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  • 2017 World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

    2017 world congress on safety and health at workIf you're seeking high-level insight for safety management in the workplace, you might be interested in the 21st World Congress on Safety & Health at Work. Every three years, this event is held as an information exchange as well as a meeting and learning initiative among business owners, experts, safety professionals, officials and authorities. Hosted at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore from September 3 to September 6 of 2017, the program focuses on the continued importance and improvement of international workplace safety.
    The event consists of multiple events featuring high-level speakers and safety professionals from around the world, technical sessions, global safety issues and resolutions, symposia, poster exhibition, an international media festival for prevention, youth forum prevention, and the International Health and Safety Exhibition which will be held in unison as a supporting event. Technical and social tours will also be available to enrich the understanding and appreciation o local culture, key industries, and occupational safety and health development.
    Early registration is available for the event right now. Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are also available, but space is limited. For more information and details, please visit the on the 2017 World Congress on Safety and health website. We hope to see the global workplace environment become safer, healthier and more productive for all. It begins with you, so get involved!

  • Thank You, To Our Customers, for Another Great Year

    thank yo to our customers2016 is coming to an end, and we've had a great year here at HiVis Supply. We have an excellent team of dedicated employees, great management, and - most importantly - our customers to thank. Whether you're reading this as a return customer, a new customer, or a long-time customer, we'd like to thank you.
    It's a large world out there and although it seems rather small at times, our customers come from all walks of life. From young to old, from coast to coast and around the globe. From young laborers trying to learn a skill and create a meaningful career to the project management teams, supervisors, and everyone in-between. It's due to your business that we continue to strive to meet our goals of providing the highest quality, most affordable high visibility work wear on the market. We know that the demand for our products is there, and we intend to meet it. In fact, we've done quite well in doing so. Yet without you, the customer, we'd have quite the rough time accomplishing our goals; which is why we've always done our best to keep our customer service operating at nothing less than the highest levels of quality. We continually expand and improve our inventory as an effort to provide you with the latest (and greatest) selection of products on the market. We bring in new brands, various types and styles of garments, and we do our best to offer them at the best prices we can. We believe that providing our customers with the best service out there will secure our continued and growing success as a leading retailer of high visibility garments and gear.
    There isn't a whole lot more that can be said. We truly believe in what we do, and we care about workplace safety. We take pride in knowing that we help provide and promote safety in the workplace for thousands of workers in various occupations. We're proud that as a team, we're able to make a positive impact on the lives of workers while simultaneously making a business of it. We give our best in every aspect of our business, and by doing so, we feel a great level of confidence that HiVis Supply is one of the very best places to purchase your high visibility workwear.
    We thank you for your business, and we're honored to serve you. There will be many challenges, improvements, wins, loses, achievements, setbacks, and much more in 2017 for all of us. Regardless, we will continue to give you our best, without fail. We wish you all a safe, happy, prosperous and productive 2017!
    HiVis Supply

  • High Visibility Winter Headwear

    high visibility winter headwearAs temperatures begin to drop, you might find yourself grabbing a hat on your way out to work. While any type of hat will keep you warm throughout a cold workday, only a high visibility hat offers an extra level of protection on a potentially hazardous job site. With bright colors and reflective accents, you can't go wrong by improving your ability to be seen this winter.

    High Visibility Winter Beanies

    Beanies are a staple of cold weather. These are your typical, tight-fitting knit hats made with a flexible design. Beanies hold tight to your head to help stop the release of heat while protecting you from the elements. High visibility beanies like the ML Kishigo 2826 Knit Beanie have a single lower ridge, while others such as the Tough Duck Reflective Knit Beanie have a folded ridge. There are a variety of styles to choose from, most of which sport reflective striping to further enhance your visibility. Beanies are an affordable, simple and effective method of staying warm all winter long.

    High Visibility Balaclavas

    Even though you might not recognize the name, you've probably seen or used a balaclava before. The unique yet simple design of a balaclava offers coverage for your head, face and neck. Similar to a ski mask, high visibility balaclavas have eye openings but no opening for the mouth. Ideal for frigid temperatures and fast winds, the balaclava will protect your head and face in any environment. The long neck tucks effectively inside the collar of your jacket to prevent drafts of cold air. Many different styles of high visibility balaclavas are available, from simple knits to Thinsulate and Fleece Lined versions.

    High Visibility Aviator Hats

    Aviator hats? Aren't those for the hats used by WW2 pilots? Surely they are, and for good reason - they work! High visibility aviator hats can vary in design but they generally have the same purpose - keeping your head an ears as warm as possible. These hats are lined with warm, insulative materials and feature large flaps on each side which usually tie under the chin. They feature a reinforced brow that offers extreme warmth for the most brutal weather and reflective accents to give you that extra bit of confidence in low visibility working conditions. The Tough Duck High Visibility Thinsulate Aviator Hat is a great example for under $20.

    High Visibility Hard Hat Liners

    Hard hat liners aren't necessarily new technology but they've come a long way. If your job requires a hard hat, you owe it to yourself to have a warm, protective hard hat liner during the coldest months of winter. High visibility hard hat liners come in a variety of types and styles but they all have one thing in common - they feature loops or rungs designed for the head strap on your hard hat. Once attached to your hard hat, these liners deliver extra protection while ensuring your hard hat is secure on your head. It's the best of both worlds. One of our favorites is the Ergodyne N-Ferno Winter Liner with Thinsulate.

    Before choosing your high visibility winter headwear, be sure to consider your work environment, general winter weather conditions (temp, wind, precipitation), and budget. You might decide to have more than one product for normal days and another for extreme cold. For example, if you're working in an area with icy winds you'll probably fare best with full face protection. For wet environments, polyester lined headwear will be more beneficial over simple knit products. The goal is to be as warm, safe and comfortable as possible so you can focus on doing your job.

    Check our our complete selection of high visibility winter headwear today, we have the perfect solution for your winter workplace needs. Stay warm out there!

  • GSS ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Zippered Hoodie

    GSS Non-ANSI Identification Safety VestWinter is coming to an end and while spring is just around the corner, there's still a substantial amount of cold weather left before it really begins to warm up. It might be too warm at work for a full winter jacket, but it's still not warm enough for short-sleeves.
    So what's your best bet for work safety wear? The ANSI Class 3 Zippered Hooded Sweatshirt from GSS.
    Manufactured from a durable 100% polyester fleece, the material of this hoodie has a unique teflon protection layer for delivering premium durability on the job. Equipped with a heavy-duty zipper and a black birds-eye mesh lining for extra warmth, there's literally nowhere it can't be worn. This sweatshirt also zippers directly into the GSS 8505 parka to serve as a liner, which really showcases the ingenuity at GSS.
    The 2-inch segmented reflective striping on these sweatshirts is more flexible than solid traditional solid striping, which provides a more comfortable fit without diminishing safety. It also prevents the common problem of deformation after a wash cycle, where often times a high visibility shirt will shrink but the striping doesn't, causing an odd shape or less shapely fit.
    To help fight the appearance of dirt and maintain a cleaner, more stylish look, the 7511 hooded sweatshirt utilizes black fabric in the lower front and other high-contact areas. Grease, dirt, sand and soil are much less noticeable on black when compared to your usual orange and yellow fabrics.
    The GSS is ANSI Class 3 compliant, warm, comfortable, and sure to keep you visible in any type of working conditions. Too see more or to get your own today, check it out here. Stay safe out there!

  • 5 Steps For Creating A Safe Workplace

    5 steps for creating a safe workplaceWe spend a lot of our time working, often much more than we'd like to. In fact, it's estimated that the average American spends a solid 11 years worth of time at work throughout their lifetime. With so much time spent, it's a good idea to do things as efficient as possible and a big part of that means working safely.
    Whether you're an employee, manager or business owner, you should take the initiative to provide and maintain a safe working environment. Remember, this doesn't only apply to dangerous jobs or those more likely to be hazardous; it applies to any and all industries. Safety awareness helps avoid accidents, injury, death, and the risk of disastrous consequences from failure to practice proper safety procedure. Here are 5 steps that you can use to create a safer, more efficient workplace.

    Know Your Hazards & Have a Plan

    It doesn't matter whether you're working in a steel mill or a grocery store, there's always going to be safety hazards present. From heavy equipment and machinery to dangerous chemicals, working at heights, and avoiding slip & falls, it's best to be cautious of what could go wrong. If you're working in an office, you might think that nothing bad could happen, but does everyone know where the fire extinguisher is? Is everyone in the office aware of the circuit breaker's location in the event that an electrical fire started? Is there a standard procedure to follow if your business were to get robbed at gunpoint? There's a lot to consider and if you're not aware, informed and prepared when something happens, it could put yourself or others in harm's way.

    Ask Everyone To Participate

    If you're serious about safety, and I mean truly serious, than encourage your employees or co-workers to speak up. Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news, looked down upon or afraid of retaliation or termination for coming forward about possible safety issues. In fact, that's exactly how many people feel they'll be perceived if they spoke up about their concerns, and this can be problematic. Encourage honestly and straightforward discussion when it comes to safety in the workplace. Make it clear that everyone is working together and if someone has a concern, they should voice it to the proper personnel. Often times there are serious safety hazards which go unmentioned and later cause serious harm or even death, solely because people are afraid to be seen as "the complaining employee" or "a threat to profits". Make it clear that safety is a priority in the operation of your workplace and ask that any and all concerns be voiced so they can be properly addressed.

    Promote Group Safety

    While some workers might take safety more seriously than others, it's important to stress that everyone is working as a team. Employees should understand that their own decisions in the workplace can directly or indirectly affect the safety of others. If one person cuts corners, it might raise the risk of an accident for everyone else and that's not fair. Promote group safety by asking everyone to lookout for one another in an non-invasive fashion. If everyone is responsible for the safety of others just as much as they're responsible for their own safety, it creates a reciprocal effect which results a safer working environment for everyone. When the safe way is the only way that work is carried out, it lowers the risk of accidents. Make it clear that employees are paid for their time and that safety needs to come first in all tasks and duties. Never criticize employees or co-workers for taking the extra time to complete a task safely - instead, encourage and praise it!

    Provide The Proper Tools and Training

    Performing hazardous tasks and duties can be extra dangerous without the proper training, tools and materials. Whatever may be needed to complete a job properly and safely should always be provided and/or required. That means proper training, proper equipment, proper maintenance, etc.. Sending your employees up on a broken ladder is no different than gambling but instead of gambling with your own money, you're gambling with the well being of another person. People who aren't properly trained cannot possibly be aware of the potential hazards that might exist, and this is often the root cause of many workplace injuries and deaths. Make sure the risks are clear, and that the proper steps are always taken to prevent them.

    Offer Rewards for Good Safety Practice

    The incentive doesn't have to be huge, but one easy way to help ensure proper safety practices is by offering a reward. Ideally, this works best when used as a group reward, because it puts each individual as a responsible party in the overall effort to meet a goal. The goals and rewards will depend on the work environment and job duties, but consider a quarterly reward that is only awarded when management doesn't see a single instance of unsafe practices on the job. If a single individual cuts corners or utilizes a less-than-safe method of completing a task, the reward is off for everyone. This can really push people to give their 110% effort at working as safe as possible. You'd be surprised how far a quarterly paid day off, company dinner or cash bonus can really go. It's much less of a price to pay than an injury or accident, and it promotes good safety ethics as a habit.

  • Avoiding Frostbite, TrenchFoot & Hypothermia in the Workplace

    We know that working outside in the cold is no fun, but do we realize how dangerous it can be if you're not properly dressed? Often times the signs of cold stress seem less intense than heat stress, but it's still easy for your body to succumb to the cold if you're not careful. There are 3 major types of cold-related disorders that can cause permanent damage and even death - frostbite, trench-foot and hypothermia. The following video will provide a quick but complete review of how to avoid the dangers and stay safe while working outdoors.

    Visit today for all of your winter workwear needs. We carry high visibility winter gear from your favorite brands at the lowest prices. Stay safe out there!

  • Winter Headwear Provides Safety & Warmth For Working Outdoors

    Keeping your head, neck and face warm is a crucial part of working outdoors in the winter. Without proper protection a day at work can be downright miserable - and even dangerous! We have a great lineup of winter headwear available from the top brand names in safety work gear. They're all specifically designed to make your job easier this season. Best of all, they're available at our everyday low prices. Take a look below to see what's new this year!

    Tough Duck FR Kermel Headwear

    HiVis-Supply-Tough-Duck-FR-HeadwearTough Duck is designed in the far north where the temperatures are disturbingly frigid, and if anyone knows about winter work gear it's these guys. New to the lineup this year is the FR Series Kermel Interlock Headwear. Made from the highest quality materials and made to last, there are 3 products to choose from including a neck warmer, watch cap and balaclava. All 3 are FR rated to keep you safe while keeping you warm. Check them out, along with the other Tough Duck Winter Workwear items today.

    Ergodyne N-Ferno Nomex Balaclava

    HiVis-Supply-Ergodyne-N-ferno-Nomex-BalaclavaErgodyne is a leader in the high visibility safety industry and they also know a thing or two about cold weather gear. The N-Ferno Nomex Balaclava is made from 93% nomex fleece for optimal warmth & stretchability. Nomex provides superior warmth, so there's no doubt that the N-ferno Balaclava can keep you warm on even the most bitterly cold days. The long length ensure proper neck cover and makes this balaclava easy to tuck into a undershirt or jacket. Check out the N-Ferno Balaclava today at HiVis Supply.

    ML Kishigo HiVis Knit Beanie

    HiVis-Supply-ML-Kishigo-HiVis-Knit-BeanieML Kishigo globally known leader in the safety workwear industry. If you own anything from ML Kishigo, you know they offer cutting edge products that are made to be effective, affordable and long-lasting. The HiVis Knit Beanie is affordable, effective and perfect for working outdoors. Featuring dual reflective thread striping for enhanced safety & visibility, these beanies are made from 100% knit polyester for comfort, warmth and a snug fit. Better yet, they're under $7! Available in hives yellow or orange. Check out the ML Kishigo Hivis Knit Beanie right now.
    We know what it's like to work outdoors and we do our best to offer the best high visibility & PPE products at the best prices anywhere. Visit us at and experience the difference in top quality products, excellent customer service and an unbeatable selection. We also offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $149 - Get stocked up on winter workwear today!

  • Staying Cool at Work This Summer and Avoiding Heat Stress

    staying cool at workAround the United States, the temperatures are really beginning to heat up. For those of us working outdoors or in extremely warm indoor environments, now is the time to devise a plan for staying cool and safe on the job this summer.
    Working a job that requires high visibility safety gear can be difficult in the heat. Ideally, you want to wear as little clothing as you can to stay cool - but sometimes that's not possible, especially when working with chemicals or materials that require specialized protective gear. There are, however, plenty of measures that can be taken to keep yourself cool no matter how warm the workplace gets.
    Stay Hydrated
    This might be a given, but it's also one of the most important factors. During rigorous work, your body sweats and loses fluids. In the heat of the summer, your body will lose even more fluids than normal and you can quickly become dehydrated. Make sure there's plenty of fluids on the job and try to stay away from super-sugary beverages like sodas and energy drinks as they can cause you to become even more dehydrated. Water and electrolyte drinks are ideal. Freezing a jug of water the night before and bringing that along to work will ensure you have a good supply of cool water nearly all day.
    Don't Overdo It
    Overexertion is a key factor to heat stress and heat stroke. While our bodies can surely handle the work, they can't handle it during extremely warm temperatures. If the body begins to struggle to keep itself cool, you run the risk of suffering from heat stress, heat stroke or even death. These situations can appear rather quickly and aren't easy to immediately reverse so be sure to pace yourself when performing hard labor or repetitive heavy lifting. It's never a good idea to push your body to it's extreme limits on those very hot days.
    Seek Shade
    Extended periods of direct summer sunlight can really cause your body to heat up, especially when wearing safety gear. Combine that with hard labor and a high air temperature and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. Make sure that you seek shade as needed and if possible have an area on the jobsite for cooling down. Depending on the temperatures, you'll need to take short breaks in the shade at regular intervals to cool down and rehydrate.
    Get Proper Gear
    A pair of shorts and a hives t-shirt might seem like the perfect combo for working during the hottest days of summer, but you're still going to lose fluids, heat up and face the risk of overexertion. There is an abundance of high visibility cooling products that have been specially designed to help decrease your core temperature and keep you cool so you can perform safely in the work place. From moisture wicking fabrics that help sweat evaporate to liquid filled cooling vests that can be worn under heavy clothing, there's no shortage of high visibility cooling gear that makes working in the extreme heat safer and more comfortable.
    Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark or subscribe to our blog. We'll be writing about new products each week and providing tips to help keep you cool and productive in the workplace this summer.

  • Stay Dry on the Job with High Visibility Rain Gear

    hivis rain gearAlthough we're still battling the frigid winter air, spring is practically right around the corner. As the temperatures begin to rise and provide some much needed relief for those of us who work outdoors, we're almost immediately met with the seemingly never-ending rains that springtime brings. While those freezing days of waiting to coming home to a warm house are finally over, the focus has shifted to getting somewhere dry instead.
    Working outdoors during the rainy season doesn't have to be so miserable, however. There's an abundance of products available to keep you dry out there. Thanks to improved technology and a demand for more comfortable, higher quality rain gear, things have com a long way since the days of those classic vinyl rain suits. Before you spend another year dreading this rainy days, take a look at a few of the latest and most popular high visibility rainwear products on the market.
    ml kishigo economy series rain suit

    ML Kishigo Economy Series Class 3 Rain Suit

    The Economy Series Rain Suit by ML Kishigo is, well, economical. But that doesn't mean it's cheaply made! For about $45, you get the jacket and the pants. That's a pretty good deal too, especially considering that they're both 100% waterproof and made from 150-denier polyester oxford with a polyurethane coating. All seams are sealed and the jacket is equipped with a zipper storm flap closure, lower front patch pockets and adjustable wrist cuffs to help keep water out. The pants also feature adjustable ankle cuffs for an improved fit around your boots. The 2" reflective striping on the jacket and pants enhances your visibility and meets ANSI Class 3 compliance. You don't have to spend a fortune to stay dry and safe!
    viking thor 300d rain jacket

    Viking Professional Thor 300D Class 3 Rain Jacket

    This one is pretty impressive. If you want serious quality and first class performance, take a look at this one. Made from 300-denier ripstop polyester, it's about as tough as they come. It also has a lot more to offer than just being tough though. It's 100% waterproof, machine washable and features double sewn and taped seams for durability and performance, even in heavy rains. Articulated elbows offer increased comfort for a long day at work while the unique arm pit zippers provide ventilation allowing you to stay cool while keeping dry. It also features a removable Stormblaster hood and microphone clips for hands-free communication. Meets ANSI Class 3 specifications for maximum visibility in wet weather and is available for $123 at HiVis Supply.
    ml kishigo brilliant series rain pants

    ML Kishigo Brilliant Series Rain Pants

    These are serious rain pants for a serious day at work. The Brilliant Series Rain Pants by ML Kishigo are not only waterproof, they're also stylish and durable. Sealed seams make them 100% waterproof and the Reflexlite Prismatic Striping helps make you 100% visible. Reflective trim stripes add to these already ANSI Class E compliant rain pants. They even have cargo pockets that provide waterproof storage for your goods while the adjustable leg cuffs ensure you're getting the best fit possible. The black bottom design also helps to hide dirt, providing a cleanlier appearance. Best of all? They're valuable now in either lime/black or orange/black at HiVis Supply for $47. Don't forget to check out the matching Brilliant Series Rain Jacket while you're there!
    As we said, working in the rain doesn't have to be terrible. Equip yourself properly and you'll hardly know you're out there. To see more high visibility rainwear products that will keep you dry all day long, visit our website at and check out our complete inventory. We're loaded up with the best quality rain gear that's ready to ship at the lowest prices available.

  • High Visibility: Prismatic Tape vs. Glass Bead

    prismatic tape vs glass beadsThere are two types of retro-reflective materials available that meet the ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Standard on High Visibility Safety Apparel: Silver Glass Bead retro-reflective material and Prismatic retro-reflective material.
    The silver glass bead material is flexible, lightweight and can be a good solution for many kinds of work environments. The reflectivity (light returned to the headlights) is accomplished using microscopic glass spheres embedded either in a heat activated adhesive or on fabric. One of the drawbacks of this technology is its ability to perform well when under wet conditions where it can lose most of its reflectivity when wet. In fact, its visibility simply starts disappearing before your eyes – and more importantly, to oncoming traffic. Water causes the reflective optics to scatter the light, rather than reflect it back to an approaching motorist – when visibility is most critical. Additionally, the glass beads are not protected from abrasion and are easily worn away by contact with seatbelts and normal work tasks.
    Prismatic retro-reflective material (PRM) is a different technology that utilizes thousands of micro-prisms that are protected by a transparent plastic film. Prismatic retro-reflective materials are far more efficient at returning light to drivers’ headlights than glass beaded products. They perform exceptionally well under wet conditions and avoid abrasion because of this protective layer. One of the drawbacks with PRM’s can be experienced under extremely cold conditions. Like any vinyl material, it can become stiffer than glass beaded material. In addition it is heavier than traditional glass beaded material. Prismatic materials are available in fluorescent colors for added visibility during dusk, dawn, and inclement weather conditions when additional conspicuity is most important.
    Before you determine which material to use, do a quick analysis of your use and then base your decision on the performance characteristics of the material. Very simply – if you work under wet conditions, or experience a lot of abrasion in your job (baggage handler) then chances are you’d be much better off using prismatic reflective material. If your primary objective is lightweight and durability and wet conditions are not an issue, you’re probably better off with glass beaded material.

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