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High visibility safety vests are required in many different work environments, and "be seen to be safe" is more than just a clever tagline - it is a proven fact. There are plenty of work zone and roadside distractions which can draw a driver’s attention away from your presence. Reflective high visibility safety vests improve your ability to bee seen by bringing you back into the driver's focus. Our ANSI compliant vests are suitable for use in daytime and low light conditions. Browse our complete inventory to find one that's right for you - ANSI Class 2, ANSI Class 3, Public Safety, Flame Resistant, non-ANSI, Surveyors, and Incident Command. We have a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors of safety vests from the top brand name manufacturers at everyday low prices.

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High visibility safety vests are required in many different work environments, and "be seen to be safe" is more than just a clever tagline - it is a proven fact. There are plenty of work zone and ...Read More
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High visibility reflective safety vests, or 'hi-vis vests' are used throughout the country and around the world as a safety and precautionary measure. When worn in certain work environments, these vests to help prevent injury to those who wear them. By allowing enhanced visibility to co-workers, motorists, and heavy equipment operators, there is a reduced chance for serious accidents on the job. This is especially true in both harsh weather and low light conditions when vision is often compromised. Reflective safety vests are also helpful to runners and cyclists in high-traffic areas as well as emergency responders to which safety vests offer easy identification in a crowded place.

In the world of high visibility safety vests, the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, commissioned a set of guidelines in its manual ANSI/ISEA 107-2004. Those guidelines are the standard by which the design and production of safety vests are recommended to adhere for maximum visibility and protection of its wearers. The standards specify the size, color, and type and placement of reflective material. The rules are broken down into separate classes, and each class has its own way of meeting these standards in order to satisfy the many different needs of the specific user.


Class 2 safety vests are designed for workers that are located in areas where the background could consist of lots of colors and depth, and the worker needs to stand out against the complex background. Typically, this type of safety vest is worn by those who work in lower-risk jobs such as road construction workers, first responders, and the operators of toll booths.


Class 3 safety vests are designed for workers who must have a level of very high visibility and who work in high-risk jobs like emergency personnel, highway workers, and the operators of tow trucks. Not only do they need to be highly visible but they also need a high level of mobility and flexibility while wearing these high visibility vests.


Enhanced visibility safety vests are those that require a minimum level of visibility. They are sometimes considered Class 1 safety vests, and are best suited for those who will be working in conditions that are generally further away from moving traffic and where traffic will not exceed speeds of 25 MPH. These kinds of safety vests are ideal for people who work in warehouses, as parking lot attendants, maintenance workers, and event volunteers. They are also used when working in low light conditions where it's not required but the extra visibility is beneficial. These garments are not ANSI compliant as they do not meet the applicable safety requirements.


Surveyors safety vests are incorporated into several ANSI class standards: non-ANSI, ANSI 2, and ANSI 3. What makes them different from the rest of the lot is the built-in functionality. Surveyor vests may include many more features than their counterparts do, as they allow their wearers to carry around all kinds of tools with them in their many pockets and zippers. Pockets for maps, tabs for mics, tape holders, and places to put your pencils are just some of the advantages of wearing a surveyor’s vest.


Vests used in public safety are classified as ANSI 207. They are different from regular ANSI vests in that they are used primarily by first responders and emergency personnel. It requires minimum visibility but maximum design to optimize the wearer’s ability to access his or her emergency tools. Officers and paramedics previously had to wear regular ANSI vests, which hung over the tools on their belts making it much more difficult to grab critical self-defense or life-saving tools quickly and easily. Public Safety vests offer a better, more functional alternative.


Those who work in the field of Incident Command know what it’s like to have to have high visibility clothing. As the first responders at the scene of any kind of emergency, an Incident Commander would do well to be able to be seen by others so as not only to be safe but also so that he is easily identifiable. With our HiVis safety vests designed specifically for those in Incident Command, you will be sure to have exactly what you need when it comes to those essential first responses.


Fire resistant safety vests, or FR vests, are manufactured to meet very strict guidelines. Not only do they meet ANSI standards, but they also must meet the standards of either the NFPA or the ASTM. Fire resistant vests are utilized by those who work in conditions that require not just high visibility, but protection from flames and arc flash. This feature makes flame retardant vests optimal for those who might be working with welders, grinders, or saws: equipment that can shoot out sparks or intense heat and start fires on the job.


Vests designated as domestic made are just that - made right here on American soil. When you order a domestic made safety vest, you can rest assured knowing that what you are wearing is not only made with quality, but as a result you are fully protected and your garment meets every standard that it’s supposed to. These vests come in various styles such as ANSI Class 2, ANSI Class 3, NFPA, and ASTM, meaning they are compliant with one or some of these benchmarks.


At HiVis Supply we also have a large selection of clothing for women who need reflective or high visibility safety apparel. If you’re a lady and need clothes to meet specific demands for your workplace, check out our Ladies Clothing section to see all products tailored for you.

At hivissupply.com, we know how important it is for you and your company to be able to be seen from a distance during the day, at night, and especially in harsh weather. As a result, we offer a huge selection of high visibility safety vests and Hi Vis clothing with easy-to-choose options like ANSI class, color, size, and material. No matter what your high visibility safety needs may be, HiVis Supply carries exactly what you're looking for at a very fair price.

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