Vendor Spotlight: Why We Love Kishigo

There are certain names you know you can trust when it comes to the most important things in life. Everyone has different favorites, but the key is finding the ones that are perfect for you. Workwear brands are no different. The best workwear brands in the market are known for their long history of reliability and their array of products designed for the needs of the working person. So, if you’re looking for your next favorite high-visibility workwear brand, it’s time to get acquainted with Kishigo

Kishigo is one of America’s most recognized and most reliable high-visibility workwear brands. Their legendary quality and stylish designs have made them an institution, and we’re proud to offer their high-visibility workwear products at HiVis Supply. Let’s find out what Kishigo is all about. 

Getting to Know Kishigo

Kishigo has a long history in the safety and workwear industry. The company opened its doors over 40 years ago in Westminster, CA, and its vision has stayed focused on high-quality hi-vis workwear ever since. You’ll find Kishigo products in use all across America. Their selection of workwear includes everything from vests to jackets to hats, and many of their designs are ANSI visibility rated for jobsite compliance. Their commitment to quality and reliability has made them a key partner in safety to many thousands of workers and businesses over the years. 

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Our Favorite Kishigo Products

Among Kishigo’s wide line of hi-vis safety products, there are some that especially stand out for their level of quality and performance. Let’s highlight some of these greatest hits in the biggest workwear categories: 

Premium Specialty Lines from Kishigo

Kishigo has been busy expanding its product lineup in the new millennium. They now offer multiple premium specialty lines designed to fit a variety of needs on the job. Their three main specialty lines are: 

HiVis Supply is proud to offer an industry-leading selection of high-visibility workwear that’s comfortable, stylish, and compliant, and Kishigo is all of the above. Like what you’ve seen here today? Make sure to shop our complete selection of Kishigo hi-vis workwear


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