ML Kishigo's New Heavy Duty Mossy Oak Infinity Safety Vest

ml kishigo mossy oak safety vestIf you tend to regularly sport ML Kishigo on the job, then you know it's a trusted brand that's well known for producing high-quality safety garments. With some of the most popular vests, jackets and pants in the industry it's no surprise that they're on the cutting edge of hi vis workplace safety.
This time, they've really outdone themselves. New to the lineup this year is the ML Kishigo Heavy Duty Mossy Oak Break-up Infinity Vest. What's so good about it? A lot of things.
First off, this new product offers unique, stylish looks like nothing we've seen before on the hi-vis market. Crafted from Ultra-Cool polyester mesh, the vest features a Mossy Oak Camouflage lower section. Not only does it look cool, it also hides dirt and grease in a high contact area. Also, this safety vest is loaded with features. Let's take a look!
• It's an ANSI Class 2 compliant vest, and meets ANSI/SEA 107 specifications to ensure you're getting the high visibility protection you need on the job site.

• The vest features a zipper front closure system that provides durability and a consistent & secure fit.

• The 2-inch high visibility reflective striping is breathable, meaning better airflow and comfort is achieved without compromising visibility.

• High visibility reflective trimmed edges provide additional visibility.

• The left chest of this vest is equipped with a microphone tab, allowing for convenient and easy hands-free communication. This is perfect for communication with equipment operators and other crew members when working in a loud and/or expansive workplace.

• You can never have enough storage. Luckily, ML Kishigo knows this and fitted this safety vest accordingly. It has outer cargo pockets with flaps, dual-tier pencil pockets, a radio or cell phone pocket and a heavy duty inside pocket that's large enough to securely hold an iPad or tablet.
If none of the above persuades you to sport the Heavy Duty Mossy Oak Safety Vest this year, you can simply purchase it for it's good looks. And if that's the case, you should be quite pleased with the features it has to offer.


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