Durable Workwear for Autumn Weather

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Autumn is many people’s favorite time of year. Leaves are falling and turning beautiful colors, and you know what looks great with those gorgeous reds and auburns piling up on the ground? A fluorescent lime green hi vis jacket. We’re just saying that it could be the season’s hottest fashion choice. Kidding aside, autumn is a time when many people will need to start wearing warmer hi vis clothing. But it can also be a uniquely challenging time to shop for durable workwear because temperatures are still fluctuating, potentially leaving you wearing gear that’s either too warm or not warm enough. 

Anyone who’s ever left for work on a chilly morning only to be sweating by noon can relate. It’s high time to look at some smart ways to navigate this in-between season. Let’s review a few strategies for choosing the best hi vis workwear for fall, as well as some of HiVis Supply’s most popular options. 

Strategies for Choosing Autumn Hi Vis Workwear

When you’re shopping for hi vis autumn workwear, here are some tactics that can help you make the right choice: 

  • Just like you would when choosing workwear for any season, be aware of ANSI 107 hi vis ratings and which, if any, your hi vis workwear needs to follow. If you don’t need a specific ANSI 107 rating, remember that enhanced visibility workwear can also be a good choice.
  • Think about autumn weather patterns in your area and assess how much warmth you need from your workwear. In areas with autumn rains, you might need hi vis rain gear for the fall, while people in very cold climates might need to start suiting up in full hi vis winter gear sooner rather than later.
  • Workwear models with breathable design elements –– such as a mesh inner lining –– are top choices for autumn workwear. Sweatshirts and hoodies are also autumn workwear staples, thanks to the just-right level of warmth they provide. 
  • Layering is a great dressing strategy in fall, as it keeps you prepared with the right level of warmth whatever the weather’s doing. Review the basic principles of layering and consider buying workwear that can be easily layered. 
  • Consider your headwear, too. A warm hi vis beanie can give you a little bit of extra visibility while keeping your head and ears warm.

Durable Workwear for Autumn from HiVis Supply

What are our favorite choices in hi vis workwear this fall? Check out 10 of our best below:

  1. Tough Duck SV06 Class 1 Cotton Duck Contrast Quilt Lined Safety Vest: A rugged and easy-to-layer ANSI Class 1 safety vest with light polyester insulation that makes it ideal for fall work. 
  2. Tough Duck S787 Class 1 6oz Cotton Duck Insulated Contrast Safety Coverall: Insulated heavy-duty ANSI Class 1 safety coveralls with an extra visibility boost from their high contrast design. 
  3. Portwest E066 Class 2 HiVis Black Bottom Long Sleeve Button Up Work Shirt: Turn heads in a clean and classy button-up with ANSI Class 2 performance and black trim that helps hide the dirt from a hard day’s work. 
  4. Portwest PW340 Class E HiVis Segmented Work Pants: Ultra-durable ANSI Class E work pants that will have you feeling ready to kick butt as soon as you step into them. 
  5. Tough Duck SP01 Class E Safety Cargo Work Pant: An economical and practical pair of ANSI Class E work pants that make an ideal complement to almost any hi vis ensemble.
  6. Kishigo JS137/JS138 Black Series Class 3 Hi Vis Soft-Shell Jacket: Performance and style go hand in hand with this ANSI Class 3 soft-shell jacket. 
  7. Portwest F130 Iona Xtra Enhanced Visibility Full-Zip Sweatshirt: An enhanced visibility sweatshirt that’s as durable as it is comfy — perfect for daily wear.
  8. Tough Duck SJ16 Class 3 Thermal Lined Heavyweight Hoodie: Warm up and stand out in this thermal polyester fleece ANSI Class 3 Safety Hoodie. 
  9. GSS Sherpa Lined Canvas Jacket: Your new favorite heavy-duty hoodie stays toasty with a sherpa lining but also offers ANSI Class 3 performance and excellent durability. 
  10. Work King S607 Enhanced Visibility Safety Work Pant: These enhanced visibility pants have a slim, flattering cut and a twill fabric that’s comfy but stands up to extended wear and long days. 
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HiVis Supply is here to make sure you have a safe and productive autumn. Take a look at our full range of hi vis work shirts and hi vis work pants for the most durable workwear to protect you in cooler weather. Plus, make sure to review our cold weather buying guide if you’re preparing for even chillier temperatures ahead. 


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