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High Visibility Long Coats | ANSI Class Reflective Parkas

Reflective long coats and parkas provide the ultimate in winter warmth without sacrificing your safety. Browse our selection of ANSI compliant high visibility coats and parkas below and save on the top name brands. We carry a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors for you to choose from.

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High Visibility Long Coats & Parkas

High visibility long coats and parkas offer an extra level of protection when compared to the normal style work jacket. Generally, they are longer, contain more insulation, and feature a heavier construction. While any jacket can keep you warm, parkas are ideal for extremely cold tempuratures, high winds & rain, and other winter work environments where the tempuratures are dangerously low. While all of our hi vis parkas are specifically designed to keep you highly visible while working, they're also designed for maximum functionality and efficiency. Technology has come a long way in recent years and many features have been incorporated to make the parka more versatile, comfortable and useful on the job. From ANSI Class 2 to ANSI Class 3, we have a wide selection of parkas from the top manufacturers around the world. You can find a size, color and style that's sure to meet your standards and make your work day easier.