5 Reasons to Wear Portwest Hi Vis Gear

Portwest Hi Vis Gear

When it comes to safety workwear, you should never have to simply hope for the best. Every worker should have access to hi vis gear that they don’t have to doubt or wonder about — it should just work, and the quality should be self-evident. That brings us to today’s question: What does Portwest safety workwear have to offer you on the job site? Once you see, you’ll understand why Portwest is one of HiVis Supply’s top brands and a great choice for workers in almost every industry. 

1. Portwest has been a leader in the safety gear industry since 1904.

Experience counts for a lot in safety gear manufacturing, and Portwest has a lot more of it than most companies do! In fact, the company has been creating cutting-edge safety workwear for over 100 years. What’s more, Portwest has been a family-owned and operated company for three generations. The rock-solid tradition of quality runs through its whole history, but Portwest is also known as a relentless innovator that embraces state-of-the-art fabrics and finishes. That combo of expertise and innovation is exactly what today’s workers are looking for when they suit up on the job. 

2. Portwest hi vis clothing is carefully designed to meet ANSI 107 standards.

ANSI 107 compliance is a must on many job sites, especially in fields like construction, logistics and road maintenance. This critical safety standard establishes levels of protection for workers based on the amount of fluorescent and reflective materials present in a hi vis garment. Without ANSI compliant gear, workers are risking non-compliance with OSHA standards — or, even worse, serious workplace injuries.

Fortunately, Portwest’s hi vis clothing is designed with ANSI compliance in mind! HiVis Supply offers numerous safety workwear pieces from Portwest built for compliance with common standards like ANSI Class 2 and ANSI Class 3. Workers can count on these high-quality hi vis garments to keep them safe and seen when it counts the most. On the flip side, if your job doesn’t require ANSI 107 compliance, Portwest also offers non-ANSI enhanced visibility garments!

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3. Portwest offers a full range of flame resistant hi vis clothing.

People with jobs that expose them to potential arc flash hazards (or other open flame hazards) need quality flame resistant (FR) clothing. That’s why Portwest has established itself as a go-to brand not just for hi vis clothing, but for dual performance FR clothing as well.

Portwest continues to stay ahead of the curve in creating FR safety workwear solutions that are comfortable, durable and compliant with regulations. See HiVis Supply’s FR clothing selection to see all of the great options we have available from Portwest, from vests to rain gear to coveralls and beyond. 

4. Portwest’s safety gear is designed to bring together comfort and safety. 

Performance is the number one priority in safety gear, but comfort is a big deal! When safety workwear is comfortable and made with care, everyone’s more likely to wear it consistently and correctly.

That’s why Portwest uses a range of design features to ensure its safety gear is built for long days on the job. Breathable fabrics help air circulate and keep your body cool, while moisture-wicking designs draw sweat away from your skin and prevent chafing. Even reflective tape has gotten an overhaul from Portwest, with segmented, heat-applied designs that make scratchy, skin-rubbing reflective tape a thing of the past. 

5. HiVis Supply has a wide range of clothing options available from Portwest right now.

HiVis Supply’s selection of Portwest safety gear is curated to make sure every one of our customers can find their perfect safety solution. Get started exploring our selection of Portwest safety workwear with these top choices:

There’s so much more to discover from Portwest and HiVis Supply! Check out our whole selection of Portwest safety gear, including jackets, coveralls and much more.  


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