Vendor Spotlight: JSP Safety

JSP Evolution Deluxe 6161 Full Brim Hard Hat

JSP Evolution Deluxe 6161 Full Brim Hard Hat

Many of us might be a little bit hard-headed sometimes — but that won’t help much in an accident where your head’s at risk. That’s where JSP Safety comes in. This safety gear brand is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of safety helmets, safety glasses and other “above the neck” safety protection. What makes JSP Safety such a reliable and respected name in safety gear? Check out our guide to JSP Safety’s heavy duty headwear and how they stay on top (no pun intended).

What Is JSP Safety?

JSP Safety is a UK-based work safety gear company that’s been around since 1964. Their offerings include a huge range of safety gear, from hard hats to traffic management and spill containment solutions. However, “above the neck” PPE has historically been the most widely recognized product line for JSP, and it’s still a central part of the company’s offerings.

So, what qualifies as “above the neck”? Basically, it’s just what it sounds like — if PPE is designed to protect a person’s head, face, eyes, respiration, etc. it’s considered above the neck. JSP manufactures high-quality PPE like safety glasses, hearing protection, respirator masks and more. 

Why Do Businesses Rely On JSP Safety Products?

In the ever-evolving world of workplace PPE, JSP has managed the amazing feat of staying on the cutting edge for the better part of a century. They’ve accomplished that by never letting up in their relentless focus on quality.

The company’s hard hats and other products are manufactured under demanding standards like the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, making sure that their performance is always reliable for the workers who depend on them. Workers and managers who choose JSP hard hats know that they’re getting a quality product that will protect them on the job.

On top of that, JSP has committed to making hard hats that workers want to wear. Through innovations like dermatologist-tested sweatbands in its helmets and convenient ratchet adjustment systems, JSP has succeeded again and again in creating the industry’s most comfortable and easy to use hard hats. 

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JSP Evolution Deluxe 6151 Hard HatJSP Evolution Deluxe 6151 Hard Hat

JSP Evolution Deluxe 6151 Hard Hat

Protective Headwear Options from JSP Safety

Hard hats and other protective headwear are a must-have on many job sites, which is why they’re part of HiVis Supply’s complete safety solutions! Check out these selections from the full lineup of JSP Safety products that we offer:

  • JSP Evolution Deluxe 6161 Full Brim Hard Hat: This classic full-brim hard hat design offers maximum protection from sun and weather, in addition to the tough impact protection of its HDPE outer shell. It’s a snap to adjust for comfort, thanks to its wheel ratcheting system, and its built-in cotton sweatband provides all-day sweat control.
  • EVO6100 CR2 Reflectivity Kit for Full Brim Hard Hats: Brighten up your headwear with this reflective attachment kit for a JSP full brim hard hat. The kit includes seven Class R2 reflective stickers that fit the JSP Evolution Deluxe 6100 full brim hard hat, providing a crucial visibility boost in low light conditions. 
  • JSP Evolution Deluxe 6151 Hard Hat: The sleek cap-style design gives this hat a sharp look, and you’ll find all of the same rugged safety features that are available on the full-brim model. With its raised channels for extra durability and six-point adjustable suspension system, it demonstrates how JSP has made every model in its Evolution series equal parts sturdy and comfortable.
  • EVO6100 Reflectivity Kit for Cap Style Hard Hats: This reflective sticker kit is built for the cap style 6151 model. By designing unique stickers for each model, JSP has created a visibility system built for the best performance possible.
  • JSP EvoSpec Safety Glasses: Keep your eyes safe from tools, debris and whatever else the job can throw at you. Not only are these ultra-sturdy glasses equipped with anti-scratch and anti-fog technology, but they also integrate seamlessly into any Evolution Deluxe 6100 Hard Hat — just flip them up into the shell when you’re done!
JSP EvoSpec Safety GlassesJSP EvoSpec Safety Glasses

JSP EvoSpec Safety Glasses

JSP’s hard hats and other products are important components of job site PPE. However, to keep you and everyone on the job protected, it’s important to know about the rest of it! See our head-to-toe guide to hi-vis safety gear to learn about every piece of kit today’s workers use to keep themselves safe at work — plus recommendations from the HiVis Supply collection. 


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