Prepare for Fall with High Visibility Long Sleeved Shirts

hi vis long sleeveThere are only 30 days until fall, and cooler temperatures will be on the way soon. If you're working outdoors, you'll probably be adding an extra layer of clothing. But instead of the same-old-same-old, consider investing in your safety with a high visibility or ANSI Class long sleeved shirt. They work great in the place of safety vests, or even in combination with them while providing excellent visibility and comfort.
From non-ANSI to ANSI Class 3 and even FR rated, there are plenty of styles, sizes and colors to choose from when it comes to long sleeve hi vis shirts. Some models, such as the ML Kishigo Economy Series Long Sleeve Shirt are manufactured from lighter materials, making them thinner to provide enhanced air flow so you don't overheat or sweat too much during vigorous work. Other brands and models are made with thicker fabrics to help keep body heat in for the colder days, such as the PIP Premium Hooded Sweatshirt.
The benefits of long sleeved high visibility shirts is that the shirt itself improves visibility - so instead of tossing on one of your black sweatshirts and wearing your hi vis vest over it to meet compliance standards, all you'll need is the shirt itself. And better yet, if you're really serious about visibility you can wear your safety vest over it too.
Similarly, high vis long sleeve shirts that are Non-ANSI are excellent for added visibility when worn underneath your ANSI vest. These shirts offer vivid safety enhancing colors but lack the reflective striping. The prices are cheaper with these models and they definitely offer improved visibility when worn in combination with your ANSI compliant safety vest. The ML Kishigo High Visibility Microfiber Long Sleeve is one of the perfect garments for this type of setup and at only $15.45 it's quite affordable. It's also thin enough to be worn over a normal sweatshirt, but consider ordering a larger size if that's your intention.
Get ready for the fall season now before you forget by checking out or selection at today. We offer everyday low prices on the highest quality ANSI safety apparel available.


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