HiVis Hank "I Believe In Safety" Hard Hat Sticker

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This full color HiVis Hank sticker is the perfect addition to any Hard Hat or Helmet. With a 2" diameter you can put it almost anywhere for an extra touch of personality.

  • Durable vinyl labels resist wrinkling
  • 2" diameter
  • These decals are great for Hard hats, helmets, equipment and more
  • They stick to any clean surface and even conform to curves well
  • “Peel and Stick”

Get motivated and stay safe on the job site with this “I Believe in Safety” HiVis Hank Hard Hat Sticker. Made of wrinkle, wind, rain, and sun-resistant vinyl that is easy to clean and holds up to everyday wear, this sticker measures 2" in diameter - making it the perfect size for any hard hat or helmet. Plus, its “Peel and Stick” backing makes it quick and easy to apply while also providing a secure hold on curved surfaces. So add some personality and show your belief in safety anywhere you go.

  • Durable Vinyl Labels Resist Wrinkling
  • 2" Diameter
  • These Decals are Great for Hard Hats, Helmets, Equipment, and More
  • They Stick to Any Clean Surface and Even Conform to Curves Well
  • “Peel and Stick”
  • Includes HiVis Hank
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