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  • Hi-Vis Flex Grip Work Gloves w/Touchscreen Friendly Fingertips

    hi-vis flex grip work gloves with touchscreen friendly fingertipsIf you're ready for the next generation in high visibility work gloves, you don't have to wait any longer - they're already here. The new High Visibility Flex Grip Work Gloves by Custom Leather Craft incorporate cutting edge technology to not only protect your hands - but to keep you as comfortable as possible while doing so.
    These brightly colored work gloves are manufactured from a spandex-based material that offers excellent flexibility without sacrificing strength. This is an important feature, as flexibility and air flow are key to consistent comfort. While you might think of spandex as a rather weak material, it's not - especially in the form used for the Flex Grip Work Gloves. It offers substantial tensile strength, excellent grip and a high performance fit that other fabrics simply cannot match - making it the perfect material for these gloves.
    The high visibility colors help provide added safety on the job - especially the unique, reflective fingertip design. The fingertips are also reinforced for added protection and equipped with one of the most amazing features we've ever seen - touchscreen friendly material. Yes, that's correct. You can use your smartphone or tablet while wearing these gloves! You'll never have to remove the gloves to answer a call, check a blueprint, take a photo or send an email, which makes them a priceless addition to anyone working in the field. For many people, this feature makes them worth their weight in gold.
    The knuckles feature padding which help reduce the shock of impacts and also prevents cuts, scrapes and abrasions for sharp object, heavy materials and more.
    At the wrists, the cuffs are made of elastic material for an excellent fit while also utilizing a wide design for easy on & off. They secure very nicely thanks to a medical grade velcro-style hook & loop closure system which also prevents accidental/unwanted removal.
    The High Visibility Flex Grip Work Gloves also feature reinforced and padded palms for improved grip, which is critical for using tools. Thanks to the thin and flexible materials used, the gloves also have excellent sensitivity which makes it easy to work with smaller tools and objects. The reinforced thumb crotch gives a final layer of protection in one of the most typical high-wear areas, giving you a long-lasting work glove that is well rounded for any basic task.
    Featuring double stitching throughout, these work gloves are high visibility orange and yellow with a darker colored palm area on the underside. They are available in Medium, Large and Extra-Large sizes. See more or get your own today from HiVis Supply - you'll be glad you did and your hands will thank you!

  • FWHA Says Newly Revised ANSI/ISEA 2015 Meets MUTCD High Visibility Garment Requirements

    MUTCD ANSI 107 complianceThe Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has announced on June 1st that all high-visibility safety garments that are compliant with the newly revised American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Accessories (ANSI/ISEA 107-2015), will also be considered compliant with the 2009 MUTCD Manual (manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices).
    The MUTCD currently requires that anyone working on the highway, all flaggers and crossing guards must utilize safety apparel that adheres to ANSI Class 2 or 3 (ANSI/ISEA 107) standards - and that Police officers, fire fighters and other emergency responders who might be exposed to highway traffic are required to wear ANSI/ISEA 207 compliant garments.
    Due to the recent changes in late 2015 of the ANSI/ISEA 107 standard - which addresses specific differences between ANSI 107 and 207 - any high-visibility safety garments which meet or exceed the newly revised ANSI/ISEA 107 will now also satisfy the requirements of MUTCD mandates.

  • 4 Summer Workplace Safety Tips for Keeping Cool on the Job

    workplace safety tips for keeping coolJune is just around the corner, and temperatures are beginning to heat up. Before you know it, we'll be in the dog days of summer with a great tan and long hours of daylight. While the summer is a beautiful and productive time for working outdoors, it can also be dangerous on extremely hot days. The best thing to do is to go to work prepared and understand your limits for exertion. Below are some tips to help you keep cool, avoid heat stroke, and maintain comfort throughout the day.

    Dress Accordingly

    While this may seem like a no-brainer, it's not always so simple. If we took a survey of road workers, we're pretty sure that most of them would absolutely love to show up to work with a t-shirt and shorts. However, due to their work environment (i.e. heavy equipment, rough terrain, hot asphalt and an array of grinding and cutting equipment) it's not safe or realistic to do so. The best option is to purchase proper garments that provide the necessary level of safety while helping to reduce heat build-up. Mesh safety shirts (instead of safety vests worn over a shirt), moisture-wicking headwear or specialty cooling gear such as the EZ-Cool Phase Change Cooling Vest will make your life much, much easier. Avoid dark colors, unnecessary layers and fabrics that don't breathe well. If you can't avoid light clothing due to heavy protective gear, you'll definitely need to invest in some sort of cooling technology. While it might be expensive, it's worth the price to avoid health issues and maintain a comfortable undergarment environment.

    Pace Yourself

    It's easy for the body to heat up rapidly under extreme temperatures, sometimes to the point where we cannot cool ourselves quick enough. Be wary of overexertion and know your personal limits. Even the most physically fit can suffer sudden heat-related issues with little to no warning under the right circumstance. You might find that you're blood is pumping heavily, your heart is beating rapidly and you're breathing heavily - which is fine under normal environments. But couple those with temperatures in the upper 90s or higher and it's a recipe for disaster. Sometimes, we can't perspire quick enough or lack sufficient fluids to maintain our pace and before we know it we find ourselves overwhelmed and in danger of heat stroke. It's best to rest as needed and refrain from pushing yourself in extreme temperatures.

    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

    Did we mention that you should hydrate? We actually can't say this enough. While you probably start your day with a cup of coffee, you'd be smart to follow it with a sufficient amount of water. Starting out your day without proper hydration can be a recipe for disaster halfway through the day. By the time you begin to sweat heavily, there won't be enough water in your system to maintain proper cooling. Even if you begin to over hydrate, you won't be able to replenish yourself to the proper level without some sort of bloating, fatigue, or increased body temperature. Be sure to have plenty of hydrating fluids available on the job and sip it regularly. One great idea is to freeze a gallon bottle of water in your freezer overnight and take it with you to work. As long as it's kept protected from the sun, you'll have ice cold water for hours on end. Another option is to invest in a hydration system such as the Ergodyne Low Profile Hydration Pack. Water makes up a large part of our bodies and it's crucial to keep proper levels.

    Rest as Needed and Seek Shade

    When it's 100+ degrees, there's really no safe way to work outside. If you're not presenting yourself to the risk of sunburn, surely you're exposing yourself to temperatures where the human body has a tough time performing at it's best. In combination with setting a proper pace, it's highly important to rest at specific intervals. If you're digging holes in direct sunlight, set yourself to a 3 hole maximum before seeking a short break. Of course, this will depend on the the size of the holes, but we're just trying to give a basic example. When resting, locking your fingers above your head creates minor expansion in the lungs, allowing you to process as much air as possible. This can help you cool at a quicker rate. While it's difficult to give perfect examples because of different tasks, different environments and varying degrees of exertion required on a given job, it's safe to say that you need to listen to your body. If you're heating up or if you need to catch your breath, than take a break and hydrate until your body says you're okay to continue. If the job site is large with very little or no cover from the sun, consider utilizing a portable shade tent for a break & hydration area.
    There you have it! Dress accordingly, stay hydrated, pace yourself and break regularly. You might want to organize a specific plan with your boss, employees or co-workers for handling the extreme heat. Nobody wants to suffer from heat stress or encounter heat stroke. The best kind of worker is a productive worker and while the heat makes it difficult, there are several ways to organize and optimize for productivity during extremely hot weather.

  • ML Kishigo Hi-Vis Baseball Cap

    ml kishigo hi vis baseball capThe ML Kishigo Baseball Cap is here! While there's a lot of options for hats on the job, none quite match the style and functionality of this high visibility baseball hat. Ideal for keeping your hair in check, preventing sunburn and reducing glare, these reflective-striped work hats are a perfect match for your hi-vis garments.
    Made from 100% polyester material, the ML Kishigo Baseball Cap is built with mesh panels for ventilation making it excellent to help control sweating in the summer months. Reflective striping on the bill as well as surrounding the cap area improve safety by making you more visible to co-workers, motorists and equipment operators. It's an extra layer of safety that gives you more confidence and reduces the risk of an accident - something all workers can appreciate.
    This hat also makes work easier on your eyes. In an effort to help reduce glare, the underside of the brim features a dark gray color to help absorb excess sunlight before it reaches your eyes, often eliminating the need for sunglasses. However, if the sun is extremely intense all you need to do is utilize a sun shield (sold separately) which fits right onto the hat where the accessory snaps are located.
    These caps are one-size-fits-all and feature a velcro-style hook & loop closure at the back which sports the ML Kishigo logo. For under $10, this hat is an excellent choice for job site visibility, sun protection and comfort. See more or buy your own ML Kishigo Hi-Vis Baseball Cap here on our website. This hat is compliant with ANSI/ISEA 107 Headwear and is available in orange or lime. What are you waiting for?

  • ML Kishigo Black Series Safety Vests: B100 and B500

    ml kishigo black series safety vestsAs one of the first manufacturers to introduce black safety vests to the global market, ML Kishigo is continuing on with the development of these popular products to bring you a broad selection of stylish, durable and visibility-enhancing garments.
    Due to their design which features black background fabric, these vests aren't ANSI Compliant. However, since they have the same level of reflective striping as ANSI Class 2 & 3 garments, they're still very effective at improving visibility in a variety of environments where ANSI-rated garments aren't a requirement. They're an excellent solution for equipment operators, land surveyors, utility workers, public safety officials, emergency response and many similar occupations. The black design does a wonderful job at hiding the appearance of dirt and grime while providing a more stylish appearance than traditional orange and yellow safety vests. While visibility might not be as high as ANSI Class vests, the Black Series Safety Vests definitely provide an exceptional level of contrast.

    ML Kishigo B100 Black Series Multi-Pocket Safety Vest

    Made from a lightweight polyester mesh fabric with a zipper-front closure, the B100 safety vest is your basic safety vest for universal use. Equipped with plenty of pockets including dual inside patch pockets, dual outer chest pockets and dual lower flap pockets, it offers plenty of storage space. The 1-inch reflective striping sits over a 2-inch contrasting yellow background, giving you plenty of visibility for ordinary job sites. The lightweight design makes it breathable and perfect for the summer months, but it can also be worn over a jacket during colder temperatures. You can learn more and get your own ML Kishigo B100 Safety Vest here, for just $19.15 right now.

    ML Kishigo B500 Black Series Professional Utility Safety Vest

    The B500 Professional Utility Vest is a step up from the B100 and features a specialized design for utility workers. Made from a lightweight poly-cotton fabric, it has a solid front and mesh back for improved strength and excellent breathability. This zipper-front vest has 2-inch reflective striping laid over a 3-inch yellow contrasting stripe, giving great reflective properties. Equipped for the worker, foreman or supervisor, the vest has dual microphone tabs for hands-free communication on the job site. Dual lower flap pockets, a 2-tier left chest pocket with flap, an inside radio/cell pocket and a inside tablet pocket allow this vest to be utilized for a variety of tasks. Learn more about the ML Kishigo B500 Safety Vest here, and get your own for just $55.60 today.
    Since these enhanced visibility vests don't meet ANSI requirements, we can't say they're perfect for everyone but they are a great option for anyone looking to stay safe. Just because ANSI isn't required on your job doesn't mean you shouldn't strive for optimal visibility, and since we know that many of you don't like the bright orange and yellow safety vests, the Black Series Safety Vests might be the perfect product that you don't mind wearing every day. After all, they are pretty darn cool looking!

  • GSS Safety's ANSI Class 2 Onyx Snag Proof T-Shirts

    gss safety onyx snag proof t-shirtsWhen the summer heat hits, you'll be looking for any way possible to stay cool on the job. Reducing the layers of clothing you wear will always help, but sometimes this isn't easy when ANSI Class garments are required for personal safety. Thankfully, the folks at GSS safety have developed high visibility t-shirts that meet ANSI Class 2 standards and are made from snag-proof polyester fabric designed to stand up to heavy-duty work environments.

    Onyx Snag Proof T-Shirts

    The Onyx Snag Proof T-shirt is made from 100% polyester fabric that's moisture-wicking, anti-microbial and breathable. Perfect for even the hottest work environments, these shirts utilize a special design developed to resist snags and tears. Unlike regular polyester or cotton shirts, the Onyx t-shirt stands up to heavy materials and excessive wear, giving you a long lasting garment that's both lightweight and comfortable.
    The unique segmented reflective striping helps to enhance air flow, keeping your body cooler throughout the day. It also prevents odd shrinkage and deformation that often occurs when drying garments with solid striping. When solid striped shirts are heated in the dryer, the fabric can shrink but the stripe does not - this creates wrinkles, folds and uncomfortable buckles in the main fabric, generally reducing the lifespan, comfort. and reflective qualities of the garment. With segmented striping, the fabric is free to expand and contract, which means you'll get the same great fit and reflectivity after wash & dry cycles. The Class 2 Onyx T-Shirts are equipped with 2-inch segmented reflective striping laid over a 3-inch contrasting color background for ANIS Class 2 compliance. The black model, due to it's black fabric is not ANSI compliant but still offers and excellent level of reflectivity for jobs where ANSI isn't a requirement.
    As an added convenience, the GSS Snag Proof T-Shirt is equipped with a pen/pencil pocket on each sleeve. With GSS's commitment to quality, you can assure these shirts are manufactured to high-standards and built to last. They're also comfortable, stylish and very effective at keeping you highly visible in any work environment. For more details or to purchase your own for just $24.85 each, view the GSS Safety Onyx Snag Proof T-Shirt here at our website. We're confident that you'll be satisfied with these shirts as they're a great value for a great product.

  • GSS Ladies Utility Safety Vest

    gss ladies utility safety vestDespite the number of women in the workforce, there's never been a major push by manufacturers to design and develop safety gear that's specialized for women. While there are a few different options for women when it comes to high visibility safety gear, they're few and far between. Luckily there's no need to stress, the team at GSS Safety has designed a high-quality utility safety vest that's designed to fit women perfectly. This means more comfort & confidence, plus no more sagging necklines, loose fits or baggy materials to pose a safety risk.

    GSS Ladies Utility Safety Vest

    First and foremost, there's some serious research that goes into any new product and this ladies utility safety vest is one of them. GSS wanted to create something that made women more comfortable at work, but also wanted to improve safety.
    When wearing a normal mens safety vest - many women, especially smaller framed women - find themselves swimming in a garment that's just way too big for them. The neckline os too big, the underarms are too loose, and the waistline hangs dangerously low or loose. While comfort is important, safety is critical. All that extra fabric creates a serious hazard because it's loose instead of tight fitting, which makes it more likely to be caught in machinery, heavy materials, or cause a snag that can render you immobile in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    The GSS Ladies Utility Safety Vest eliminates the dangers associated with vests that don't fit properly. The tapered waist design holds tight to a woman's curves and is cut shorter than a mens vest. It's also cinched at the waist to prevent unwanted twisting and/or rotation of the vest. This gives the user improved comfort and much higher confidence when performing work-related tasks in practically any situation or environment.
    This vest is lightweight, durable and features a mesh-back design for improved air circulation. Equipped with plenty of pockets for basic storage, the vest has dual inside pockets and dual 2-tier front flap pockets with snap closures. The 2-way zipper makes for easy on & off use, while the 2-inch reflective striping by 3M delivers the best visibility on the market.
    To order your own or to see more info & details, check out the GSS Ladies Utility Safety Vest here on our website. It's available in orange or lime in a variety of sizes for just $29.99. Get the fit you deserve this season! Trust us, once you get this properly fitting safety vest, you'll never turn back.

  • ML Kishigo Economy Series ANSI Class 3 Rain Suit

    ml kishigo economy ansi 3 rain suitWhen it's time for work, it's time for work. If you're like many of us, your job isn't dependent on the weather - the work always continues. Of all conditions, wet weather can be one of the most challenging work environments out there. To ensure your own comfort and safety, it's important to be properly dressed and prepared. In a wet or raining environment, that means using a rain suit - and the Economy Series Class 3 Rain Suit by ML Kishigo is the perfect tool for the job.
    Consisting of an ANSI Class 3 jacket and Class E pants, this rain suit is made from durable, polyurethane coated 150-denier polyester oxford fabric. It's durable, lightweight and waterproof with sealed seams to prevent wind & water penetration, keeping you dry throughout the day. Equipped with 2-inch reflective striping for optimal safety, this suit makes it easier to be seen in low-light conditions, decreasing the chances of accident or injury.
    At under $50, this high visibility rain suit is an excellent value. It's equipped with useful features like a non-sparking zipper with a storm-flap zipper closure, adjustable waist, adjustable wrist & leg cuffs, a hideaway hood, and lower front patch pockets for the simple storage of a radio or tools. It's available in orange or lime and comes in a variety of sizes.
    This is the perfect, easy to store & easy to clean, lightweight rain suit that can be thrown in your locker or work vehicle for any time the need arises. Visit our website now for more information on the ML Kishigo Economy Series Class 3 Rain Suit. When duty calls, make it less of a hassle with the proper high visibility rain wear. Stay safe out there!

  • Viking Professional Thor 300D ANSI 3 Ripstop Rain Jacket

    viking thor ansi 3 rain jacketIf you're ready for the best high-visibility rain jacket that money can buy, don't stop reading just yet. Viking has developed the Professional Thor 300-D Rain Jacket; and we have to say there's nothing quite like it on the market. If your goal is the ultimate wet weather protection, this is a jacket you'll definitely want to consider.
    Manufactured from the highest quality 300-denier ripstop polyester fabric, this jacket is extremely durable and built to handle the toughest working conditions. Even when you're working around heavy materials in wet conditions, the Thor Ripstop Rain Jacket offers the best protection and visibility available. It's specifically designed to resist snags, tears & cuts, all the while keeping you dry and visible throughout the workday. The unique double-sewn, taped & heat-sealed seams make it a 100% waterproof rain jacket, guaranteeing that not a drop of water will penetrate the fabric.
    Adding to the dryness capabilities are the waterproof zippers and storm flap front closure, plus the removable Stormblaster hood that can be used as needed. This jacket has a high frontal design, helping to protect the neck and face from excessive wind & rain while also reducing the chances of water entry. It's also a rather long jacket, with a size large boasting 33-inches in length. This makes it ideal to be paired with your choice of rain pants or waders, including the Viking Thor 300D Rain Pants.
    Naturally, as a ANSI Class 3 rain jacket, it features 3-inch reflective striping laid over a 4-inch contrasting stripe. This helps to deliver maximum visibility in both daylight and night time conditions, including situations where visibility is severely diminished due to rain or fog. The jacket's rear features a highly visible x-back design and the sleeves feature striping above the wrists, making sure you can be seen from any angle imaginable.
    There's also plenty of convenience features, including articulated elbows to enhance movement and increase comfort. If you're a foreman, equipment operator or anyone who needs to communicate with other workers over a distance, you'll surely appreciate the microphone clips for simple hands-free communication. Finally, if you need storage you surely won't be disappointed because the jacket is equipped with plenty of waterproof pockets for basic storage, all of which utilize waterproof zippers.
    What more can you really ask for out of a rain jacket? The Viking Professional Thor Ripstop Rain Jacket is top-quality and there's not much out there than compares to the quality, comfort, and safety that it offers. For more information, check it out here and order your own. We're confident you'll be glad that you did.

  • High Visibility Safety Vests for Every Job

    high visibility safety vestsWhether you're new to your industry or have decades of experience, chances are that high visibility safety vests are a requirement in your workplace if you're reading this. From forklift drivers and heavy equipment operators to construction, road work, utility work and a seemingly endless number of trades and specialty jobs, ANSI rated safety vests are an important part of keeping you safe by improving visibility and reducing your risk of an injury or accident.
    While some jobs have different requirements than others such as FR (fire-resistant) protection or full-body ANSI Class visibility, there's no doubt that the goal of those requirements is keeping you and your co-workers safe. Manufacturers have created an abundance of styles and designs to cater to the comfort and convenience of the world's workers; there are safety vests that exist for practically any application and they feature practical options to make your specific job as easy as possible. From strategically placed pockets to reinforced elbows, microphone clips, waterproof zippers and D-rings, the vest you need is out there and all you have to do is find it.
    At HiVis Supply, we specialize in making your quest for the perfect safety vest as simple as possible. Our large warehouse stocks the latest & most popular inventory of safety vests from the world's top manufacturers. We carry everything from non-ANSI to ANSI 3 vests in all sizes, colors and styles. The goal of our business is offering you an unbeatable selection of the best products on the market, all under one roof. We have bulk discounts on safety vests for those who run large crews or industrial jobs, and we're happy to try and assist our customers with custom order requests. Likewise, we're also the perfect place to shop for the average worker who's looking for an incomparable selection that can be browsed & shopped from the convenience of the web.
    Our brands include ML Kishigo, Viking, GSS, Tough Duck, 3S Safety, Ergodyne, Work King, PIP, Utility Pro, DeWalt, and more. We have competitive pricing, fast shipping, and unparalleled customer service. Our client base is large, loyal, diverse, and spans all corners of the globe, which means that we regularly help people get the safety vests that they can't find locally. We're here to give you the best selection possible, and we continually add the newest and most useful products to our inventory as soon as they become available.
    If you're looking for the best choice to shop for your new high visibility safety vests, you know where to start. All you have to do is click here to get started browsing. Remember, good equipment always makes your job easier, safer and more productive. Be safe out there!

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