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  • Orange You Glad To See Me: HiVis Supply And #NWZAW

    This year’s theme for National Workzone Awareness Week, Workzone Safety Is In Your Handsfocuses on the importance of driving cautiously in work zones to protect drivers and workers along the road. Although drivers tend to see more incidents, it’s important to realize that unfortunate events  exist on both sides of the cone. The theme itself brings home a message that the future of someone else’s life is in your hands. Aside from the main National Workzone Safety Awareness Week event to be held in Maryland this week, several local and regional organizations will be holding safety awareness sessions for all professionals on the roadway.

    To make an even greater impact during the 2017 National Workzone Awareness Week campaign, Go Orange Day (#OrangeForSafety) will be Wednesday, April 5, 2017. This day will be a campaign within itself, where everyone will collaborate on social media using the hashtag #OrangeForSafety as OSHA orange is the most utilized color for safety in highway work zones.

    HiVis Supply will be participating the week’s events, including savings on orange hivis gear and apparel, including ANSI Class 2 and 3 safety vests, shirts, jackets and more. HiVis Supply will hold a contest on Go Orange Day (April 5) to promote Work Zone Awareness Week on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram; all participants need to mention @HiVisSupply, use hashtags #OrangeForSafety and #NWZAW, and include a picture of them wearing the color orange for a chance to win. Winners and prizes will be announced on the last day of Workzone Awareness Week (April 7).

    HiVis Supply has a wide selection of orange high visibility gear and apparel for professionals on and off the roadway. In support of Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, we encourage you to participate in our contest and learn more about roadway safety. Stay tuned for safety tips and more on the HiVis Supply blog.


  • National Work Zone Awareness Week 2013

    National Work Zone Awareness Week 2013

    work zone awareness week
    This April 15-19 is National Work Zone Awareness Week, or NWZAW. This is held every year to raise national awareness for motorists about the importance road worker safety and mobility in work zones. The event has been coordinated and sponsored by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the American Traffic Safety Services Asociation (ATSSA) since 1999, and many other transportation related organizations have joined the effort in recent years. While this is a nationally based event, state and local authorities have also been known to hold their own awareness events.
    This year, the main focus of NWZAW will be to highlight work zone complications and complexities, and the dire need for group planning which incorporates all those who are involved with or affected by work zones. This includes DOT officials, road workers, inspectors, cyclists, motorists, public transportation workers, pedestrians, law enforcement, emergency response and utility workers to name a few.
    During 2003-2007, 639 workers were killed in the US while performing road construction work, with 50% of those were the direct result of being struck by mortorists or heavy equipment. In 2011, transportation incidents accounted for more than 2 out of 5 fatal work injuries, with 57% of those being roadway accidents involving motor vehicles. And while the number of motorists increases each year, it's a growing problem and awareness is critical.
    If your business or occupation involves the risks of roadway safety, we encourage you to help raise awareness of NWZAW with your employees or co-workers because every little bit can help to save lives. Learn more HERE.
    HiVis Supply carries a wide array of high visibility safety vests, clothing and apparel. We sell to consumers as well as in bulk and have an enormous selection from the top name brands you trust. Visit us today at where you can browse and buy at discount prices.

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