Which Winter Hat Is Right for You?

Discover Which Winter Hat Is Best For You

As they used to say on a certain famous TV show, winter is coming. Or, perhaps by the time you read this, winter is already here. Either way, if you’ll be working outside in the winter weather, there are lots of important factors to think about when it comes to how you’ll stay warm. 

One of the most important questions is which winter hat you’re going to rely on to keep your head warm. A warm, comfortable winter hat is a must-have on the job during cold weather. So, before you head out into winter’s chilly reception, make sure you’ve got something to cover your most valuable asset. And, if you’re working on a job site that requires hi vis gear, make sure that your winter hat is working to keep you safe and seen. Now is the perfect time to look at all of the great options available for cold weather hats that perform on the job. To get started, let’s check out the things that make a great winter hat so effective.

What Should I Look For in a Winter Hat? 

Here are a few of the features that an effective winter hat will include: 

  • Powerful Insulation: The most basic requirement of a winter hat is to have insulating material that keeps your head warm effectively. 3M Thinsulate™ is synthetic insulation known for its lightweight performance that you’ll find in many winter hats today. 
  • Ear Protection: Your ears are among the first parts of your body that lose blood and become numb in the cold, so a good hat should cover and protect them. Some hats, like the classic trapper hat design, come with full protective flaps for the ears, while winter beanies often feature a fold-up cuffed knit for adjustable ear protection. 
  • Comfortable Fabric: The best winter hats are made from fabrics that are comfortable to wear all day. Fleece winter hats are a classic, but fabrics like polyester acrylic knits are also gaining popularity for their stretch factor and durability. 
  • Flexible Fit: A good winter hat should be flexible enough to fit your head comfortably. You shouldn’t have to frequently adjust it while on the job. 
  • Adaptable Design: Many workers have to wear a winter hat under a hard hat or other protective head PPE. Thus, it can be important that a winter work hat be designed to fit underneath another piece of headwear. 
  • Tough Quality: Your winter hat shouldn’t fall apart after a few weeks of tough weather and washing. Look for a model that’s made using high-quality materials and manufacturing processes. 

High Visibility Performance: A hat that uses ANSI high visibility colors and reflective piping can help prevent accidents by improving your visibility on the job. Although a high-visibility hat isn’t enough by itself to satisfy OSHA hi vis requirements, it’s always a good idea to improve your visibility in whatever way you can. 

High-Performance Winter Hats

Our selection packs a complete range of winter hats in hi vis colors that will help you stand out even in rough winter weather. Here are a handful of our top options: 

Ribbed Knit Polyester Full Face Hard Hat Tube Liner. This ribbed knit full-face tube liner will keep you warm and comfortable while at work even with your hard hat on! It fits snugly over most regular brim hard hats for safety and comfort. 100% polyester knit material help block wind and snow from getting in.

Shop Our Entire Selection Of Winter Work Gear

Keeping your head protected with a winter hat is incredibly important, but don’t leave the rest of your body out in the cold. Check out HiVis Supply’s complete selection of winter gear for the hi vis winter workwear that will keep you safe through tough conditions. 


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