Blaklader 1600 Work Pants

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One of the toughest, most durable pair of work pants on the market, featuring ample pocket space and CORDURA reinforcements throughout. Constructed with a 100% cotton fabric for a lightweight feel and an adjustable drawstring hem to ensure a comfortable fit. 


  • 100% Cotton
  • CORDURA® reinforced nail pockets, back pockets, ruler pocket, leg pockets, thighs, knees and hem 
  • Reinforced crotch seam
  • Knee protection pockets with two placement level options 
  • Adjustable hem with drawstring

Blaklader 1600 Work Pants aren’t for the faint-hearted. Made from 100% cotton canvas base with CORDURA reinforced thighs, pockets, knees and hem, these are the pants of the serious work-warrior. Loaded with pockets and constructed to take a serious beating, these pants are guaranteed to stand up to the toughest work environments out there. Features include adjustable knee-pad pockets for added comfort, CORDURA reinforced utility pockets (Tuckable), side hammer loop, nail pockets with tool holders, leg pocket with pen pocket, phone pocket, large zippered pocket, ankle cuffs, and an adjustable hem with drawstring for a perfect fit. If you’re looking for a pair of pants to wear out on a Saturday night, keep on looking. But if you're after indestructible work pants, go ahead and give the Blaklader 1600 a try today - you won't be disappointed. Available in the colors Grey and Black with waist sizes ranging from 30" - 44" and inseams in various sizes. 


  • 100% Cotton
  • CORDURA® reinforced nail pockets, back pockets, ruler pocket, leg pockets, thighs, knees and hem 
  • Metal zipper fly 
  • Side hammer loop 
  • Metal buttons 
  • Reinforced crotch seam
  • Back pockets with bellow 
  • Leg pocket with pen pocket, telephone pocket and extra spacious pocket with zipper 
  • Angled front pockets 
  • Knee protection pockets with two placement level options (Fits 4018 and 4011)
  • Nail pockets - with tool holders, can be tucked inside the trousers 
  • Ruler pocket with extra pocket
  • Standard knee protection pockets
  • Adjustable hem with drawstring


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BLK-1600-3028 | BLK-1600-3030 | BLK-1600-3032 | BLK-1600-3034 | BLK-1600-3228 | BLK-1600-3230 | BLK-1600-3232 | BLK-1600-3234 | BLK-1600-3430 | BLK-1600-3432 | BLK-1600-3434 | BLK-1600-3436 | BLK-1600-3630 | BLK-1600-3632 | BLK-1600-3634 | BLK-1600-3636 | BLK-1600-3830 | BLK-1600-3832 | BLK-1600-3834 | BLK-1600-3836 | BLK-1600-4030 | BLK-1600-4032 | BLK-1600-4034 | BLK-1600-4036 | BLK-1600-4230 | BLK-1600-4232 | BLK-1600-4234 | BLK-1600-4430 | BLK-1600-4432 | BLK-1600-4434



BLK-1600-BK-3028 |BLK-1600-BK-3030 | BLK-1600-BK-3032 | BLK-1600-BK-3034 | BLK-1600-BK-3228 | BLK-1600-BK-3230 | BLK-1600-BK-3232 | BLK-1600-BK-3234 | BLK-1600-BK-3430 | BLK-1600-BK-3432 | BLK-1600-BK-3434 | BLK-1600-BK-3436 | BLK-1600-BK-3630 | BLK-1600-BK-3632 | BLK-1600-BK-3634 | BLK-1600-BK-3636 | BLK-1600-BK-3830 | BLK-1600-BK-3832 | BLK-1600-BK-3834 | BLK-1600-BK-3836 | BLK-1600-BK-4030 | BLK-1600-BK-4032 | BLK-1600-BK-4034 | BLK-1600-BK-4036 | BLK-1600-BK-4230 | BLK-1600-BK-4232 | BLK-1600-BK-4234 | BLK-1600-BK-4430 | BLK-1600-BK-4432 | BLK-1600-BK-4434


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