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Tough Duck FR

Tough Duck FR Safety Gear

Tough Duck is one of Canada's most respected and well-known names in work wear. Now, they're bringing you their knowledge and technology in the form of FR Safety gear. If you've owned Tough Duck garments in the past, you'll be familiar with their strict standards for quality. We're glad to announce that they've stayed true to their promise with the FR-rated safety gear line, delivering an unparallelled product that's built to handle real work, in real cold environments. Browse all of our Tough Duck FR products below to find the work wear that suits both your safety needs and your standards.

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Tough Duck FR Safety Gear

Some of us look for simple solutions, and some of us look for the best possible solution we can find in any given matter. If you fall into the second category, than you're definitely going to want to take a look at Tough Duck's FR Safety lineup. Made from one of Canada's most respected and well-known safety gear manufacturers, Tough Duck never cuts it short. Not only are their products manufactured to strict standards with high-quality materials, but they're also a company who stands behind their commitment to deliver serious winter workwear to you, the customer.


Safety is one of the utmost important factors at work, and Tough Duck FR Safety Gear won't let you down. With nearly 20 FR-rated products to choose from, you're sure to find something comfortable and suitable that meets the required safety standards of your job. From FR parkas and bibs to balaclavas, safety vests, raincoats and conver-alls, there's no better choice when quality and reliability are your main concern. Check out our complete selection of FR products from Tough Duck today; you'll never go back to your currrent brand again.