Best Waterproof Work Clothing for Wet Conditions

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For workers in many industries, the job doesn’t stop when the rain starts falling. People like utility workers, first responders, tow truck operators and waste disposal workers often have to stay on the job, rain or shine. So, when the weather turns inclimate, these workers need to pack waterproof work clothing that suits their needs. It’s important, however, to know what you’re looking for from your waterproof workwear before you make a selection. We’re going to discuss five features to look for when choosing waterproof work clothing. Then, we’ll jumpstart your search for a waterproof workwear solution with five of HiVis Supply’s best high visibility rain gear options.

Five Things to Look For in Waterproof Work Clothing

  1. True Waterproof Performance: Workers who need protection in heavy weather should choose work gear that’s explicitly labeled as waterproof, not water resistant. Waterproof is a higher level of protection that indicates a multi-layer fabric treated with durable water repellent, as well as features like a hood and water-sealed cuffs. 
  2. Breathable Design: Clothing design with breathable fibers like polyester mesh helps keep you comfortable and cool during the workday, especially in the humidity that often accompanies rain. For the most breathability and comfort, look for interior fabrics with a moisture-wicking design, which helps keep your skin cool and dry when you sweat.
  3. High Visibility Colors and Reflectors: Wet conditions are also often low visibility conditions. That makes high visibility rain gear a must-have for many outdoor workers. The best high visibility rain gear is made with brilliant fluorescent colors and high-quality prismatic reflective tape to make workers stand out in a vehicle operator’s visual field. Before you purchase any rain gear, make sure you know what ANSI 107 standard you need on the job and choose compliant workwear.
  4. Efficient Insulation: Working in wet conditions often feels quite cold, so be sure that your rain gear is insulated if conditions in your area demand it. Synthetic insulation, rather than down, is the preferred choice for wet conditions because down tends to stick together and becomes less effective when it gets moist.
  5. Durable Construction: Waterproof work clothing needs a high standard of construction. You want something made from a resilient fabric like duck cotton or Oxford cloth, which are high-denier fabrics with dense weaves designed to prevent water from soaking in. Features like waterproof zippers and bound seams are also crucial for waterproof clothing.

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The Hottest Waterproof Work Clothing Options from HiVis Supply

1. Portwest PW3 Series Rain Jacket & Rain Pant

Portwest PW360 Class 3 HiVis Extreme Breathable Segmented Rain Jacket

Style meets ergonomic performance in this super-tough and breathable jacket. An ANSI Class 3 design with segmented, heat-sealed reflective tape makes you easy to see, and the 300-denier Oxford cloth Portwest Extreme fabric blocks out water. A sharp, angular design helps you keep it classy on the job, and the hood even detaches via a zipper for improved all-weather versatility.

Portwest PW342 Class E HiVis Extreme Segmented Rain Pants

These ANSI Class E hi vis pants form a Class 3 ensemble when combined with any Class 2 or above rain jacket, but they’re not just bright and shiny — they’re an extremely comfy and functional pair of work pants, too. A half-elastic waistband provides all of the stretch you need, and a high-cut waistband with a padded back provides support and relief so you can work with strength throughout the day. 

2. GSS Contrast Series Rain Jacket & Rain Pant

GSS Safety 6007 Contrast Series Enhanced Visibility Rain Coat

A classic design at a wallet-friendly price point, this enhanced visibility rain coat is a superb choice for everyday workwear with an extra visibility edge. The 3007 is ready for hard rain, with a seam-sealed and polyurethane-coated construction, plus a 150 denier Oxford cloth build that stands up to just about anything. 

GSS Safety 6717 Contrast Series Enhanced Visibility Safety Rain Pants

The 6717 is a rugged-built pair of enhanced visibility waterproof rain pants that gives you a no-nonsense addition to your waterproof ensemble. With contrasting reflective tape and a 150 denier polyurethane-coated material, these pants are built to perform day in and day out. Plus, with the black material, mud and other stains stay hidden longer! 

3. Kishigo Economy Series Class 3 Rain Suit

Kishigo RW110/RW111 Economy Series Class 3 HiVis Rain Suit 

Working folks who prefer an all-in-one solution will love this highly economical ANSI Class 3 rain suit set. The seam-sealed polyester Oxford fabric construction gives you the all-day dry performance you need, and adjustable wrist and leg cuffs make it easy to seal out the wet. Both pieces are sold together for an unbeatable package deal. 

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No matter what the sky is throwing at you, HiVis Supply gives you the gear to keep yourself dry. To access our entire collection of waterproof work clothing, see our hi vis rainwear solutions section. And don’t forget to grab a great pair of waterproof work gloves to keep your hands dry on the job, too. 


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