Storm Flap The jacket's integrated storm flap provides the wearer with an added layer of protection from the cold by blocking the blistering winter winds from penetrating the front closure. Made from the same rugged material as the jacket's outer shell, it also provides a superior barrier for wet weather conditions by redirecting moisture away from the zipper closure. The hook and loop fasteners are steady enough to keep it in place but convenient enough to make putting the jacket on and off a snap.
Front Pocket with ID Holder You can never have too many pockets on a work jacket. Even better...this front chest pocket is a multi-functional, superstar because it is able to accommodate almost any cell phone, pens, markers, sandwich, and many other smaller loose articles; with the added benefit of clearly displaying your security/work identification badge. Never worry about where to keep those things that are near and dear to you.
Elastic Waist & Cuffs Try as he may and try as he might, Ol' Jack Frost will not find a way to sneak his chilly winds inside this jacket. The elastic waist and cuffs provide a comfortable and snug fit to ensure the heat stays in and the cold stays out. The cuffs are also adjustable to accommodate gloves worn both under or over the cuffs. The Black material does a great job of hiding those areas that get the dirtiest.
Removable Hood Keep it on or take it off...the choice is totally yours. The hood easily snaps on and off; or if you can't quite decide, you can also roll up the hood and quickly hide it inside the collar of the jacket. The snap fasteners allow the hood to stay in place when the winds whip up, but it also adds a safety feature in that it snaps off to prevent any entanglement hazards.
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