Hi Vis Clothing Guide: When Is Hi Vis Required?

Hi Vis Clothing Guide: When Is Hi Vis Required?

The safety and protection of workers on the job should always be a priority. If you work in an industry where being seen equals being safe, you may already recognize the importance of wearing high visibility (Hi Vis) clothing for personal protection. Learn the specific requirements for when hi vis is required and how high visibility clothing can keep you safe at work in our helpful Hi Vis gear guide

What Is Hi Vis Clothing?

High visibility clothing, also called Hi Vis, refers to clothing that improves the user's visibility in their particular environment. Typically worn by workers who require increased visibility for their personal safety, such as those working near moving vehicles or in low-lighting conditions, Hi Vis clothing helps its wearers avoid accidents on the job. Hi Vis gear usually comes in fluorescent orange, lime, or yellow coloring and often includes retroreflective stripes for additional visibility. While jackets and vests are the most common types of Hi Vis clothing, HiViS Supply also offers pants, rainwear, headwear, gloves, and other must-have items for all seasons. 

Many health and safety regulations now require certain workers to wear Hi Vis clothing for their personal protection on the job. Depending on your job conditions and location, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may require you to wear high visibility clothing for your safety during work. 

OSHA and Workplace Safety Requirements 

What is OSHA? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA for short, is a regulatory agency within the United States Department of Labor that sets and enforces standards that ensure safe and healthful working conditions for workers. Developed after the passing of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, OSHA also provides education and training in occupational safety and health to increase awareness of potential workplace hazards. 

Many OSHA standards require employers to provide employees with personal protective equipment (PPE), such as Hi Vis gear, that helps protect them from job-related injuries and illnesses. Some jobs require specific flame-resistant clothing, referred to as FR clothing, which must be marked with the letters “FR” to qualify. What specific PPE an employer must provide and what Hi Vis garments must be worn by employees on a particular job site depends on the worker’s particular job and location. 

Protect Yourself with Hi Vis Clothing

While the OSHA standards may vary based on location and job description, it is essential to know what protective clothing options are available. HiVis Supply offers an array of gear options that meet the latest industry standards. When choosing your Hi Vis wear, focus on the four main parts of the body that require the most protection: head, torso, hands and legs. 

Head and Face Protection

Proper head protection is crucial on a job site. OSHA guidelines require every employee who works in an area where there is potential for a head injury due to falling objects to wear a helmet or hard hat. 

Our JSP Evolution Deluxe 6161 Full Brim Hard Hat is the first line of defense against falling debris and low-hanging objects. Featuring a six-point suspension system and polyester textile webbing harness, this hard hat comes in various Hi Vis colors with no assembly required. Our Radians Hi Vis Collapsible Hard Hat Shade can add increased protection and visibility to almost any hard hat. Made of 100% polyester with reflective accents for additional visibility, this hard hat shade collapses easily into an attached self-storage pouch for easy access. 

Torso Protection

Torso Protection

OSHA requires bodily protection, including torso protection for some workers. For increased protection, HiViS Supply offers a range of vests, shirts and jackets in a range of styles, all designed to protect the vital organs in your torso. Clothing that offers the highest visibility is often referred to as Class 3. A Hi Vis garment must have a minimum of 1,240 inches of yellow or orange safety background and at least 310 square inches of reflective striping to qualify for this category

Our new GSS Safety Class 3 Brilliant Contrasting Safety Vest is comfortable and ANSI/ISEA Class 3 compliant. Made with 100% Polyester Mesh for a light and breathable feel, its 2" solid reflector tape forms contrasting edges that increase visibility regardless of lighting. Our high-quality safety shirts, like the DOME75 Dynamic Series Long Sleeve T-Shirt, offer maximum breathability and help reduce excess moisture with our Viz-Dri™ 100% moisture-wicking technology. With increased visibility on the jobsite to be seen, you can focus on the job instead of worrying about your safety. 

Stay Seen with Our HiVis Safety Gear

Hand Protection

Part of OSHA’s bodily protection requirements includes hand coverings. Protect your hands from injury with a pair of Hi Vis gloves. HiVis Supply offers a range of glove options from mechanical to waterproof. 

Try our Radians RWG22 Hi Vis Work Gloves that protect your hands from abrasions in wet or dry environments. Made of 13-gauge polyester to provide cut resistance, these seamlessly designed gloves come in various sizes for peak comfortability. 

Leg Protection

Leg Protection

Protect your legs and knees from workplace dangers with a pair of Hi Vis work pants like our GSS 6715 Safety Pant. Survive and thrive in extreme weather conditions with these high visibility rain pants, constructed from 150D material with sealed seams and a PU coating that will keep you dry while keeping water out. With an elastic waistband and additional black coloring around the ankles to hide dirt and grime, these Hi Vis pants provide the comfort and security necessary during daytime and nighttime work. 

Get OSHA-Compliant Protective Gear with HiViS

HiViS Supply carries a wide selection of high visibility clothing and personal protective gear to keep workers safe on the job. Whether you’re looking for FR jumpsuits or jackets or PPE like hats, gloves and eyewear, HiViS has got you covered. Shop our brand name collections, including DOME75, Radians, GSS Safety and Tough Duck, to find the gear you need for your industry.  


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