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  • 2017 BLR Safety Summit: April 3 - 5 in Austin, TX

    2017 BLR Safety SummitThe 2017 BLR Safety Summit is a platform and forum for the exchange of cost-effective and beneficial safety solutions for the for the workplace. If you're interested in improving the safety of your business while managing OSHA compliance and simultaneously benefiting your bottom line, you can't afford to miss out on this event.
    "Research shows that every dollar invested in injury prevention results in a $2 to $6 return for businesses, proving that risk management and training is an effective means of ensuring your company's financial health. Join us at the 2017 Safety Summit to get a rock-solid action plan to achieve total compliance and positive outcomes in the year ahead."
    By attending and participating, you'll get face-to-face time with industry experts and regulators and a chance to get answers and insight to your most important workplace safety questions. The event's goal is to provide a better understanding of the regulatory aspect of overall industry and various specialty fields. Attendance and sponsorship is a tax-deductible, risk-free investment in the future of your company, co-workers and employees.
    As an attendee, you'll learn about:
    • The biggest OSHA enforcement trends and initiatives for 2017
    • Expert tips for avoiding fatalities, injuries and costly penalties
    • New regulations and rules, including how to manage their compliance
    • New technologies for safety training
    • Acing OSHA safety inspections and avoiding penalties
    • OSHA's Final Rule on Silica
    • Ergonomic strategies to increase productivity
    • Effective inury and illness reporting
    • Risk management using the latest job hazard analysis tools and data
    • Safety recertification and professional development
    • .... and more!
    The nations leading industry professionals count on Safety Summit to network, share information, and collaborate on important safety issues. Attendees enjoy access to high-quality, consolidated insight and information that from a business and safety perspective is priceless. If you're serious about safety, you'll definitely want to consider attending.
    The 2017 Safety Summit is Scheduled for April 3 to April 5, 2017 in Austin, Texas. For more information and detail on attendance and/or sponsorship, visit the 2017 BLR Safety Summit Wesbite today. Join the nation's leaders in safety, compliance and strategy to create a better working environment for all.

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