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Ergodyne Chill-Its 6710 Evaporative Cooling Triangle Hat

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Ergodyne Chill-Its 6710 Evaporative Cooling Triangle Hat

This evaporative cooling triangle hat uses water activated polymers for optimal, long-lasting cooling power. Ideal for high-heat environments both indoors and out.

  • Soak in water to activate
  • Simple tie closure
  • Remains activated for hours
  • Re-usable: simply re-soak in water
  • Choose from 7 unique fabric patterns
  • Polymer beads located in a 13.5" band across the forehead


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The Ergodyne CHILL-ITS 6710 Evaporative Cooling Triangle Hat is specially designed with the latest technology to deliver relief from high working temperatures and is manufactured from water activated polymers that offer optimal cooling performance in hot environments. The unique polymer fabric directs cooling to the areas it's most needed. Best of all, it's re-usable so it can be used throughout the day. These evaporative cooling hats are ideal for use in the blazing summer sun, as well as in confined indoor spaces or wherever extreme heat is present. They are available in a variety of solids and patterns.Polymer beads located in a 13.5" band across the forehead


To activate, simply soak the Chill-Its bandana in ice water for 2-5 minutes, or until plump. Soaking the bandana too long will cause it to become over saturated and have a "slimy" feel. Product is not defective, it is simply over saturated. If it is over saturated, remove from the ice water and allow it to dehydrate. Once the bandana has dehydrated, it will no longer have the "slimy" feel, and can be used without further action.

This Product Includes the Following SKU Numbers:

ERG-6710-SS; ERG-6710-CM; ERG-6710-RW; ERG-6710-NW; ERG-6710-LM; ERG-6710-BU; ERG-6710-FL