When it Comes to Your Safety, You Can Trust the Brand Names

hi vis safety gearAt work, high visibility gear protects you from many common dangers while greatly increasing your visibility. Day in and day out, it assists you in the prevention of accidents, injury and even death in the workplace. It's a part of your job, a requirement, and a measure that's been put into place not only to protect you, but your co-workers as well.
We notice that many times, in many situations, workers are equipped with old, outdated or worn out safety vests and gear that are not nearly as capable of accident and injury prevention as it originally was. This can be due to several factors such as extremely rough, rugged or dirty work environments, inattentive employers, budget cuts and more. Regardless, safety should always come first.
Whether safety gear is provided by employers or the responsibility of each worker to provide their own, nobody should have to cut corners or choose a less than desirable option for financial reasons.
While many people see high visibility gear as nothing more than a requirement, others take workplace safety very seriously. While we understand the points of view from both sides, there's one thing we can definitely assure you - quality gear from a quality brand will outlast and outperform similar safety garments of lesser quality.
Generally speaking, the safety gear that costs more is going to be a higher quality product. Unlike designer shoes or clothing, you're not just paying for a name or a logo, you're paying for quality. Since ANSI class apparel has to meet certain requirements, you can rest assured that a vest with a higher price tag will lend better abrasion resistance, a nicer fit and of course more reliable reflectivity - all which helps to increase your safety and performance on the job.
While we don't want to sound contradictory to ourselves, hi vis apparel is one case where the brand name DOES matter. Companies who consistently produce gear at the lowest cost possible will likely barely meet ANSI safety requirements, which remember, are the MINIMUM requirements. On the other hand, a company who produces a piece of quality manufactured safety gear likely has a significant amount of time, research, and money invested into creating products that are highly effective. These quality made products are easily going to outperform the cheaper alternatives in nearly every aspect, which overall actually makes them more economical in the long run.
Instead of buying the cheapest gear you can find, take a minute to think about your safety, the safety of your co-workers or the safety of your employees. It only takes a single accident to change things forever. Are you willing to risk your safety, your life, or the safety of others just to save a few dollars? Once that cheap gear wears out it's not only ineffective but it means that it needs to be replaced because it no longer meets the specifications for complying with ANSI requirements.
The next time you need to purchase safety gear, look at your options. Look at the new technology that's available including the strong, puncture resistant ripstop materials, FR or fire resistant fabrics, and high tech reflective technology offered by certain brand name innovators. Get the gear that will protect you at your specific job in the best way possible and don't be tempted to cut corners because it could cost you your life.
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