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  • JSP Evolution Deluxe 6161 Full Brim Hard Hat

    jsp evolution deluxe 6161 hard hatThe Evolution Deluxe 6161 is the newest model from the JSP lineup. As the name implies, this full-brim hard hat is a result of the continued evolution of hard hat design. Intended to deliver improved comfort & security, it also features advancements to make it more effective and convenient to use.
    The 6161 hard hat is made from an extremely durable and resilient high-density polyurethane which provides a high level of safety while maintaining a minimum weight. The design of the shell itself is strategically shaped to not only help reduce the effects of impact, but to work in unison with the 6-point suspension system to deflect the velocity of impacts away from the skull. The suspension system itself consists of webbed straps, clips and a high density polyurethane main strap which features 3D height adjustment that is controlled by a simple and convenient wheel-ratchet.
    The full-brim shell design isn't necessarily new, but it works to effectively protect the face and neck from sun, raise, dirt, dust, and falling debris. The brim also helps to prevent glare, lessening the effects of mid-day sun on your eyes which can be especially convenient in situations where sunglasses aren't ideal for a specific working condition. The front of the brim features small textured areas that offer enhanced grip, making for simple adjustments or removal even in rainy conditions or when wearing gloves.
    Some of the unique features of this evolution deluxe hard hat that make it so functional are the optional vents and the chameleon sweatband. The vented hat utilizes a unique venting pattern at the top of the hat to provide constant airflow and reduce heat build-up - something that's ideal for working indoors or during the summer months and makes for optimal comfort on the job. The absorbent Chamlon sweatband is soft yet durable and features an egyptian cotton core wrapped in a pours polyurethane coating. The materials of the sweatband are ph neutral and have been dermatologically tested for long-term use, so there's no worry about it causing irritation.
    The JSP Evolution Deluxe 6161 is designed for premium safety and maximum comfort, but let's not forget about style - something that may not be as important, but is equally appreciated. The 6161 full-brim hard hat is available in a variety of colors, including yellow, red, green, blue, lime and classic white. While it could be thought of as purely a matter of choice, the selection of colors also the possibility of color-coding a large job site where foremen, managers, laborers or equipment operators can be easily identified by the color of their hats. Similarly, for extremely large industrial sites, it might help to identify welders, electricians, pipe-fitters, and so on.
    If you're ready for a new hard hat or want to upgrade to the finest and most comfortable protection available, take a look at the 6161 Evolution Deluxe by JSP and order yours today. We're confident you'll be glad with your decision.

  • Winter Safety Gear Review: Ergodyne N-Ferno 3-Layer Thermal Liner with FR Shell

    ergodyne n-ferno thermal winter linerThere's nothing more frustrating than working in extreme cold conditions without the proper gear to keep you warm. Ergodyne knows this, and as a leader in the safety industry they've developed the Ergodyne N-Ferno Thermal Liner. It's designed to keep you as warm as possible on the job without sacrificing comfort, safety, or breaking the bank.
    Featuring a unique triple-layer construction, the N-Ferno 6877 3-Layer Liner features a 100% cotton FR (fire resistant) shell that helps keep out unwanted wind & water and can last up to 50 washes while maintaining its FR properties. The middle layer of this liner consists of a foam insulation, which creates warmth around the head, neck and ears while the inner layer made up of 100% poly-fleece provides exceptionally soft comfort for all day use. The FR outer layer makes it safe for use around ocassional flames or sparks such as what might be common with cutting, welding and metal work.
    One of the best things about this thermal liner is that it gives coverage down around the neck. Unlike a balaclava, this design doesn't provide full-face coverage. It does however, work perfectly for bridging the gap between your hardhat and jacket, or for wearing under your jacket's hood as a secure-fitting insulative layer. This liner is especially good at preventing drafts of cold air from entering your jacket due to its design; you can simply tuck the lower area down inside your jacket collar. The velcro-style neck closure and the elastic forehead area help to ensure a snug & comfortable fit and prevent movement of the liner while it's on your head - meaning you don't have to worry about constantly readjusting it during vigorous work.
    This liner comes with specially placed loops where your hard hat suspension can be attached, which is one of the best features of this product. Instead of wearing your hard hat over it, you can simply attach it and then remove the hat and liner as one piece when needed. Not only does it give a better fit, but it prevents your hard hat from falling off and posing a safety risk, and that's a good thing. Speaking of good things, there are also built-in pockets made specifically for placing warmers, which is an excellent idea. Using the disposable hand warmers that are designed for gloves, you can get great comfort and a nice, toasty level of warmth all day. It doesn't really get any better than that!
    The N-Ferno 6877 is a great piece of gear that can make a huge difference in your work day this winter. After all, it really doesn't pay to suffer out there, especially when you can get high-quality protection like this for under $25. Learn more or get your own your Ergodyne N-Ferno Thermal Liner today and say goodbye to being cold at work this season.

  • Get a FREE Work King 5-in-1 Safety Jacket

    HiVis-Supply-Work-King-5-in-1-Safety-JacketIt's that time of year again where the temperatures have dropped and it's time to bundle up for work. The colder weather means you'll need extra gear to keep warm but there's a fine line - our bodies heat up easily after a few minutes of vigorous physical activity. So how are you supposed to keep a comfortable temperature in the winter and remain visible enough to meet OSHA regulations? With the Work King 5-in-1 Safety Jacket.

    What is It?

    The 5-in-1 Safety Jacket by Work King is a highly innovative, high visibility safety jacket. Unlike a traditional safety vest or hi-vis bomber jacket, it has the ability to transform into 5 different garments. From a complete hi-vis jacket with a hood to a sleeveless ANSI Class 3 vest, the 5-in-1 jacket is highly versatile and allows to to maintain the perfect balance of warmth depending on your level of activity and the changing temperatures.

    How Does it Work?

    It's easy to use. The removable hood and sleeves make it a cinch to change from a full-blown winter safety jacket to a vest within seconds. It's also reversible - simply turn the jacket inside out for those times when you want to utilize it as a solid black jacket if there's no need for high visibility. It can be used as a hooded jacket, non-hooded jacket, sleeveless vest, non-ansi jacket or a non-ansi vest - if that's not flexibility, we're not sure what is!

    What's it Made Of?

    Work King delivers high quality garments that are built for winter weather and the 5-in-1 jacket is no exception to the rule. The jacket, lining and insulator are made from 100% polyester with a polyurethane coated inner & outer shell.

    What Does it Feature?

    Aside from the awesome ability to be worn in a variety of ways, this jacket has a few other features worth talking about. It's ANSI 107 Class 3, Level 2 Compliant and CSA Z96 Class 2, Level 2 Compliant. The reflective striping utilizes an X-Back design to provide the best visibility possible and keep you safe during dark or low-light conditions. Dual microphone clips make hands-free communication a breeze. Sizeable dual outer pockets (on both sides) and an ID pocket with hook & loop fasteners provide convenience and adequate storage space for gloves, phones and more. The jacket is available in orange/black or lime/black in sizes S - 5XL.

    Where Can I get One?

    The 5-in-1 Safety jacket is available at HiVis Supply for just $144.00 right now. For your shot at a FREE one, visit our HiVis Giveaway on Facebook where we'll be giving one away (with a couple bonus items) at the end of November.

  • OSHA Makes Major Updates to Flame Resistant (FR) Regulations

    new osha flame resistant regulationsIf you haven't heard or been told, OSHA has recently made some changes to the nearly 40 year old regulations for FR safety gear. These regulations exist under code CFR 1910.269 (Operation and Maintenance).
    Apparently, these changes in regulatory standards regarding flame resistant protection have been a controversial subject for quite a few years now. Regardless, they've been published and have went into effect on July 11, 2014. Although there are some changes being made to this revision, there are some new regulations dealing specifically with fire and electrical arc safety. So what do the new regulations say?
    Basically, OSHA has stated that flame resistant protection (or FR safety gear) is going to be considered as a normal part of PPE for employees working in areas with exposure to certain levels of fire, flame, sparks, electrical voltage, etc. This also means that it's generally the employer's responsibility to assess the work environment and purchase FR safety garments that meet the standard requirements for employee use within that working environment. Employers will also be responsible to provide training for the proper use & care of the FR PPE garments.
    Before this update was made, FR regulations were generally hard to translate. With the new revisions, it is specifically mentioned that clothing worn by employees MUST NOT MELT and MUST NOT IGNITE AND CONTINUE TO BURN when exposed to flame and/or electrical arcs. Additionally, the regulations mention that any clothing made with fabrics containing any amount of acetate, nylon, polyester, rayon, or polypropylene are strictly prohibited unless said fabrics have been properly FR treated and can be proven to comply with the new standards or can be worn in a way that does not pose a threat.
    What does it all mean? Well, technically, even with your PPE or FR safety gear, there will be restrictions on certain fabrics that can be worn, which means the pants or shirt you wear under your PPE might not meet the new regulations. This is one reason that there's been scrutiny surrounding these new regulations. However, it seems as if the regulations truly work toward a decrease in injury and death - especially when you look at the statistics regarding incidents occurring in environments where fire resistant PPE wasn't being utilized properly.
    The new regulations allow for cotton and wool to still be worn since they don't melt, however, the material must be thick enough to resist from igniting and continuing to burn. Remember, these new standard only apply to environments where fire & electrical arc pose a risk.
    One other new standard that comes with these regulations for heat energy that could possibly exceed 2.0 cal/cm2. This standard calls for a flame resistant outer layer that covers upper and lower body parts - from head to toe - as well as head protection which adheres to certain levels of flame resistance.
    Although the new regulations have gone into effect in July, OSHA has given employers until January 1, 2015 to assess the work environment of employees and make an estimates for incident energy. Then, employers have until April 1, 2015 to purchase & implement the use of the proper fire resistant PPE equipment that meets new standard requirements.
    The details of the new OSHA regulations can be read here, in OSHA 1910.269.
    The new regulations are expected to make a large impact on employers as well as FR safety gear manufacturers. While January and April seem a ways away, it's going to be critical for employers to determine their specific needs immediately. In other words, to avoid OSHA penalties, Flame Resistant safety gear should be acquired as soon as possible to avoid the low product availability that's expected due to the newly increased demand.

  • Mamximum Comfort, Maximum Visibility with HiVis Work Shirts

    hivis shirtsWhen it's freezing cold outside, a high visibility safety vest or jacket is ideal for providing safety on the job. But during the spring, summer and fall, a jacket is too warm and even a simple safety vest adds another layer of clothing which can be quite a burden. If you're looking for maximum comfort, ANSI compliant safety and minimal layers of clothing, you might want to take a look at our high visibility shirts.
    Hi-vis shirts are available in a variety of different styles including t-shirts, long sleeved t's, and buttoned short & long sleeve work shirts. From the fluorescent-colored enhanced visibility designs to ANSI Class 2 and 3 compliant, there are shirts for practically any application. Some of the features available include microfiber fabrics for optimal breathability and even FR Rated shirts for situations requiring FR protection. They're also equipped with the same highly reflective striping materials that's used on safety vests such as 3M Scotchlite, so you're not sacrificing safety for comfort.
    Aside from comfort and lightweight ANSI compliant protection, another major benefit of high visibility shirts is that even the short sleeved t-shirts have more fabric than a sleeveless vest, so you're getting a larger amount of high visibility fabric on your body - which is always a plus from a safety standpoint.
    If you're interested in simplifying safety this year while improving your level of comfort on the job, be sure to check out our complete line of Hi Vis ANSI Class Shirts today. There are plenty of styles to choose from, including your favorite brands like ML Kishigo and Red Kap. As always, they're all available at our everyday discount pricing.

  • ANSI Class Compliance and Multiple Class Requirements on the Job

    multiple ansi class requirementsIf you work in a dangerous or risky environment, you're probably no stranger to high visibility gear. At the very least (and depending on your job requirements), you probably don a simple safety vest on the job. Alternatively, if you're working with certain chemicals or in hazardous environments, you might be required to wear non-ANSI protective gear.
    Regardless of what you're protecting yourself from on the job, there's always certain standard requirements that must be met. This could be reflectivity, chemical resistance or fire retardant properties - and along with these requirements comes different levels of protection (depending on the work environment) and therefor different standards that are required to maintain compliance.
    As an example, ANSI Class 2 requires a certain level of reflectivity which is rated by the actual amount of reflective material the garment contains. ANSI Class 3 uses the same principal, yet requires a higher amount of reflectivity meaning an increased amount of reflective material is required to meet compliance.
    The concept is pretty easy to understand, especially if you've been working in your field for a while and are familiar with the specific safety requirements of your job. But what about when those requirements change?
    In some fields, there are multiple standards of compliance depending on the duty being performed. Many times these are ignored or met with confusion and while it may not be intentional, many workers risk their safety each day without actually realizing it.
    A common situation is when certain areas of a job site require a lower standard of protection than other areas, yet there are many workers who travel throughout the site performing different duties. They might be required to wear high visibility or non-ANSI safety vests in one area, while workers in higher traffic areas require ANSI Class 2 gear to meet compliance standards. The misconception in this situation is that workers from the lower traffic areas might assume they're protected for their specific job description, but their safety gear doesn't actually meet the requirements for the higher traffic area of the job site, regardless of the duty they're performing. While this sort of scenario might not seem to be a big deal, it puts the workers at greater risk by decreasing their safety and increasing the chances of an accident.
    Road workers are another one of the many professionals whose safety requirements change on the job. If they're working long hours into the night, they're going to have to meet the ANSI requirements for night time road work, regardless of whether or not they normally work at night. So in a situation where construction is running behind and long hours or overnight shifts are required, you might have workers out there who aren't used to wiring after dark and aren't equipped with gear that meets the minimal safety standards.
    What about your job? Are there certain times when your duties, even if rarely, require a different level of safety than the typical or most commonly performed duties that you partake in? Are there times when even if for a shirt period, you're in a situation where your safety gear doesn't meet the standards for that particular task or environment? If so, you're only putting yourself at risk.
    Think about it, and think about the importance of safety on the job. After all, it's a job. Do you really want to risk serious injury or death while at work? The whole point of work is to be able to support yourself so you can enjoy life, and neglecting safety on the job is like neglecting the importance of your life.
    If you work in changing environments, consider picking up the extra gear to ensure that you can always meet the minimal safety standards. If possible, consider purchasing gear that meets the highest requirements available or gear that's a level above what's required to ensure that you're always meeting and exceeding the standards instead of occasionally falling below them.
    HiVis Supply carries a complete line of high visibility safety gear and apparel from the top brand names to meet any level of compliance necessary. From safety vests, hard hats and gloves to rain gear, winter gear and more. We have the top quality products you need to remain visible, safe and comfortable on the job, including all classes of ANSI/ISEA 107 compliant gear. Visit our website now to check out our massive inventory and save with our guaranteed everyday low prices. Your safety can't afford to wait, it should always be the top priority.

  • FR Safety Vests - Hi Vis, Low Flammability

    avoid and prevent heat stress at workThe FR safety vest is a high visibility ANSI Class vest that meets the additional and very strict standards of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).
    The letters "FR", stand for fire resistant, flame resistant or fire retardant. FR vests are not 100% fireproof, however, they are much more resistant to flames and sparks than the typical ANSI Class safety vest.

    Why FR?

    While they're not meant for long-term direct exposure to open flames, FR safety vests are highly useful where occasional or short term exposure may occur. They're also ideal for situations where workers are constantly exposed to embers, sparks or materials that are under extreme temperatures which could easily ignite a more flammable material. A few examples where the FR safety vest would be beneficial to workers is when their job duties require cutting or sawing of metals, welding, foundry work, exposure to high voltages or controlled burning. They are often also used as an extra preventative measure for fire officials, police and emergency response personnel as there's no telling what type of situation their duties may require them to tend to.

    What's the difference?

    It's important to know and be aware of the differences that can be encountered when choosing and FR safety vest because they're not all rated the same. ASTM rated FR vests are made from materials that are inherently flame resistant, while NFPA rated vests are generally treated with flame resistant chemicals or coatings. Usually, a FR vest will meet both standards, but there are occasions when you'll find an FR vest that only meets one or the other. Additionally, not every FR vest adheres to the same ANSI class standards, so be sure to clearly understand what compliance standards need to be met and then purchase accordingly.

    Increasing Popularity

    The FR safety vest is becoming more and more popular in the workplace. As safety concerns continue to take growing priority, preventative measures have increased and thus the demand for FR safety gear continues to increase. As we stated earlier, many professions require workers to be involved in scenarios that are ever-changing; therefor the FR vest is an additional measure of caution for when there's even the slightest chance that fire may pose a threat. A few industries that have adopted this methodology is the oil industry, shipyards, and utility workers.

    Plenty of Options

    FR safety vests are a bit more expensive than a regular vest, yet are still available in plenty of style and colors with varying options. There are FR surveyors vests, breakaway vests, incident command vests, police vests and more.
    If high visibility is a job requirement, consider if an FR rated vest can offer you additional protection. Nobody plans to have an accident but it's better to be prepared for the worst. The added protection just might turnout to be a lifesaver someday.
    Visit our FR Safety Vests page to view a complete selection of fire resistant vests today.

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