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  • Safety Starts With Me 2017

    safety starts with me 2017"Safety Starts With Me" is an annual competition where interested parties can submit creative entries in the effort to spread a message about the never-ending importance of workplace and social safety. Each year, the contest encourages contributors to take action by creating and submitting an impactive message that motivates others to make safe decisions while creating awareness.
    The theme for 2017 is "Prevent all injuries. Go home safe and healthy." The focus here is to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities by being mindful of hazards.
    Whether it be work or school, everyone deserves a safe environment to perform their duties. Although we may not always think of it, the ability to make it home safe & sound is a top priority. By working together, we can help reach a goal of zero harm. We believe that most injuries and ill-health are totally preventable, yet dependent on awareness and proper action.
    If you'd like to contribute, you might consider some of the ongoing hazards that affect your workplace and then utilize your preferred platform to create a powerful message that is informative, direct, and thought-provoking. How can we minimize these hazards? How can we create a healthier and safer work/learning environment for all? How can we improve our quality of life through an improved understanding of the issues we face?
    Categories for submissions include creative story writing, creative photography, poster drawing, animation and short film. Get your entry form here to get started!
    Best of all, there are rewards for the best submissions and you may be awarded up to $4,000! Winning submissions will be featured and showcased on various workplace safety and health council platforms including websites, exhibitions, publications and more. For more details and information, click here. The deadline for submissions is March 21, 2017 and winners will be announced in April. Get started, get creative and help make a difference in the world by spreading your message loud and clear!

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