Factory and Warehouse Safety Tips: Why Safety Vests Are Crucial

High visibility safety vests are one of the most well-known and recognized types of safety gear. Everyone from highway construction workers to parking lot attendants wears them. That’s because they’re a cost-effective type of safety gear that is effective at reducing accidents

Today, we’ll talk about five important reasons why safety vests are an important part of factory and warehouse safety. These reasons also function as practical warehouse safety tips for how you can successfully implement safety vests in your factory or warehouse.


1. Safety vests make employees more visible and help prevent struck-by accidents. 

“Struck-by” accidents, in which a factory or warehouse worker is struck by a work vehicle, falling object, or piece of equipment, are both common and potentially deadly. Often, these accidents happen because one person doesn’t see another one in time. 

That’s why safety vests are crucial for reducing the chances of struck-by accidents. Their ultra-bright and eye-catching colors make it easier to see a coworker before a struck-by accident has the chance to occur. 

While often overlooked for use in factory and warehouse work environments, high visibility safety vests are a critical investment in the safety of the workers in your facility. They’re particularly important for facilities in which workers frequently operate powered equipment or manipulate large objects. 

2. Safety vests are comfortable and easy to wear. 

Safety gear that’s simple and comfy is safety gear that actually gets worn. Hi Vis vests are so popular because you can easily don one in just a few seconds. They usually don’t require operating any complicated zippers or buttons in a specific way. And they’re built to accommodate a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. 

Furthermore, the easy slip-on design of most safety vests makes them simple to wear over many other types of clothing. Safety vests are easy to combine with anything from standard coveralls to high visibility safety pants. No matter what your company’s work uniform requires, there’s a good chance that a safety vest will fit over it. 

3. Safety vests are cost-effective.

Safety vests are one of the most economical types of safety gear. How economical? HiVis Supply offers a full range of ANSI Class 2 safety vests under $10 each. These vests are constructed from tough materials, can be easily cleaned, and are available with bulk discounts for customers who order 25 or more units. By outfitting your entire facility with safety vests at once, you’ll help create consistency in your safety culture and save money. 

4. Safety vests make employees easier to organize and supervise. 

It’s important for supervisors to immediately be able to see everyone in the work environment, particularly in complex workplaces with many moving vehicles and machines. Employees wearing safety vests are easier to see and supervise. 

Additionally, safety vests can help differentiate employees with certain responsibilities. Your facility rules might designate orange vests for supervisors or red ones for trainee employees. Visual identification like this can help make your workplace more organized and easy to manage. 

5. Safety vests come in a wide variety of styles. 

HiVis Supply’s selection of safety vests includes dozens of options with a huge range of styles, materials, and features. Some of the most popular vest styles you’ll see in our collection include:  

  • Break-a-Way: Safety vests designed to break away easily to prevent potentially deadly snagging on equipment. 
  • Breathable Mesh: An especially comfortable and breathable vest designed for work in warm-weather environments and summer months. 
  • Budget Saver: Basic safety vests that are designed to provide great value for factories and warehouses while still keeping workers safe. 
  • Enhanced Visibility: Non-ANSI safety vest models that are perfect for situations where enhanced visibility is desirable but not required. 
  • Fire Resistant: Made of special flame-retardant materials and designed for compliance with fire and arc flash safety standards like ASTM F1506, NFPA 2112 or NFPA 70E

Each category of safety vests available from HiVis Supply includes the latest models from the most reliable manufacturers of industrial safety equipment. 

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High visibility vests are a must-have for all kinds of work environments, from factories to warehouses to road work. Remember, though, that they’re not the only kind of high visibility safety gear out there. Your job may require additional high-vis gear besides your vest, from hi vis headwear to colored hard hats. Shop our full selection of high visibility garments today to get the latest high vis clothing for your workplace. 


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