JSP Evolution Deluxe 6151 Hard Hat

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JSP Evolution Deluxe 6151 Hard Hat, 6-Pt, Polyester Textile Webbing Harness, Wheel Ratchet, Vented Shell

HDPE shell designed with five raised channels running across the top of the helmet for strength.

  • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 | Type 1, Class E (Non-Vented)
  • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 | Type 1, Class C (Vented)
  • 6-Point Suspension System.
  • Wide polyester textile webbing harness.
  • Unique 3D Adjustment provides a precise helmet fit using harness depth settings.
  • Evolution Wheel Ratchet adjustment
  • Vented to reduce inside helmet temperatures (ANSI Class C)
  • Chamlon™ Sweatband.
  • Universal slots to fit various accessories.
  • Packed ready-to-wear with no assembly required.

Optional EVO6100 CR2 Reflectivity Kit
Optional EvoSpec™ Safety Eyewear

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Keep safe and stylish on the job with the JSP Evolution Deluxe 6151 Hard Hat. This ANSI Type I Class C hard hat features a 6-point Polyester Textile Webbing Harness and Wheel Ratchet for superior comfort, a vented shell that offers breathability, and a durable HDPE shell designed with five raised channels across the top for reinforced strength. Ideal for any workplace environment, feel more secure with this innovative safety helmet.


  • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 | Type 1, Class E (Non-Vented)
  • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 | Type 1, Class C (Vented)
  • 6-Point Suspension System
  • Wide Polyester Textile Webbing Harness
  • Unique 3D Adjustment Provides a Precise Helmet Fit Using Harness Depth Settings
  • Evolution Wheel Ratchet is Easy to Use and Creates a Firm Comfortable Fit
  • Chamlon™ Sweatband
  • Universal Slots to Fit Various Accessories
  • Packed Ready-to-Wear with No Assembly Required
  • Optional Retro-Reflective Label Kit also Available; #PIP-281-CR2


Provide protection from falling debris, low-hanging objects, and electrical hazards. The use of ANSI-compliant head protection is required by OSHA and helps workers avoid serious injury.

Suspension: 6-point
Adjustment: Revolution™ wheel ratchet
Brim: Standard or Short
Shell: Non-vented or Vented
Shell: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Suspension: HDPE headband & webbing clips with 1” wide polyester textile webbing straps
Brow Pad: Chamlon™ Egyptian cotton core with porous PU coating, PH neutral, dermatologically tested
Available Sizes: One size fits all

Sizing is adjustable via the wheel ratchet
Hat Size 6 5/8 - 8
(cm) 53 – 64
(in) 20 7/8– 25
Weight 13.2 ounces / 374 grams

Fit the hard hat on the head and ensure the hard hat is adjusted to the size of the user’s head. Fasten chin strap (if available) to ensure fit. The harness depth can also be adjusted on this helmet using the unique “3D Adjustment” setting for a precise fit.


  • Protection will only be offered if the hard hat is fitted correctly.
  • Any hard hat subjected to severe impact should be replaced immediately.
  • Do not apply paint, solvents, or adhesive labels except in accordance with instructions from the manufacturer.
  • The suspension, when in contact with the skin may cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. If this occurs leave the hazard area, remove the helmet and seek medical advice.
  • The attention of users is also drawn to the dangers of modifying or removing any of the original component parts, other than as recommended by the manufacturer.


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