Protecting the American Workforce

Our Motto:
Prepare To Be Seen™

At HiVis Supply, we are driven by the simple statement of Prepare To Be Seen. This really has a double meaning to our customers. First it is a word of encouragement to inform and educate them of the need to prepare themselves to be seen on the job site. Secondly, it is also a promise to our customer that when they arrive on the job site with their new HiVis apparel, they will be seen by those around them

A Great Place to Work:

We are a company that is on a very strong growth trajectory; driven by ideas and skillsets of each of our employees. HiVis Supply is a work environment where everyone will know your name, and more importantly, will recognize the impact you will make on driving our continued success. If you’re considering a career change, keep in-mind that we offer:

  • Good Friends
  • Excellent Benefits
  • Stability
  • Career Growth
  • Industry Leading Snacks

We would love to hear from you.

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Feeling Social:

We recognize that our customers are the “Backbone of America”. The ones out there everyday swinging the hammer, delivering the product, and mining the resources needed to make this the greatest nation. You’re certainly not ashamed that your work puts dirt under nails and calluses on your knuckles. So don’t be bashful…snap a pic of you busting your back and sporting your HiVis.

Don’t forget to tag us @HiVisSupply. Who knows…we may even send you some prizes.

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