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Viking Offers some of the toughest products on the market. Shop today and save with our everyday low prices on all Viking High Visibility ANSI work wear.

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Viking has been a leader in the industry of wet weather gear since 1920. While setting the standards for quality, Viking has grown significantly over the years and continues to utilize the latest technology to develop cutting edge rainwear. All of the Viking brand rainwear, rain gear, and safety gear sold by HiVis Supply is 100% waterproof and windproof.

Viking wear utilizes a Trilobal Polyester fabric which allows their products to not only be water and windproof, but much stronger than your typical rain gear. The triple twined thread manufacturing process lends a finished product that is highly resistant to tears, rips, punctures and abrasions. Additional durability is added to each piece of Viking's rainwear through the taping, heat sealing, and triple stitching of every seam.

Viking offers everything from high visibility rain gear and rainwear to high visibility safety vests, bibs, pants, and jackets. They also have fire resistant or FR items such as the Journeyman 300D surveyors vest - which even though is fire resistant - is still 100% wind and waterproof.

Viking is trusted in some of the world's toughest workplaces such as mining, forestry and a list of heavy industrial jobs so long we can't fit it all on this page. There's a good reason that Viking's been in business for nearly 100 years now - because it works!

Aside from being rugged, Viking has also managed to master another feat - comfort. Articluated elbows and kneees provide a natural, form fitting product that makes Viking's rainwear some of the most comfortable in existence. Additionally, the Professional Thor series rain gear provides a sleek, more fashionable look. The Professional line of products truly maximizes wearability both in and out of the workplace by offering the same heavy-duty strength Viking is known for.

HiVis Supply is proud to carry Viking Rain Gear and Rainwear. Increase your safety, visibility, comfort, and confidence by choosing Viking for all of your high visibility rainwear needs.

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