assurance process that helps ensure crisp printing, spot-on placement and exceptional quality in general. 
  • We’ll package your order securely and ship it directly to your preferred address. 

For more information on our custom workwear imprinting process, including answers to common questions, see our imprinting services page

Our Top Custom Workwear Choices

HiVis Supply even offers a selection of imprinted safety vests and other workwear essentials that are designed for easy customization. Each offers a sharp and classy single-color black imprint on the upper back. Check out our quick customization options for these job site essentials: 

Hi Vis Class 2 Economy Single Pocket Zippered Mesh Vest with 1-Color Back Imprint

Hi Vis Class 2 Economy Single Pocket Zippered Mesh Vest with 1-Color Back Imprint: ANSI Class 2 mesh safety vests with a durable zippered front and a front pocket for convenient storage. 

Hi Vis Class 3 Economy Single Pocket Contrast Mesh Vest with 1-Color Back Imprint

Hi Vis Class 3 Economy Single Pocket Contrast Mesh Vest with 1-Color Back Imprint: ANSI Class 3 sleeved mesh safety vests with a striking high-contrast design, a zippered front and a front pocket. 

Hi Vis Class 2 Short Sleeve Black Bottom T-Shirt with 1-Color Back Imprint

Hi Vis Class 2 Short Sleeve Black Bottom T-Shirt with 1-Color Back Imprint: ANSI Class 2 work T-shirt with an ultra-comfy moisture wicking fabric and a black bottom that hides dirt and dust. 

Hi Vis Class 3 Black Bottom Zippered Sweatshirt with 1-Color Back Imprint

Hi Vis Class 3 Black Bottom Zippered Sweatshirt with 1-Color Back Imprint: ANSI Class 3 work sweatshirt with a black bottom, full zip closure, fleece lining and lined hood for cool-weather comfort. 

Get Your Custom Workwear At HiVis Supply

HiVis Supply’s workwear pros can provide you with a fast and easy quote on your custom workwear order. Just fill out our custom workwear quote form today and send it to us. Our friendly customer service reps will be happy to talk and guide you through every step of the process. 


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