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Complete your high visibility outfit with the addition of our hi vis clothing items. Choose from ANSI compliant high visibility clothing that includes shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, rain wear, head wear, women's clothing, gloves, and a wide array of other items for all seasons. Combine items to transform your ANSI 107 Class 2 safety vest into an ANSI 107 Class 3 outfit; or select hi vis clothing that will help you standout while near a roadway for work or recreation. Our inventory contains a wide variety of products from all of the most popular name brands.

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Complete your high visibility outfit with the addition of our hi vis clothing items. Choose from ANSI compliant high visibility clothing that includes shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, rain wear, ...Read More
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If a standard vest just isn't going to cut it for you or your company and you need some more protection than what they can offer, our hi-vis safety clothing and apparel has got exactly what you're looking for. We at HiVisSupply.com offer all sorts of clothing options, like safety shirts, sweatshirts, safety jackets, pants, rainwear, headwear, ladies safety clothing, gloves, and more. Packed with tons of features and maximum protection, our line of safety clothes are stylish and sporty, allowing the user to be fully protected via high visibility, yet simultaneously have the flexibility and even style that he or she might need. When you need to protect all areas of the body, you can turn to our huge selection of high visibility safety apparel to satisfy those requirements, and as an added bonus you can look and feel cool doing it.


At HiVisSupply, we offer a huge selection of high visibility shirts. Our Hi-Vis shirts provide a variety of options when it comes to different work environments and conditions. Most of them come in orange and/or lime and have tons of features that will not only have you looking good but also protect you from various hazards when you’re on the job.


Our sweatshirts come with all the high visibility that you’ve come to expect from hivissupply.com, but with the added comfort and protection from weather and other elements that you need in colder climates. Choose from an array of color options and sizes, including women’s clothes.


Coming with a wide variety of styles, our high vis jackets are perfect for the customer who wants the protection that comes along with high visibility with the added benefit of weather-protection and a stylish design. Orange and lime soft shell jackets, windbreakers, bomber jackets, pullovers, and reversibles. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got it met at hivissupply.com.


Designed with the customer in mind, our selection of hi-vis pants brings all the protection of high visibility to the table and couples it with protection from the elements and a style that’s hard to beat. We offer rain paints, mesh pants, HiVis shorts, and even bibs so you can be protected and stay looking good in the meantime.


Everyone knows what it’s like to get caught in the rain. But now when it happens, you can be sure that you’ll be protected from that nasty downpour with our selection of high-vis rainwear. From rainwear jackets to rainwear pants, bibs, coats, even entire rain suits. At hivissupply.com, we’ve got you covered. Literally.


One cannot go without head protection. Whether you need protection from the cold, heat, falling debris, or you just like the style and design that HiVisSupply offers with our line of high visibility headwear, you can rest assured knowing that your high-vis needs are met. Hard hats, beanies, ranger and safari hats, sun shields, scarves, caps, whatever you need, we’ve got it at hivissupply.com.


If you’re a lady or you know a lady that requires high visibility clothing specifically tailored for women, then you’ve come to the right place. At HiVisSupply, we don’t leave anyone out. Choose from ladies vests, soft-shell jackets, parkas, pullovers, and even some cool scarlet safety glasses. Even in an industry that might be dominated by men, hivissupply.com isn’t going to forget about those women who stand side by side with them and need just as much protection and visibility as the guys do.


When you need hand protection, you can turn to HiVisSupply. We’ve got gloves for all kinds of work environments, and what’s more, they’re designed with high visibility in mind. From leather to pigskin, waterproof gloves to driving gloves, we have your needs met when it comes to getting your hand movements seen when you need them to be.

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