High Visibility Reflective Windbreakers & Sweatshirts

Our inventory of of high visibility windbreakers and reflective sweatshirts provide ANSI compliance and added warmth in the workplace. We stock a variety of brands and styles from the top name brands at the lowest prices available. Shop today and save, only at HiVis Supply!

Hi Vis Windbreakers & Sweatshirts

For situations when it's not quite winter but not quite summer, high visibility windbreakers and sweatshirts make excellent work wear. Even during the winter months, they still make an excellent additional layer. Hi vis sweatshirts can help to keep you warm when worn under a safety vest or alone, while hi vis windbreakers help to protect from wind and water penetration. There are all types of windbreakers and sweatshirts available, including non-ANSI for added reflectivity and ANSI Classes 2 or 3, depending on the requirements of the job or profession. With the recent advances in safety clothing, there is an abundance of styles and brands to choose from, and they offer much more than just reflective striping. Designed specifically for the worker, these garments have useful features to deliver improved comfort, additional storage space, and maximize productivity on the job. Ripstop materials, removeable hoods, high quality reflective striping and larger pockets are just a few of the things available. Take a look through our inventory and find a high visibility windbreaker or sweatshirt that will make your day safer and more comfortable.