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Surveyors Vests

Surveyors Reflective Safety Vests

Surveyors safety vests are offered in many different compliance styles - non-ANSI, ANSI Class 2 and ANSI Class 3. The main factor that sets these apart from a traditional safety vest is the built in functionality. Surveyors safety vests include many different pockets in a variety of configurations to accommodate the tools and equipment utilized by surveyors; as well as several other popular features like map pockets, mic tabs, flagging tape holders, and places to carry pencils, paint cans and everything in between.

Surveyors Safety Vests

Surveyors safety vests are part of several ANSI class standards: non-ANSI, ANSI 2, and ANSI 3. What makes them different from most others is their built-in functionality. Surveyor vests usually include many more features than their counterparts do, allowing their wearers to carry along certain tools that are needed for them to properly perform their jobs. Pockets for maps and paperwork, tabs for mics, tape holders, and places to put your pencils are just a few of the advantages to wearing a surveyor’s safety vest while on the job.