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  • HiVis Supply Gets A New Look And Feel, Meet HiVis Hank


    HiVis Supply, a Summit Safety, LLC. Company, established in 2007, is the leading online retailer of high visibility safety gear and apparel. We have just started to rebrand our company and are excited to share this moment with our customers, followers, partners and especially our employees. We want to take this exciting time to let everyone know we stand by the core principles of making the workplace a safe (and visible) environment. Additionally, have decided to add a little spin to the logo adding Bigfoot to the mix, except this version of BigFoot is HiVis Supply’s new brand advocate, icon and mascot named HiVis Hank! Bigfoot’s ironic reputation for being an elusive but noticeable character was the perfect symbol to represent our company and we like to think of HiVis Hank as our pal. Our company slogan, “Prepare To Be Seen,” is representative of our new look, new feel and new adventure that begins on Monday, August 28, 2017 (our new logo release date). We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this exciting time.


    As BigFoot, HiVis Hank has an elusive behavior and extreme camouflaging abilities. However, his selection of high visibility apparel helps him Prepare To Be Seen and Stay Safe to avoid unfortunate accidents when he chooses to step out in the lime light. We’re proud to say he’s chosen HiVis Supply for all his HiVis needs and we’re officially bringing him on board as our brand ambassador!

    HiVis Hank learned the importance of ANSI 107 standards by monitoring workers from a distance. By partnering up with HiVis Supply, he’s able to gain more insight into the safety industry and lead by example. In some cases, even educate audiences online via the team at HiVis Supply.

    HiVis Supply is extremely excited to have HiVis Hank join our team. Together, we will help educate the American workforce on how to stay safe and be seen on the job.

    No longer will you have to search the deepest, darkest corners of the remote forest. You can spot HiVis Hank on, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@hivissupply). Join the conversation online using #hivishank, #preparetobeseen and #hivislife.

  • Orange You Glad To See Me: HiVis Supply And #NWZAW

    This year’s theme for National Workzone Awareness Week, Workzone Safety Is In Your Handsfocuses on the importance of driving cautiously in work zones to protect drivers and workers along the road. Although drivers tend to see more incidents, it’s important to realize that unfortunate events  exist on both sides of the cone. The theme itself brings home a message that the future of someone else’s life is in your hands. Aside from the main National Workzone Safety Awareness Week event to be held in Maryland this week, several local and regional organizations will be holding safety awareness sessions for all professionals on the roadway.

    To make an even greater impact during the 2017 National Workzone Awareness Week campaign, Go Orange Day (#OrangeForSafety) will be Wednesday, April 5, 2017. This day will be a campaign within itself, where everyone will collaborate on social media using the hashtag #OrangeForSafety as OSHA orange is the most utilized color for safety in highway work zones.

    HiVis Supply will be participating the week’s events, including savings on orange hivis gear and apparel, including ANSI Class 2 and 3 safety vests, shirts, jackets and more. HiVis Supply will hold a contest on Go Orange Day (April 5) to promote Work Zone Awareness Week on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram; all participants need to mention @HiVisSupply, use hashtags #OrangeForSafety and #NWZAW, and include a picture of them wearing the color orange for a chance to win. Winners and prizes will be announced on the last day of Workzone Awareness Week (April 7).

    HiVis Supply has a wide selection of orange high visibility gear and apparel for professionals on and off the roadway. In support of Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, we encourage you to participate in our contest and learn more about roadway safety. Stay tuned for safety tips and more on the HiVis Supply blog.


  • Safety Starts With Me 2017

    safety starts with me 2017"Safety Starts With Me" is an annual competition where interested parties can submit creative entries in the effort to spread a message about the never-ending importance of workplace and social safety. Each year, the contest encourages contributors to take action by creating and submitting an impactive message that motivates others to make safe decisions while creating awareness.
    The theme for 2017 is "Prevent all injuries. Go home safe and healthy." The focus here is to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities by being mindful of hazards.
    Whether it be work or school, everyone deserves a safe environment to perform their duties. Although we may not always think of it, the ability to make it home safe & sound is a top priority. By working together, we can help reach a goal of zero harm. We believe that most injuries and ill-health are totally preventable, yet dependent on awareness and proper action.
    If you'd like to contribute, you might consider some of the ongoing hazards that affect your workplace and then utilize your preferred platform to create a powerful message that is informative, direct, and thought-provoking. How can we minimize these hazards? How can we create a healthier and safer work/learning environment for all? How can we improve our quality of life through an improved understanding of the issues we face?
    Categories for submissions include creative story writing, creative photography, poster drawing, animation and short film. Get your entry form here to get started!
    Best of all, there are rewards for the best submissions and you may be awarded up to $4,000! Winning submissions will be featured and showcased on various workplace safety and health council platforms including websites, exhibitions, publications and more. For more details and information, click here. The deadline for submissions is March 21, 2017 and winners will be announced in April. Get started, get creative and help make a difference in the world by spreading your message loud and clear!

  • 2017 BLR Safety Summit: April 3 - 5 in Austin, TX

    2017 BLR Safety SummitThe 2017 BLR Safety Summit is a platform and forum for the exchange of cost-effective and beneficial safety solutions for the for the workplace. If you're interested in improving the safety of your business while managing OSHA compliance and simultaneously benefiting your bottom line, you can't afford to miss out on this event.
    "Research shows that every dollar invested in injury prevention results in a $2 to $6 return for businesses, proving that risk management and training is an effective means of ensuring your company's financial health. Join us at the 2017 Safety Summit to get a rock-solid action plan to achieve total compliance and positive outcomes in the year ahead."
    By attending and participating, you'll get face-to-face time with industry experts and regulators and a chance to get answers and insight to your most important workplace safety questions. The event's goal is to provide a better understanding of the regulatory aspect of overall industry and various specialty fields. Attendance and sponsorship is a tax-deductible, risk-free investment in the future of your company, co-workers and employees.
    As an attendee, you'll learn about:
    • The biggest OSHA enforcement trends and initiatives for 2017
    • Expert tips for avoiding fatalities, injuries and costly penalties
    • New regulations and rules, including how to manage their compliance
    • New technologies for safety training
    • Acing OSHA safety inspections and avoiding penalties
    • OSHA's Final Rule on Silica
    • Ergonomic strategies to increase productivity
    • Effective inury and illness reporting
    • Risk management using the latest job hazard analysis tools and data
    • Safety recertification and professional development
    • .... and more!
    The nations leading industry professionals count on Safety Summit to network, share information, and collaborate on important safety issues. Attendees enjoy access to high-quality, consolidated insight and information that from a business and safety perspective is priceless. If you're serious about safety, you'll definitely want to consider attending.
    The 2017 Safety Summit is Scheduled for April 3 to April 5, 2017 in Austin, Texas. For more information and detail on attendance and/or sponsorship, visit the 2017 BLR Safety Summit Wesbite today. Join the nation's leaders in safety, compliance and strategy to create a better working environment for all.

  • 2017 World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

    2017 world congress on safety and health at workIf you're seeking high-level insight for safety management in the workplace, you might be interested in the 21st World Congress on Safety & Health at Work. Every three years, this event is held as an information exchange as well as a meeting and learning initiative among business owners, experts, safety professionals, officials and authorities. Hosted at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore from September 3 to September 6 of 2017, the program focuses on the continued importance and improvement of international workplace safety.
    The event consists of multiple events featuring high-level speakers and safety professionals from around the world, technical sessions, global safety issues and resolutions, symposia, poster exhibition, an international media festival for prevention, youth forum prevention, and the International Health and Safety Exhibition which will be held in unison as a supporting event. Technical and social tours will also be available to enrich the understanding and appreciation o local culture, key industries, and occupational safety and health development.
    Early registration is available for the event right now. Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are also available, but space is limited. For more information and details, please visit the on the 2017 World Congress on Safety and health website. We hope to see the global workplace environment become safer, healthier and more productive for all. It begins with you, so get involved!

  • Thank You, To Our Customers, for Another Great Year

    thank yo to our customers2016 is coming to an end, and we've had a great year here at HiVis Supply. We have an excellent team of dedicated employees, great management, and - most importantly - our customers to thank. Whether you're reading this as a return customer, a new customer, or a long-time customer, we'd like to thank you.
    It's a large world out there and although it seems rather small at times, our customers come from all walks of life. From young to old, from coast to coast and around the globe. From young laborers trying to learn a skill and create a meaningful career to the project management teams, supervisors, and everyone in-between. It's due to your business that we continue to strive to meet our goals of providing the highest quality, most affordable high visibility work wear on the market. We know that the demand for our products is there, and we intend to meet it. In fact, we've done quite well in doing so. Yet without you, the customer, we'd have quite the rough time accomplishing our goals; which is why we've always done our best to keep our customer service operating at nothing less than the highest levels of quality. We continually expand and improve our inventory as an effort to provide you with the latest (and greatest) selection of products on the market. We bring in new brands, various types and styles of garments, and we do our best to offer them at the best prices we can. We believe that providing our customers with the best service out there will secure our continued and growing success as a leading retailer of high visibility garments and gear.
    There isn't a whole lot more that can be said. We truly believe in what we do, and we care about workplace safety. We take pride in knowing that we help provide and promote safety in the workplace for thousands of workers in various occupations. We're proud that as a team, we're able to make a positive impact on the lives of workers while simultaneously making a business of it. We give our best in every aspect of our business, and by doing so, we feel a great level of confidence that HiVis Supply is one of the very best places to purchase your high visibility workwear.
    We thank you for your business, and we're honored to serve you. There will be many challenges, improvements, wins, loses, achievements, setbacks, and much more in 2017 for all of us. Regardless, we will continue to give you our best, without fail. We wish you all a safe, happy, prosperous and productive 2017!
    HiVis Supply

  • HiVis Supply Sponsors North Texas Training Exercise, “Big X 2016,” Donates Nearly 500 High Vis Safety Vests

    Big X 2016

    HiVis Supply ( donated 460 high visibility safety vests for the participants of “Big X 2016,” a North Texas-based training exercise sponsored by the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG). HiVis Supply teamed up with high visibility apparel brand, ML Kishigo to donate the ML Kishigo 3700 Series Incident Command Vests for event participants. Big X 2016 helps the growth, development and understanding of the critical roles of first responders, emergency managers, public health personnel, hospitals, volunteer organizations and more.
    “It is with great pleasure that we are able to be a part of such an important event that helps save lives and increase the quality of life both directly and indirectly by the brave acts portrayed by the professionals participating in this exercise,” says HiVis Supply President, Donald Meeker.
    “We’re very proud to be an exercise sponsor and it’s awesome that we were able to outfit these guys with some of our high visibility apparel, especially the ML Kishigo line,” says Meeker.
    “Big X 2016” is a 16-county regional training exercise that will take place from November 11th to November 13th, 2016 at 40 different venues and emergency center operations centers throughout the North Central region of Texas. To learn more about “Big X 2016,” visit

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