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Designed for Women, by Women.

As the workforce continues to evolve, women play an even more significant role at every level in the construction industry. When we looked at the high visibility market, we noticed women in large boxy designs, oversized neck drops/armholes, and garments that were too long. In addition, improperly fitted garments can create secondary safety hazards. Therefore, we spent countless hours designing garments that fit properly for women. We focused on ensuring that the waists properly cinched for creating the perfect fit, pockets are ergonomically positioned for function and style that is appealing to women.

- Sandra Hanna, VP of Marketing & Product Development, Kishigo

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The goal of the NAWIC is to "Strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry." Founded to help create a support network for women that currently provides its members opportunities for professional development, education, networking, leadership training, public service, and more.

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Women’s Workwear: Strong Enough For A Man But Designed For A LadyWomen’s Workwear: Strong Enough For A Man But Designed For A Lady

Women’s Workwear: Strong Enough For A Man But Designed For A Lady

On many of today’s job sites, women are working just as hard as men to get the job done. Women are going out in the cold, the rain, the mud, the traffic, and all of the other nasty and dangerous conditions that men do, and they’re focused on doing a kick-ass job. That’s just what they do. Ladies, we hear you when you say that women’s workwear has failed you too often. That’s why HiVis Supply is happy to say that we’ve got something better to offer.

Let’s lay down some straight talk about women’s workwear and why women should be rocking gear that’s cut specifically for their needs. Then, let’s take a look at the coolest new ladies workwear options from HiVis Supply and how they do it better.

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"This jacket is EVERYTHING"

"I live in Minnesota & it's awfully cold here as you can imagine & this jacket is awesome. The thing I'm most impressed with is how perfect it fits (true to size) but it's comfortable, it's flattering & it's warm! I wear it even when I'm not working, I love that the pockets zip, I'm a roller operator so I can't have things Read more about review stating This jacket is EVERYTHINGin my back pocket and I'm always leaning sideways so I don't have to worry about anything sliding out. Plus there an added pocket on the inside! I had my boss order me a 2nd one of these so I can have my company logo on it, plus I got one for my momma! If your thinking about buying it DO IT"

- Alex H. 


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