Get a Grip with Ergodyne's Trex Ice Traction Devices

trex ice traction devicesWhen you work outside everyday, the last thing you want to deal with is the bitterly cold temperatures of winter. Unfortunately the seasons are unavoidable, but on a positive note there are plenty of ways to make yourself more comfortable out there.
One of the most obvious and important factors to working outdoors during the winter months is keeping yourself warm on the job. Another is dealing with working conditions where snow and ice are present, complicating everything from simple maneuvering to operating vehicles and heavy equipment. Traction is reduced, slips and falls become more likely and hazardous terrain & materials become less visible when snow cover is prevalent. While a decent pair of workbooks makes things more manageable, they're still a far cry from acting as an effective safety precaution.
In light of the hazardous winter conditions that many workers are constantly presented with due to ice and snow, Ergodyne has developed Trex. Trex are specialized Ice Traction devices that are designed to improve safety, maneuverability - and in turn - overall productivity by delivering increased traction for the times when things get messy out there. These unique products are offered in three different models, each with its own unique style and purpose.

Trex One-Piece Ice Traction Device

The one piece model is a simple, easy to use traction device that features a stretchable rubber fit and slips on directly over your work boots. They're easy to put on, easy to remove and effective in temperatures up to -40 degrees fahrenheit. The contact area on the bottom provides optimal traction with the help of 8 heat treated carbon studs that provide the extra bite that will keep you on your feet in those slick and slushy conditions. Learn more about the Trex One-Piece Ice Traction Device.

Trex Adjustable One-Piece Traction Device

The adjustable one-piece traction device is similar to the standard one-piece model but utilizes an improved design. Instead of a 'one size fits all' slip-on, the adjustable model incorporates a unique strapping system for a tight, secure fit and improved performance. The customizable fit allows this model to work well with both shoes and boots and makes it nearly impossible for them to accidentally come off. Additionally, this model also features aggressive traction with the use of 10 heat-treated studs instead of 8. Learn more about the Trex Adjustable One-Piece Ice Traction Device.

Trex Strap-on Heel Ice Traction Device

This strap-on model offers the best of both worlds via a design that increases traction and stability while offering an unobstructed toe area, making it the ideal solution for driving and heavy equipment operation. Featuring a comfortable and secure strapping mechanism, the strap-on device is also very durable against wear and tear. Learn more about the Trex Strap-on Heel Traction Device.
Although you might think your boots are enough this winter, there's always the chance that you'll have a change of heart once an accident occurs. Surfaces are slick and vision is diminished in winter environments, making it increasingly important to take an extra step toward increasing the safety of yourself and others. Expect the unexpected and take the necessary preventative measures that lend you the upper hand against mother nature. It's always better to be safe than sorry!


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