Sales and Promotions

About promotions and using promo codes:

Promotions are special offers that we make to new and current customers to show our appreciation. Our typical offers consist of providing a discount on merchandise or free shipping on an order. Promotional codes can only be used on or before the expiration date. Offers will not be honored after the expiration date without prior authorization from Summit Safety, LLC.

Before using any coded promotion, be sure to check the terms and conditions for specific guidelines and restrictions. Some coded promotions are good only for certain items or require a threshold to be met to be eligible.

There are two kinds of promotions, Coded Promotions and Category Promotions:

  • Coded Promotions - which require you to enter a code as you check out. Each coded promotion has a code that you can type in during checkout, which tells our system to apply that offer or discount toward your purchase. Coded promotions may be good for only certain items or require a threshold to be met to be eligible. Check the guidelines of the promotion for eligibility.

    • Shipping Offers - All freight promotions (including reduced or free freight) shipped via UPS ground service, within the continental U.S. (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and outer territories). Larger/oversized items and special-order items do not qualify. Freight offers may not apply to all sale, “promotionally-priced” merchandise, or wholesale orders. All orders must ship to a physical address, as UPS does not deliver to a post office. 
  • Category Promotions - These promotions are offered to anyone who shops on our websites for a specific item or category of items (for example, "black bottom vests" or "rainwear") or during a specific period (for example, "Labor Day") and do not require a promo code. The discounted price appears with the item description.

Please Note: Multiple coded promotions cannot be entered at the same time. Summit Safety reserves the right to withdraw any sale pricing and/or coded promotions (also described as "offers") at its discretion; without prior notification to its customers. All offers are contingent upon guidelines set forth by Summit.

What happens next?

If you are using a promotion code, when you are ready to purchase, go to the checkout page by clicking on your shopping cart and pressing ‘Checkout’. In the payment sections of checkout, enter the promotion code exactly as it appears in the promotion, including uppercase or lowercase letters. Be sure to avoid including a space before the promotion code, which sometimes happens if you copy and paste from an email or other electronic device.

A message appears to confirm that the code has been applied to your order.

If the message says a promotion cannot be applied, your promotion is either expired or cannot be used with the items you want to purchase. Read the promotion terms and conditions carefully to understand how the promotion can and cannot be used. Of course, if you have any questions at all, give our customer service a call at 1-800-786-4035.

If you still have any questions, please contact the HiVis Supply Customer Service Team by calling 1-800-786-4035, or emailing

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