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rain gear

  • ML Kishigo Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants

    ml kishigo brilliant series rainwearLooking for the best rainwear you can get your hands on this year? ML Kishigo has introduced a unique, effective and highly protective ANSI Class 3 outfit to the market. Their Brilliant Series Rain Jacket (RWJ112) and Brilliant Series Rain Pants (RWP112) give you unparalleled visibility and comfort on those rainy days, making sure you stay dry so you can focus on the tasks at hand.
    Manufactured from a lightweight breathable polyester material, the Brilliant Series rain jacket and rain pants are sold individually but intended for use as a complete outfit. This rain suit is 100% waterproof, featuring taped & sealed seams and a waterproof zipper to eliminate water penetration. The unique vents located at the back and underarms function in an exit-only fashion, allowing for the release of hot air to help maintain a comfortable operating temperature - something that was often a burden with rainwear in the past. Adjustable wrist cuffs on the jacket and ankle cuffs on the pants allow for a superb fit while preventing excess entry of water, giving a higher level of dryness, even in strenuous working conditions.
    The Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants are designed with strategically placed black fabric in high-contact areas which gives a clean look while hiding the appearance of dirt, grime and grease. Accented with prismatic reflective striping and additional reflective accents for ANSI Class 3 compliance, these Brilliant Series garments ensure you're as visible as possible. For convenience, the jacket is equipped with a removable, hide-away hood that can be used as needed. Front slash pockets offer room for basic storage while a left-chest ID pocket makes this jacket perfect for large worksites or anyone who needs to display identification or credentials. The interior is mesh lined for exceptional comfort and breathability while reducing the static and stickiness often associated with waterproof apparel.
    ML Kishigo's Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants offer a new level of confidence and comfort throughout the workday. If you're serious about productivity and safety, you'll find that these garments give you a great advantage for working in wet and rainy weather.

  • Ready for Spring? Be Prepared with High Visibility Rainwear

    high visibility rainwearMarch, April and May are generally the wettest months for most areas of the US and sometimes it just doesn't seem to let up. While we need the rain to help nature transition from winter into summer, it can cause quite a mess for anyone who works outdoors. Job sites become muddy, messy and flooded. Materials are slick and slippery, creating an increased risk of hazards. Wet clothes and a wet body during a long, cold workday is not only uncomfortable but also a perfect recipe for getting sick. If you're working in these conditions, you need the proper apparel.
    The top brands in the safety industry have been working relentlessly in recent years to create the next generation of rainwear, with some impressive results. It has evolved from the most basic concept of keeping you dry into a respectable market with plenty of trade-specific options to choose from. The days of those heavy vinyl trench coats are a thing of the past. The demand for style, comfort, and functionality have taken equal importance to dryness and manufacturers have taken notice. This is especially true within the high visibility ANSI-rated market where ANSI Class 2 and 3 rainwear is now available in many colors and styles.
    Ripstop 300-denier fabrics, double-taped and heat-sealed seams, elastic wrist & ankle cuffs, drawstring waists, waterproof pockets, waterproof zippers and one-way vents for reducing undergarment heat build-up are some of the most important features offered with today's advanced high-visibility rainwear. Thinner, lighter, stronger and more flexible waterproof fabrics that allow for better movement are now commonplace, making it safer and easier than ever to perform tasks. In addition, today's rainwear isn't as bulky as it was just years ago. This helps reduce the risks of injuries from snags on equipment or machinery, making everyday a safer one.
    When you're heading out for work this spring - or anytime when it's wet and rainy - remember to bring your rainwear. The ability to remain comfortable, safe, dry, and highly mobile is now just a click away. To browse and buy high visibility rainwear from the top brand names in safety, check out our complete selection here. Remember, it takes the proper tools to get the job done and the proper apparel is a critical tool for the workday.

  • The ML Kishigo Black Series Windbreaker

    ML Kishigo Black Series WindbreakerWith the fall season closing in on us, it's time to begin preparing for cooler temperatures. In the outdoor workplace, this usually means adding an extra layer of clothing. While we're still a few months away from the brutal cold of winter, it's nice to be comfortable when the temperatures drop. The ML Kishigo Black Series Windbreaker offers a perfect combination of warmth and safety to make your workday easier during the beautiful but often chilly fall weather.
    The Black Series Windbreakers (WB100/WB101) are ANSI Class 3 compliant and constructed from lightweight 100% polyester fabric, giving you unmatched flexibility and water resistant protection throughout the workday. To meet the needs of demanding work environments, this high visibility windbreaker is equipped with ripstop reinforcements in high-wear areas, giving it a longer lifespan and improved durability over most hi-vis windbreakers. The black side panels and underarms of this windbreaker provide better contrast when compared to solid colors and have a cleaner, more stylish appearance to them. You're going to look better, be more visible, and feel safer than you've ever felt in windbreaker.
    If you're worried about functionality, the WB100 Windbreaker will set your mind at ease. With VizLite reflective striping that exceeds ANSI Class 3 standards, you're going to be visible in even the worst weather or low-light conditions. Also, unlike many windbreakers, this jacket is equipped with shoulder vents that allow just enough warm air to escape so you don't get too warm during vigorous physical work. The adjustable waist and wrist cuffs ensure the most comfortable and secure fit at any given moment, preventing cool drafts and uninvited water during periods of rain.
    To protect important items, the left chest of the Black Series Windbreaker is equipped with a waterproof zippered pocket. The lower front pockets are also equipped with zippers and perfect for simple storage of gloves and similar personal effects.
    If you're looking for comfort and safety this fall, be sure to take a closer look at the ML Kishigo Black Series Windbreaker. It's available in Lime (WB100) or Orange (WB101) in a variety of sizes. In our opinion, it's one of the best, most functional hi-vis windbreakers on the market at the moment, with quality craftsmanship and an affordable price of right around $50.

  • ML Kishigo Economy Series ANSI Class 3 Rain Suit

    ml kishigo economy ansi 3 rain suitWhen it's time for work, it's time for work. If you're like many of us, your job isn't dependent on the weather - the work always continues. Of all conditions, wet weather can be one of the most challenging work environments out there. To ensure your own comfort and safety, it's important to be properly dressed and prepared. In a wet or raining environment, that means using a rain suit - and the Economy Series Class 3 Rain Suit by ML Kishigo is the perfect tool for the job.
    Consisting of an ANSI Class 3 jacket and Class E pants, this rain suit is made from durable, polyurethane coated 150-denier polyester oxford fabric. It's durable, lightweight and waterproof with sealed seams to prevent wind & water penetration, keeping you dry throughout the day. Equipped with 2-inch reflective striping for optimal safety, this suit makes it easier to be seen in low-light conditions, decreasing the chances of accident or injury.
    At under $50, this high visibility rain suit is an excellent value. It's equipped with useful features like a non-sparking zipper with a storm-flap zipper closure, adjustable waist, adjustable wrist & leg cuffs, a hideaway hood, and lower front patch pockets for the simple storage of a radio or tools. It's available in orange or lime and comes in a variety of sizes.
    This is the perfect, easy to store & easy to clean, lightweight rain suit that can be thrown in your locker or work vehicle for any time the need arises. Visit our website now for more information on the ML Kishigo Economy Series Class 3 Rain Suit. When duty calls, make it less of a hassle with the proper high visibility rain wear. Stay safe out there!

  • Viking Professional Thor 300D ANSI 3 Ripstop Rain Jacket

    viking thor ansi 3 rain jacketIf you're ready for the best high-visibility rain jacket that money can buy, don't stop reading just yet. Viking has developed the Professional Thor 300-D Rain Jacket; and we have to say there's nothing quite like it on the market. If your goal is the ultimate wet weather protection, this is a jacket you'll definitely want to consider.
    Manufactured from the highest quality 300-denier ripstop polyester fabric, this jacket is extremely durable and built to handle the toughest working conditions. Even when you're working around heavy materials in wet conditions, the Thor Ripstop Rain Jacket offers the best protection and visibility available. It's specifically designed to resist snags, tears & cuts, all the while keeping you dry and visible throughout the workday. The unique double-sewn, taped & heat-sealed seams make it a 100% waterproof rain jacket, guaranteeing that not a drop of water will penetrate the fabric.
    Adding to the dryness capabilities are the waterproof zippers and storm flap front closure, plus the removable Stormblaster hood that can be used as needed. This jacket has a high frontal design, helping to protect the neck and face from excessive wind & rain while also reducing the chances of water entry. It's also a rather long jacket, with a size large boasting 33-inches in length. This makes it ideal to be paired with your choice of rain pants or waders, including the Viking Thor 300D Rain Pants.
    Naturally, as a ANSI Class 3 rain jacket, it features 3-inch reflective striping laid over a 4-inch contrasting stripe. This helps to deliver maximum visibility in both daylight and night time conditions, including situations where visibility is severely diminished due to rain or fog. The jacket's rear features a highly visible x-back design and the sleeves feature striping above the wrists, making sure you can be seen from any angle imaginable.
    There's also plenty of convenience features, including articulated elbows to enhance movement and increase comfort. If you're a foreman, equipment operator or anyone who needs to communicate with other workers over a distance, you'll surely appreciate the microphone clips for simple hands-free communication. Finally, if you need storage you surely won't be disappointed because the jacket is equipped with plenty of waterproof pockets for basic storage, all of which utilize waterproof zippers.
    What more can you really ask for out of a rain jacket? The Viking Professional Thor Ripstop Rain Jacket is top-quality and there's not much out there than compares to the quality, comfort, and safety that it offers. For more information, check it out here and order your own. We're confident you'll be glad that you did.

  • Winter Safety Gear: Portwest Contrast Thermal Lined Coveralls

    portwest contrast ansi class 3 thermal lined coverallsWorking outdoors during the winter can get pretty sloppy. Between the rain and snow, wet working conditions and general messiness that winter brings, it's a real relief to have a nice pair of coveralls that can keep you warm and dry out there. The Portwest Hi-Vis Contrast Thermal Coveralls are designed to do exactly that, making it easier to focus on your work.
    It all starts with a solid and durable fabric, in this case, a very rugged 300-Denier polyester oxford material. The 300-denier fabric is an especially strong weave made to resist tears, rips and snags. This gives the coveralls a longer lifespan and reduces the chances of minor injuries (such as cuts & scrapes) that could occur from accidental contact with heavy materials that could easily penetrate normal polyester. The thermal lining is quilted and loaded with nylon wadding for sufficient insulation and retention of body heat, which is important on those extra-cold days. Another important factor is that these coveralls are polyurethane coated to prevent wind & water penetration and keep you perfectly warm & dry during even the harshest winter climate. As an added bonus, the material has a stain resistant finish to help keep a clean appearance.
    As the name implies, the coveralls feature a contrasting design with darker colored legs and lower contrasting reflective striping to give an excellent level of visibility over your whole body. These are ANSI Class 3 compliant coveralls improve safety in all environments, including low-light conditions. The striping arrangement on the legs provides a nice, large area of reflectivity that helps you be seen while working in nearly any position, even laying down.
    While the Portwest Thermal Lined Coveralls are certainly warm, comfortable and deliver improved safety, they also have some great convenience features. There are cargo pockets on the front of each thigh with snap closures that are perfect for strong anything from gloves to small tools, and dual flap pockets above the waist. The front closes with a simple zipper, but a button-style storm flap gives additional closure. There's a built-in hood that can be used as needed, which can come in handy during bouts of falling rain & snow. Ribbed inner cuffs help ensure a secure fit while preventing drafts, and the zippered ankles make it easy for these coveralls to zipper right down over your work boots. What more can you ask for? Well, there's also a radio loop to provide easy access to communication without the need to store it in your pockets.
    Coveralls seem like they're pretty simple, but the Portwest has surely crossed all the "T"s and dotted all the "I"s. These are top quality, well designed and offer excellent safety for the wet, cold and sloppy winter workdays that you'll be facing. In fact, even if you only use them during the snow days, they're still an excellent investment for the confidence of warmth & dryness when you really need it. Check out the Portwest ANSI CLass 3 Thermal Coveralls on our website to learn more or purchase your own today, we think you'll be very happy with your decision, as will your wallet. There's no doubt that these coveralls are an excellent value.

  • Spring Into Spring With High Visibility Rain Gear

    high visibility rain gearIt seems like a huge relief when the temperature climbs above 30 degrees after a long and brutal winter of frigid weather. It's still cold but thankfully not so cold that you can't stand to be outside, let alone work outdoors all day. Within the next month the temperatures will climb to something more reasonable and you'll be able to leave the hats and gloves at home and start to shed those extra layers of winter clothing that you've become so accustomed to. Finally!
    So what comes next you ask? The rainy season, that's what - and there's no better way to be prepared for work than with some high quality rainwear products. They make the job easier, safer and more comfortable by keeping you dry and visible throughout the work day.
    Take a look at a few of our most popular rainwear products that can make your life easier this spring.

    ML Kishigo Economy Series Class 3 Rain Suit

    This combo features both pants and jacket; everything you need to stay visible and dry - and from a brand you can trust! The ANSI Class 3 Jacket and Class E Pants make for a high-performance set of rain gear at a truly affordable price of less than $43. Both pieces are manufactured from durable, waterproof, 150-denier polyester oxford fabric with polyurethane coating and sealed seams. Adjustable wrist & leg cuffs make for a perfect fit and a non-sparking snaps and zipper for added safety. This suit is sold as a set and is available in Lime or Orange. See more HERE.

    Viking Professional Thor 300D Ripstop Class 3 Rain Jacket

    If you're interested in the ultimate in safety and rain protection, you might want to take a look at the Professional Thor Rain Jacket from Viking. Made from rugged 300D tribal ripstop polyester, it's as tough as they come. This jacket features 4-inch reflective striping by 3M, guaranteeing the highest visibility under even the harshest weather conditions. Equipped with waterproof zippers, a detachable 'stormblaster' hood and armpit vents to provide adequate ventilation. It's 100% windproof & waterproof and has double-sewn, taped and heat-sealed seams. ANSI Class 3 compliant and available in yellow or orange. $125 right now, see more HERE.

    Falcon 3-Piece Rain Suit

    We couldn't finish this blog without adding something quick and simple.. The Falcon 3-Piece rain suit is just that - it's simple, inexpensive and surprisingly effective. The 100% waterproof suit features a jacket, bibs and detachable hood. It's not ANSI compliant, but at just $9.95 it's perfect for job sites where ANSI gear isn't required. Made from .35mm thick PVC and polyester, the jacket features a vented back and underarms to promote ventilation while the bibs feature elastic suspenders and a front fly. To ensure a comfortable and effective fit, the suit is equipped with adjustable wrist, waist and ankle snaps. Dual front jacket pockets with flaps for storage and a storm flap front. THis jacket is silicone free and available in yellow, lime or orange. See more HERE.
    If you're looking for something different or would like to browse other rainwear products, check out our complete inventory of high visibility rain gear. There are plenty of products to choose from at our everyday low prices, as well as many other spring and summer garments to keep you safe and comfortable on the job.

  • A New Age in High Visibility Rain Wear

    high visibility rain gearIn less than one month, the cold weather will start to subside and the drab and rainy season will be rapidly approaching. For most of you who work outdoors, those are the dreaded days of stomping through the mud, handling wet tools and materials, and just a general sense of discomfort during the wet weather. Everything seems to take longer in the rain or on a wet job site but still the job has to be done.
    Fortunately, you don't have to be as miserable as it may sound. There's an abundance of ANSI Class rainwear available to keep you as comfortable as possible day in and day out, allowing you to focus on your job tasks and make the workday easier. With the proper gear, those rainy days will barely even phase you.
    While there's always been an answer to staying dry, never before has it been so easy. Manufacturers of safety garments are going above and beyond in recent years to combine proven older methods with new technology - making for some of the most durable, effective, comfortable and versatile ANSI compliant rainwear imaginable.

    Improved Materials

    Rainwear has really evolved since the days of giant vinyl overcoats. Lightweight, PU-coated polyester oxford fabrics and rugged 300-Denier polyester offer a lightweight alternative to the heavier and less durable materials of the past. Not only are these materials lighter and more comfortable but they also allow for less resistance and a better range of movement.

    Improved Comfort & Functionality

    Again, nowadays, rainwear is not a single piece of one-size-fits-all heavy waterproof clothing. Waterproof pockets and zippers are now the norm, as are removable waterproof hoods. Advancements in design and engineering have allowed for the integration of vents and/or ventilation zippers in strategic locations to help increase airflow and breathability in a garment which is normally airtight - and they do so in a way that still keeps the water out!

    Improved Visibility

    As wet and rainy weather naturally decreases visibility, it renders you more susceptible to accidents or injuries that can be directly attributed to not being seen. Since so many of the top manufacturers have advanced their reflectivity technology, this application naturally applies to their rainwear. High-reflectivity waterproof pants and bibs are now quite common and add a significantly higher level of visibility during wet conditions. During dry conditions, hi-vis pants may not be required - but since you're wearing the waterproof gear to stay dry, the added reflectivity is just another beneficial factor.
    As one of the united states leading distributors of high visibility safety gear, HiVis Supply has an excellent selection of high-quality rainwear and rain gear. We stock the finest brands available in a wide assortment of sizes, colors and styles. From economical models to the finest rainwear that money can buy, we have it. Visit us today at to browse our complete selection of safety rain gear and buy with confidence at our everyday low prices.

  • GSS Waterproof Thermal Bomber Jacket - Affordable ANSI Class 3 Protection

    GSS 8001 Class 3 Waterproof Thermal Bomber JacketWhen we consider high visibility work wear, we all have different perspectives. Some prefer to purchase the finest gear available to achieve the best visibility levels and maximum durability while others prefer whatever is compliant and least expensive. There are many factors to debate when making a choice of which safety gear works best. Some people prefer to purchase inexpensive gear more often simply because their job is a dirty one and they find that their garments are literally destroyed and lacking the high visibility benefits they once had after just a few short months at work. Others who work in the most extreme conditions may choose apparel that offers the most comfort, protection or functionality regardless of the price tag. Either way, there's no right way to purchase high visibility work wear - finding something that suits your individual needs is all that matters.
    At HiVis Supply, we do our best to offer a large selection of hi-vis work wear ranging from economy garments to top of the line. Our wide variety of inventory contains the top brand names as well as some lesser-known brands, but one thing is for sure - all of our products will get the job done.
    Today, we'd like to put a little focus on a newer product we've began to carry in our winter workwear department - The GSS 8001/8002 Waterproof Thermal Bomber Jacket. This is a very economical ANSI Class 3 compliant winter jacket, yet the quality shouldn't be mistaken for sub-par. In fact, the GSS Winter Bomber Jacket is designed to take quite a beating. It offers convenient features that provide comfort, functionality and the high visibility safety standards required in the workplace.
    Manufactured with a polyurethane-coated 100% polyester shell, this jacket is completely waterproof and comes equipped with taped and sealed seams - a feature that prevents water penetration - allowing you to remain dry and comfortable throughout the workday so you can focus on your work. Seeing that this jacket is a bomber, it's also thermal and therefor features an insulated lining. Made from quilted polyester and utilizing a 4.5-ounce poly-fill insulation, the GSS 8001 gives you the warmth required to make it through the day in a frigid environment. While it might not be packed with high-quality goose down, it provides substantial warmth - especially for labor-intensive work environments.
    As an economical ANSI Class 3 bomber, the jacket offers a surprising amount of functional features just like the top brand names. With a frontal zipper and a snap-up storm flap, cold air and precipitation pose no threat. Elastic integrated cuffs and waistband help to ensure additional protection from the harsh elements and also provide a more secure fit leaving less room for potential snags. A conveniently concealed rear hood offers additional head & neck protection, but only when required - otherwise it's out of sight and out of your way.
    GSS also made sure that their Waterproof Thermal Bomber had no shortage of storage space. The 8001/8002 Jacket has ample pockets, including an inner chest pocket, dual lower-slant pockets, a cell phone/radio pocket, and 2 pen-holding pockets on the sleeve for easy access. There's also intreated mic tabs, making for the safe and efficient use of hands-free wireless communication with equipment operators and/or crew members. Not bad for the price!
    At just $38.95, the GSS Class 3 Waterproof Thermal Bomber Jacket is an exceptional value. It's perfect for the individual yet also affordable enough for group buys or companies looking to outfit their crew(s) with effective ANSI protection. The jackets are available in lime or orange, sizes S - 5XL. There's no need to break the bank to achieve safety and comfort on the job and this jacket is proof. Give it a try today, we think you'll be very satisfied!

  • Stay Ultra-Dry with ML Kishigo Brilliant Series Rainwear

    brilliant series rain gearWhen you think of a rainy day at work you probably have unpleasant thoughts of waterlogged clothes, wet feet, and water dripping into your eyes. Not to mention slippery surfaces and standing water that seemingly make even the simplest tasks a burden. Working in the rain is no fun for any of us, but unfortunately some of our jobs require it. On a more positive note, there are ways to make the work day more bearable and productive, even in the wettest weather.
    The folks at ML Kishigo have been designing and manufacturing some of the best high visibility safety gear on the market for quite some time and have put a significant amount of effort into creating high visibility rain gear that's affordable, performs well and keeps you visible in even the most extreme weather conditions. The Brilliant Series Rain Jacket and Rain Pants are no exception, and in fact, they're the perfect example of top quality gear for the rainy season.
    The Brilliant Series Jacket and Pants are made from high quality 150-denier polyester oxford fabric which provides maximum durability in a lightweight and breathable style that will keep you dry without retaining too much heat and sacrificing your comfort on the job. Of course, they are 100% waterproof featuring sealed seams to prevent even the smallest amount of water penetration.
    While the jacket features a waterproof front zipper with storm flap and waterproof zippered pockets, it also has a vented back and underarms to improve air circulation while keeping out any water. The pants utilize waterproof side cargo pockets and adjustable leg cuffs that provide a comfortable and secure fit. When it comes to storage, dryness and comfort, Brilliant Series Rain Wear offers the best performance available.
    But what about safety? The Brilliant Series Jacket and Pants have that covered also.
    Both products employ Reflexite prismatic tape for ANSI Class 3 protection, but that's not all. Reflective trim pinstripes are used around the edges and seams offer enhanced visibility to ensure the utmost protection and safety. Used in combination, the jacket and pants are some of the most effective garments available for working outdoors in rainy or wet environments. As a touch of style and for the purpose of maintaining a cleanly appearance in areas that usually discolor from dirt and contact, ML Kishigo has incorporated black fabric into the lower areas of both garments to help hide dirt and prevent discoloration.
    If you're serious about staying dry on the job this year, be sure to check out these two products in the high visibility rain gear section of our website.

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