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Gloves & Hand Protection

  • Radians RWG603 Cut Protection Nitrile Coated Safety Gloves

    radians rwg603 safety glovesRadians is a leader in protective wear and safety gear, with gloves being just one of their many specialties. If you're working in the petrochemical, automotive, construction, manufacturing or material handling industries, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at the Radians RWG603 Cut Protection Nitrile Coated Safety Gloves.
    Designed to deliver exceptional hand protection without limiting your flexibility, the RWG603 Cut Protection Safety Glove is a solid solution for a variety of industries and job duties. Manufactured from 13 gauge high-performance polyurethane, these gloves feature a sandy foam nitrile coating and boast ANSI and EN388 Level 5 cut ratings. Providing an excellent grip for both wet and dry applications, the Radians RWG603 also deliver admirable abrasion protection. Dense overlays on the top of the hand help to minimize harsh impacts and material penetration, making these gloves perfect for tasks where both grip and cut protection are top priorities.
    The seamless cuff design of these gloves lends a comfortable fit and promotes the ability to use hand tools in a safe and effective fashion. To learn more or purchase your own, see the Radians RWG603 Cut Protection Nitrile Coated Safety Gloves here. Get the best in comfort and performance all day, everyday, at a price you can afford.

  • PIP Roustabout KVW Cut-Resistant Waterproof Work Gloves

    pip roustabout kvw work glovesIt seems to be that in many occupations, the importance of hand protection is often forgotten or downplayed. Surely, if you're working with harsh chemicals or it's freezing cold outside it may be hard to forget your gloves - yet there are many trades where only basic hand protection is utilized. With 27 bones in the human hand, this is a critical area to protect, especially when working with heavy materials, cutting tools, impact tools or any scenario where the hands or fingers might be prone to injury. Finding the perfect gloves, however, is not an easy feat. Often times you'll get the proper fit but inadequate protection. You might get excellent protection from another type, but they make your job more difficult to perform as the hand and finger movements become restricted. There is a fine line between comfort, safety and functionality.
    Luckily, there are manufacturers who lead the way towards reaching that perfect balance of usability and protection. One such company, Protective Industrial Products (PIP) is constantly working to reach new levels of innovation. They offer a wide range of safety products, with high-quality safety and protective gloves being an important area of focus. Today we'd like to introduce you to one of PIP's products that we feel offers great performance, exceptional protection and all-day comfort for a variety of trades and occupations - the PIP Roustabout KVW Work Glove.

    PIP Roustabout KVW Work Gloves

    The Roustabout Work Glove is something we can't say enough good things about. This is an extremely durable glove that takes protection and performance to the next level. Manufactured from a variety of durable materials, these gloves are ideal for fabrication, demolition, mining, construction and petrochemical work. They can be used for much more too, depending on your tasks and needs.
    Let's take a look at the PIP Roustabout KVW Gloves. They are designed for maximum safety, featuring:
    • Synthetic Leather Palms for Durability
    • Silicon Palm & Innner/Lower Finger Areas for Optimal Grip
    • TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) Molded Fingers, Thumb and Hand Guards
    • Kevlar Stitched Palm for Maximum Durability
    • Interior Gel Padding in Palm for Comfort
    • Synthetic Leather Forchettes to Enhance Contour and Fit
    • Kevlar Reinforced Thumb Crotch
    • Kevlar Inner Lining for Cut Resistance
    • Internal Membrane to Prevent Water Penetration
    • Spandex Fabric Back for Breathability and Fit
    • Glove Pull with ID Badge for Ease of Use/Removal
    • High Visibility Color for Added Safety
    • Washable
    It's easy to see that these gloves were designed for work. The strategically placed silicone palm grips and gel padding offer a respectable grip without sacrificing your comfort or dexterity, making it easier to manage your tools and materials. The kevlar reinforcements provide a long lifespan by reducing wear in high-wear areas such as the crotch of the thumb, which means you'll find yourself replacing your gloves much less often. Further, the kevlar inner lining offers added resistance against cuts and punctures. These gloves are also equipped with a membrane layer to prevent water penetration, giving you optimal grip and comfort, even in wet environments.
    We find these to be effectively designed, comfortable to wear and safe. When you put the PIP Roustabout KVW Gloves on your hands, you'll immediately notice that it feels as if you can perform better with these gloves than without them. We're confident that you'll love them and that they're well worth the investment. Learn more and get your hands on a pair (pun intended) of PIP Roustabout KVW Work Gloves at HiVis Supply today. You'll be glad you did!

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