PIP Bouton 250/47 Optical Sunburst Anti-Scratch Black Frame Safety Glasses

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Eliminate reflection and glare when working outdoors or near water.

  • Anti-Scratch
  • Anti-Reflective (Mirror) or Anti-Fog (Polarized)
  • Black or Brown Frame
  • Rubber Nose Pads and Temple Tips
  • 8 Base Curve Lens
  • Available in 7 Different Lens Types

Mirror Plus Lens
In an outdoor environment, tinted lenses reduce the amount of sunlight and UV reaching the wearers' eyes. Adding a mirror coating to the front of a lens will deflect a significant amount of sunlight away and also help reduce glare by up to 15% more than tinted alone. An Anti-Reflective treatment on the back makes the lens darker and eliminates reflections.

Reduces reflection, glare and halo effect particularly noticeable when working under fluorescent light. Glare reduction means that workers often find that their eyes are less tired during the work day.

Anti-Scratch Coating
Treated front and back with a clear, scratch-resistant coating for a much harder surface that is more resistant to scratching.

This Product Includes the Following Part Numbers:

250-47-0004 | 250-47-0005 | 250-47-0006 | 250-47-0007 | 250-47-0041 | 250-47-1008 | 250-47-1042

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