PPE for Disaster Control & Critical Infrastructure Essential Workers

High Visibility Emergency & Disaster Control Identification | Personal Protective EquipmentHigh Visibility Emergency & Disaster Control Identification | Personal Protective Equipment
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Personal Protective Equipment for Disaster Control & Critical Infrastructure Essential Workers

Emergency and Disaster Control situations present a unique a set of needs that are not often found within a typical industrial or construction workplace. However, providing proper PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, for first responders and critical infrastructure essential workers is still paramount for them to successfully complete their job. Even among a disaster or pandemic control situation, it is still vital to protect the workers from potential physical and health hazards.


Public safety vests are classified as ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 Type P Class 2 compliant garment. Garments can also be ANSI Class 3 compliant. They are different from regular ANSI 107 Type R compliant safety vests in that they are used primarily by first responders and emergency personnel. The compliance standard still requires a minimum visibility level, but are designed specifially to still allow maximum access his or her emergency tools. Public Safety vests are also designed to include bold color blocking, such as red, blue, green, black, for quick identification of the wearer's function on an emergency scene.


Those who work in the field of Incident Command know what it’s like to be required to have high visibility clothing. As the first responders at the scene of any kind of emergency, an Incident Commander can perform their job better when they are able to easily be seen by others. This not only ensures a higher level of safety, it also makes the responder easily identifiable. With our high visibility safety vests designed specifically for those in Incident Command, you can be sure that you'll be able to perform your job efficiently and effectively.


High visibility reflective safety vests provide quick and easy identificaiton of personnel. Their Hi Vis performance qualities make them ideal for both daytime and low light conditions. Safety vests are an essential PPE garment to protect against Struck-By accidents between workers and moving emergency equipment.


Hard Hats are designed to prevent or decrease the severity of head injuries to workers by helping to protect against falling objects, impacts from blunt objects and electrocution. Hard hats utilize a unique suspension system that dissipates the energy from an impact to minimize the direct force of an object against the skull . We also carry hard hat lights and accessories, as well as head wear that can be worn underneath a safety hat. Browse our inventory today and save on safety.


The eyes are one our most valuable organs, and it'd be quite hard to work without them. This is why proper eye protection is something that should be taken very seriously in the workplace, especially for those working with small parts, machinery, and dangerous materials or chemicals. We carry a complete line of safety glasses and goggles that not only protect your eyes, but offer a stylish and comfortable solution to eye protection in the workplace.


Workers from many different industries rely on safety gloves while at work. From mechanics gloves to impact reduction and water proof gloves, we carry a large selection to help protect your hands and make your job easier. Protect your hands from cuts and scrapes, bruises, blisters, contact with chemicals and more.


When working in a loud high-decibel environment, hearing protection is critical. While heavy equipment and certain machinery is capable of creating noise at levels that can permanently damage your hearing after prolonged exposure, simple hearing protection such as ear plugs can prevent damage and discomfort. From disposable to re-usable ear plugs, we carry the products that you can rely on at your job. Make sure your work environment is a safe one with the proper hearing protection.


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