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Enhanced Visibility Vests

Enhanced Visibility Reflective Safety Vests | Non-ANSI

Enhanced visibility safety vests, also known as non-ANSI safety vests, are intended for use in activities or work zones where ANSI compliance is not mandatory, but greater visibility is needed. These are typically a pull-over style with a velcro front closure and elastic side closures. They are a one-size-fits-all vest best suited for areas with low traffic speeds including parking lots, special events, warehouses, or work zones closed from public traffic. Our enhanced visibility safety vests are offered in plain Lime, Yellow, or Orange and can also utilize reflective tape.

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Enhanced Visibility Safety Vests

Enhanced visibility safety vests are those that require a minimum level of visibility. They are sometimes considered Class 1 safety vests, and are best suited for those who will be working in conditions that are generally further away from moving traffic and where traffic will not exceed speeds of 25 MPH. These kinds of safety vests are ideal for people who work in warehouses, as parking lot attendants, maintenance workers, and event volunteers. They are also used when working in low light conditions where it's not required but the extra visibility is beneficial. These garments are not ANSI compliant as they do not meet the applicable safety requirements.