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HiVis Gloves

High Visibility Work Gloves | Hi Viz Thermal Gloves

Hand protection can include more than protection from pinches, scrapes and sharp edges - it can also go a long way to enhance your visibility. High visibility gloves assure that you remain protected and visible. Adding the high visibility color to your glove can greatly improve the recognition of your movements for motorists, co-workers and equipment operators. Glove styles include leather work gloves, insulated winter gloves, trade or mechanic gloves, coated gloves and dorsal protection gloves. Our collection of high visibility gloves provide you a wide array of choices for any work environment.

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HiVis Gloves

When you need protection for your hands, you can turn to HiVisSupply. We’ve got gloves for all kinds of work environments, and what’s more, they’re designed with high visibility in mind. From leather to pigskin, waterproof gloves to driving gloves, we have your needs met when it comes to getting your hand movements and gestures seen when you need them to be.