Rain Work Jackets

Rain Work JacketsRain Work Jackets

When working in the rain, it's important to remain safe and dry. High-visibility rain jackets are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes that offer comfort, visibility, and all-day dryness. Made from waterproof materials with sealed seams to prevent water penetration, rain jackets make it easier to focus on your job duties, even in the wettest weather conditions. Browse our selection of ANSI 2, ANSI 3, and Non-ANSI rain jackets below and choose from the top brand names to find the perfect fit for your budget and your needs.

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  1. Portwest PW360 Class 3 Extreme Breathable Segmented Rain Jacket SPECIAL
    Portwest PW360 Class 3 HiVis Extreme Breathable Segmented Rain Jacket

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Working in outdoor weather can be challenging, but with the proper gear you can make it through the day safely and comfortably. Rain jackets are a must-have for keeping dry during wet work days. Made from waterproof materials with features like taped & sealed seams and waterproof zippers, specialized rain jackets make it easier to focus on your work. Our selection of rain jackets provide the same safety features as regular high visibility jackets. When you work in rainy and wet conditions without waterproof materials. your clothes will eventually become saturated with water. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it increases the chances of catching a cold. The water weight can wear you down physically and make maneuvers more complicated, actually increasing your risk of an accident. If you must work in the rain, the safest route to take is with the proper rain jacket. From basic rain jackets to 3-piece rain suits, HiVis Supply offers a variety of solutions to keep you visible and dry. From ANSI Class 2 and 3 to non-ANSI rain Jackets, there's something for the demands of every type of job. Browse our selection of the top brands in the industry and find the perfect fit today.
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