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heat stress

  • ML Kishigo Keeps It Cool with the 9120 High Visibility T-Shirt

    ml kishigo 9120 hi vis t-shirtSummer is here and the temps are heating up, but are you keeping as cool as possible at work? Proper clothing is critical and so is your safety - thankfully the ML Kishigo 9120 High Visibility T-shirt has you covered in both areas. These shirts are designed for optimal comfort and performance, even in the hottest weather - and they don't sacrifice your visibility to do so.
    Manufactured from a lightweight and highly breathable microfiber polyester fabric, these high visibility t-shirts help reduce body heat by promoting the quick evaporation of moisture and allowing for maximum airflow. You stay cooler for a longer period of time, making it easier to concentrate on your job and keep your body temperature at a reasonable level when compared to hi-vis shirts made from other fabrics.
    The high-contrast design of these shirts gives more visibility than normal ANSI Class 2 shirts by featuring 2-inch silver reflective striping laid over a wider hi-vis stripe that contrasts the color of the shirt itself. This creates a more vibrant garment that helps motorists, co-workers and others see you - reducing the chances of an accident or injury on the job. The fabric is also flat-stitched instead of layered, giving you the same level of thickness in the contrasting areas as the rest of the shirt for lightweight comfort.
    If you're looking for a t-shirt that offers as much visibility as possible, the 9120 series by ML Kishigo is an excellent choice. It also features a front chest pocket for simple storage and is available in high visibility lime or yellow. These shirts are ANSI 107 Class 2 compliant and available in a variety of sizes.
    ML Kishigo makes quality high visibility garments and these shirts are no exception. Make your life easier without having to worry about what to wear at work! Stay cool and safe this summer by picking up a few for yourself - at just $20.95 each, you really can't go wrong.

  • 4 Summer Workplace Safety Tips for Keeping Cool on the Job

    workplace safety tips for keeping coolJune is just around the corner, and temperatures are beginning to heat up. Before you know it, we'll be in the dog days of summer with a great tan and long hours of daylight. While the summer is a beautiful and productive time for working outdoors, it can also be dangerous on extremely hot days. The best thing to do is to go to work prepared and understand your limits for exertion. Below are some tips to help you keep cool, avoid heat stroke, and maintain comfort throughout the day.

    Dress Accordingly

    While this may seem like a no-brainer, it's not always so simple. If we took a survey of road workers, we're pretty sure that most of them would absolutely love to show up to work with a t-shirt and shorts. However, due to their work environment (i.e. heavy equipment, rough terrain, hot asphalt and an array of grinding and cutting equipment) it's not safe or realistic to do so. The best option is to purchase proper garments that provide the necessary level of safety while helping to reduce heat build-up. Mesh safety shirts (instead of safety vests worn over a shirt), moisture-wicking headwear or specialty cooling gear such as the EZ-Cool Phase Change Cooling Vest will make your life much, much easier. Avoid dark colors, unnecessary layers and fabrics that don't breathe well. If you can't avoid light clothing due to heavy protective gear, you'll definitely need to invest in some sort of cooling technology. While it might be expensive, it's worth the price to avoid health issues and maintain a comfortable undergarment environment.

    Pace Yourself

    It's easy for the body to heat up rapidly under extreme temperatures, sometimes to the point where we cannot cool ourselves quick enough. Be wary of overexertion and know your personal limits. Even the most physically fit can suffer sudden heat-related issues with little to no warning under the right circumstance. You might find that you're blood is pumping heavily, your heart is beating rapidly and you're breathing heavily - which is fine under normal environments. But couple those with temperatures in the upper 90s or higher and it's a recipe for disaster. Sometimes, we can't perspire quick enough or lack sufficient fluids to maintain our pace and before we know it we find ourselves overwhelmed and in danger of heat stroke. It's best to rest as needed and refrain from pushing yourself in extreme temperatures.

    Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

    Did we mention that you should hydrate? We actually can't say this enough. While you probably start your day with a cup of coffee, you'd be smart to follow it with a sufficient amount of water. Starting out your day without proper hydration can be a recipe for disaster halfway through the day. By the time you begin to sweat heavily, there won't be enough water in your system to maintain proper cooling. Even if you begin to over hydrate, you won't be able to replenish yourself to the proper level without some sort of bloating, fatigue, or increased body temperature. Be sure to have plenty of hydrating fluids available on the job and sip it regularly. One great idea is to freeze a gallon bottle of water in your freezer overnight and take it with you to work. As long as it's kept protected from the sun, you'll have ice cold water for hours on end. Another option is to invest in a hydration system such as the Ergodyne Low Profile Hydration Pack. Water makes up a large part of our bodies and it's crucial to keep proper levels.

    Rest as Needed and Seek Shade

    When it's 100+ degrees, there's really no safe way to work outside. If you're not presenting yourself to the risk of sunburn, surely you're exposing yourself to temperatures where the human body has a tough time performing at it's best. In combination with setting a proper pace, it's highly important to rest at specific intervals. If you're digging holes in direct sunlight, set yourself to a 3 hole maximum before seeking a short break. Of course, this will depend on the the size of the holes, but we're just trying to give a basic example. When resting, locking your fingers above your head creates minor expansion in the lungs, allowing you to process as much air as possible. This can help you cool at a quicker rate. While it's difficult to give perfect examples because of different tasks, different environments and varying degrees of exertion required on a given job, it's safe to say that you need to listen to your body. If you're heating up or if you need to catch your breath, than take a break and hydrate until your body says you're okay to continue. If the job site is large with very little or no cover from the sun, consider utilizing a portable shade tent for a break & hydration area.
    There you have it! Dress accordingly, stay hydrated, pace yourself and break regularly. You might want to organize a specific plan with your boss, employees or co-workers for handling the extreme heat. Nobody wants to suffer from heat stress or encounter heat stroke. The best kind of worker is a productive worker and while the heat makes it difficult, there are several ways to organize and optimize for productivity during extremely hot weather.

  • ML Kishigo Hi-Vis Baseball Cap

    ml kishigo hi vis baseball capThe ML Kishigo Baseball Cap is here! While there's a lot of options for hats on the job, none quite match the style and functionality of this high visibility baseball hat. Ideal for keeping your hair in check, preventing sunburn and reducing glare, these reflective-striped work hats are a perfect match for your hi-vis garments.
    Made from 100% polyester material, the ML Kishigo Baseball Cap is built with mesh panels for ventilation making it excellent to help control sweating in the summer months. Reflective striping on the bill as well as surrounding the cap area improve safety by making you more visible to co-workers, motorists and equipment operators. It's an extra layer of safety that gives you more confidence and reduces the risk of an accident - something all workers can appreciate.
    This hat also makes work easier on your eyes. In an effort to help reduce glare, the underside of the brim features a dark gray color to help absorb excess sunlight before it reaches your eyes, often eliminating the need for sunglasses. However, if the sun is extremely intense all you need to do is utilize a sun shield (sold separately) which fits right onto the hat where the accessory snaps are located.
    These caps are one-size-fits-all and feature a velcro-style hook & loop closure at the back which sports the ML Kishigo logo. For under $10, this hat is an excellent choice for job site visibility, sun protection and comfort. See more or buy your own ML Kishigo Hi-Vis Baseball Cap here on our website. This hat is compliant with ANSI/ISEA 107 Headwear and is available in orange or lime. What are you waiting for?

  • GSS Safety's ANSI Class 2 Onyx Snag Proof T-Shirts

    gss safety onyx snag proof t-shirtsWhen the summer heat hits, you'll be looking for any way possible to stay cool on the job. Reducing the layers of clothing you wear will always help, but sometimes this isn't easy when ANSI Class garments are required for personal safety. Thankfully, the folks at GSS safety have developed high visibility t-shirts that meet ANSI Class 2 standards and are made from snag-proof polyester fabric designed to stand up to heavy-duty work environments.

    Onyx Snag Proof T-Shirts

    The Onyx Snag Proof T-shirt is made from 100% polyester fabric that's moisture-wicking, anti-microbial and breathable. Perfect for even the hottest work environments, these shirts utilize a special design developed to resist snags and tears. Unlike regular polyester or cotton shirts, the Onyx t-shirt stands up to heavy materials and excessive wear, giving you a long lasting garment that's both lightweight and comfortable.
    The unique segmented reflective striping helps to enhance air flow, keeping your body cooler throughout the day. It also prevents odd shrinkage and deformation that often occurs when drying garments with solid striping. When solid striped shirts are heated in the dryer, the fabric can shrink but the stripe does not - this creates wrinkles, folds and uncomfortable buckles in the main fabric, generally reducing the lifespan, comfort. and reflective qualities of the garment. With segmented striping, the fabric is free to expand and contract, which means you'll get the same great fit and reflectivity after wash & dry cycles. The Class 2 Onyx T-Shirts are equipped with 2-inch segmented reflective striping laid over a 3-inch contrasting color background for ANIS Class 2 compliance. The black model, due to it's black fabric is not ANSI compliant but still offers and excellent level of reflectivity for jobs where ANSI isn't a requirement.
    As an added convenience, the GSS Snag Proof T-Shirt is equipped with a pen/pencil pocket on each sleeve. With GSS's commitment to quality, you can assure these shirts are manufactured to high-standards and built to last. They're also comfortable, stylish and very effective at keeping you highly visible in any work environment. For more details or to purchase your own for just $24.85 each, view the GSS Safety Onyx Snag Proof T-Shirt here at our website. We're confident that you'll be satisfied with these shirts as they're a great value for a great product.

  • How To Treat Heat Stroke In An Emergency Situation

    With Summer just around the corner, you can expect to be working in some serious heat in the coming months. While it can get quite uncomfortable, it can also get quite dangerous if you're not careful - meaning you run the risk of heat stress, heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. Below is a short and informative video on how to temporarily treat a heat stroke victim until emergency medical assistance arrives. This just might help you save a coworker's life, and even if you already know how to treat heat stroke, it's still a good time to review it and share it with others who will be working outside. Stay safe out there!

  • A Review for Summer Workplace Safety: Staying Cool, Working Smart & Looking Out for Co-Workers

    Summer is upon us again, an it seems like it was just yesterday that we were writing blogs on summer safety. While winter is over, there is now a more dangerous season ahead when it comes to the workplace. Although winter is uncomfortably cold, most people simply dress warm because they know how easy it is to catch frostbite while working outside. It seems as if our bodies tell us "nooo way you cannot deal with this cold" and so we dress accordingly for comfort. Yet, in the summer while we might dress accordingly, it can be much easier to misjudge our body's reactions and/or ability to deal with the heat. To put it simply, it's more likely that you'll suffer heat stress, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke while working during the summer than you will suffer from frostbite or hypothermia in the winter. The symptoms differ and many times we'll tell ourselves we can keep pushing on when our bodies literally cannot.
    What we wanted to do here is make a quick review of a few things to remember, talk about amongst coworkers, employees or your employer in hopes of creating awareness about just how serious the summer heat can be.
    1.) Make sure that you stay hydrated, especially during strenuous physical activity. Don't wait until lunch time to take a drink and try to stay away from sugary sodas and energy drinks as these can make us even more dehydrated. Talk to the boss or co-workers about a drink station or a shared cooler that scan be loaded with ice water to ensure everyone has access to fluids as needed. One great idea is to take a jug of water and throw it into the freezer each night. When you leave for work in the morning, bring it along. Keep it in the shade and slightly insulated with a shirt or something similar. As the ice slowly melts throughout the day, you'll have a good supply of icy cold water to hydrate as needed. Remember, sweating causes rapid fluid loss and during extreme temperatures this can severely limit your body's ability to cool itself.
    2.) Avoid over-exertion. Make sure you take breaks as necessary, as the heat can be deadly under certain circumstances. If you're an employer, be sure to provide access to some sort of shade on the worksite and expect that your workers will need to break more often during extremely hot days. It's better to cool off intermittently than to try and tough it out, which will usually affect work performance as well. Make sure you pace yourself accordingly for working in severe heat because heat exhaustion and heat stroke can set in before you know it and by that time, it's already too late.
    3.) Dress accordingly! There's an abundance of high visibility cooling gear and cooling products available to purchase that can drastically reduce your body temperature, reduce sun-exposure and keep you cooler and more comfortable throughout the work day. Look into these products and make the small investment to ensure you're health and comfort this summer. After all, we go to work so we can afford to enjoy life; not to end up injured or dead due to heat-related injuries.
    Don't forget that the heat not only has the ability to negatively effect your body via heat stress, heat exhaustion or heat stroke, but it can also negatively affect your brain function which can lead to injuries that could otherwise be avoided. Getting lightheaded for a few seconds due to the heat might be all it takes for you to lose focus and end up in the path of danger from heavy equipment or hazardous machinery. Please, use your head, pay attention to your body and proceed accordingly during the hottest days of the summer months. You owe it to yourself! And as always, be sure to keep a friendly eye on your co-workers. If someone looks like they might be getting to hot or isn't looking well, tell them to take 10, rehydrate and get out of the sun. This is especially true for those co-workers who might be a bit stubborn and always reply with "No, no, I'm fine!" Teamwork is a large part to ensuring workplace safety! Do your part and you'll be productive, healthy and safe all summer long.

  • Summer is Coming, Don't Lose Your Cool!

    high visibility cooling gearSummer is one of the best times of year, yet at the same time it does get unbearably hot during the day. If you're working outdoors or in a hot indoor environment, there is nothing more uncomfortable than not being able to focus on your work. Not only is the extreme heat uncomfortable and sometimes counter-productive; it can actually be dangerous. Excessive sweat can cause you to transfer moisture to otherwise dry surfaces and materials, which as you can imagine could become a problem. Slippery power tools or machinery can cause a loss of control or a mistake that could be very costly to your safety. To ensure your comfort and overall well being, it's important to consider these factors before it's too late.
    Many of us are required to wear certain safety gear that's not very forgiving during the hot weather and this can make things even worse. There is, however, some measures that can be taken to aid in your comfort and safety. Many of the most popular manufacturers of high visibility workwear have developed (and are continuing to develop) safety gear that is designed to provide relief for hot work environments. Often labeled "cooling gear", these products range from cooling bandanas and safety vests to water-soluble hard hat shades and visors. Safety vests made from specialty materials that retain water can even provide slow-release cooling that lasts up to 12 hours, offering cooling comfort throughout the day while wicking away moisture caused by excessive sweating.
    While our main concern may be our personal comfort, we also mustn't forget about the dangers of heat stress, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which are very real and very dangerous conditions that are often overlooked and underestimated. These conditions can lead to serious health effects, including death.
    A combination of utilizing the proper gear, staying hydrated and taking intermittent breaks as needed to avoid over-exertion is the key for making it through the summer while at work. Stay tuned for more information regarding summer safety tips on our blog and visit our website to browse and buy the newest cooling gear out on the market.

  • How to Treat Heat Stroke in an Emergency

    If you've suffered from heat stroke, you know how serious it can be. While heat stress or very minor cases of heat stroke can seem to be more debilitating than life threatening, we assure you that the situation can change rapidly and the victims condition can worsen without notice. When the body temperature rises to the point where the body can no longer cool itself, there is a great danger of serious damage and even death.
    Please, if you work in extremely hot environments, whether indoors or out, take a minute to watch this short video. It could help you save a life! If someone you know is showing symptoms of heat stroke, insist that they immediately rest while you begin to treat them. If you're unsure of they're condition or if the victim is unconscious, call for assistance immediately.

  • Beat the Heat with HiVis Summer Work Wear

    HiVis-Supply-Model-In-Summer-Wear-AttireIt's that time of year where things are really beginning to heat up outside - and if you're working outdoors, you owe it to yourself to be comfortable. Hi Vis Supply has a huge inventory of high quality summer work wear that will keep you both safe and cool, all available at prices you can afford. From Non-ANSI to ANSI Class 3, we're sure to have exactly what you're looking for. Check out a few of our most popular high visibility summer garments below or visit our website to view our complete inventory of hivis cooling products.

    ML Kishigo Brilliant Series Mesh Pants
    These Class E high visibility mesh pants are made from ultra-cool lightweight mesh material for outstanding breathability. They also feature reflective striping down the seams and 2" silver reflective tape with 3" contrasting background for optimal visibility... See More

    ML Kishigo Baseball Cap
    The ML Kishigo Baseball Cap utilizes a snap closure and is made from 100% polyester. The hat features a 1/2" reflective stripe around the base of the hat as well as the brim for optimal visibility in low light situations. The breathable design helps to keep you cool while protecting your head & scalp from the intense sun... See More

    Red Kap High Vis T-Shirt
    This ANSI Class 2 t-shirt is made of lightweight 5 oz. 100% polyester to help keep you cool during the hottest work days. Equipped with 2" reflective striping, one front chest pocket and a spandex rib-knit collar for enhanced comfort. This shirt has been designed and tested to maintain its brightness for up to 50 wash cycles... See More

    EZ Cool Evaporative Cooling Ranger Hat
    Stylish, comfortable and excellent at keeping you cool, the unique evaporative cooling capabilities of this ranger hat are unparalleled. It offers great protection from the sun and offers cooling that lasts all day long. Simply soak the hat in water and then wear it - it's that simple... See More

    Stay visible and keep cool this summer. Don't foget to bookmark our website and join our mailing list to stay informed about sales and special discounts!

  • Prepare to Beat the Heat with High Visibility Cooling Products!

    hivis cooling productsAlthough the extreme heat of summer is still a couple months away, those scorching temperatures will be here before we know it. A day of hard work in an outdoor environment during the summer can be physically taxing, and in many cases quite dangerous. To make things easier while achieving a consistent level of comfort and safety, consider investing in the proper gear for the job this year.
    Just as high visibility gear ensures you can be seen, 'cooling gear' is another important element of staying safe on the job. When the temperatures rise, manual labor an physical exertion can quickly catch up to you causing dehydration, heat stress and even heat stroke. Cooling gear aids in keeping your temperature at a stable level, preventing heat stress and ensuring you're as comfortable as possible when the temperatures reach extremes.
    At HiVis Supply, we carry a complete inventory of high visibility cooling products which vary widely in use and serve a broad range of cooling needs for specific applications. We stock an assortment of head & neck gear, safety vests, shirts, hats and sun shades, heat stress/stroke rehabilitation products and even electrolyte drinks.
    All of our heat stress and cooling products have been specifically designed with the worker in mind. Many of these products offer cutting-edge technology and materials to absorb moisture, enhance breathability and provide safe and effective alternatives to ordinary hi vis safety wear. Technology has come a long way in recent years and manufacturers are doing their best to develop functional, practical products to help deal with the blazing summer heat so you can focus your energy on your job.
    Check out our High Visibility Cooling Gear today and discover the unique cooling products that will help make your summer work day a breeze. Our everyday low prices and free shipping on all orders over $150 are sure to keep you feeling cool in any situation!

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