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  • ML Kishigo Black Series Safety Vests: B100 and B500

    ml kishigo black series safety vestsAs one of the first manufacturers to introduce black safety vests to the global market, ML Kishigo is continuing on with the development of these popular products to bring you a broad selection of stylish, durable and visibility-enhancing garments.
    Due to their design which features black background fabric, these vests aren't ANSI Compliant. However, since they have the same level of reflective striping as ANSI Class 2 & 3 garments, they're still very effective at improving visibility in a variety of environments where ANSI-rated garments aren't a requirement. They're an excellent solution for equipment operators, land surveyors, utility workers, public safety officials, emergency response and many similar occupations. The black design does a wonderful job at hiding the appearance of dirt and grime while providing a more stylish appearance than traditional orange and yellow safety vests. While visibility might not be as high as ANSI Class vests, the Black Series Safety Vests definitely provide an exceptional level of contrast.

    ML Kishigo B100 Black Series Multi-Pocket Safety Vest

    Made from a lightweight polyester mesh fabric with a zipper-front closure, the B100 safety vest is your basic safety vest for universal use. Equipped with plenty of pockets including dual inside patch pockets, dual outer chest pockets and dual lower flap pockets, it offers plenty of storage space. The 1-inch reflective striping sits over a 2-inch contrasting yellow background, giving you plenty of visibility for ordinary job sites. The lightweight design makes it breathable and perfect for the summer months, but it can also be worn over a jacket during colder temperatures. You can learn more and get your own ML Kishigo B100 Safety Vest here, for just $19.15 right now.

    ML Kishigo B500 Black Series Professional Utility Safety Vest

    The B500 Professional Utility Vest is a step up from the B100 and features a specialized design for utility workers. Made from a lightweight poly-cotton fabric, it has a solid front and mesh back for improved strength and excellent breathability. This zipper-front vest has 2-inch reflective striping laid over a 3-inch yellow contrasting stripe, giving great reflective properties. Equipped for the worker, foreman or supervisor, the vest has dual microphone tabs for hands-free communication on the job site. Dual lower flap pockets, a 2-tier left chest pocket with flap, an inside radio/cell pocket and a inside tablet pocket allow this vest to be utilized for a variety of tasks. Learn more about the ML Kishigo B500 Safety Vest here, and get your own for just $55.60 today.
    Since these enhanced visibility vests don't meet ANSI requirements, we can't say they're perfect for everyone but they are a great option for anyone looking to stay safe. Just because ANSI isn't required on your job doesn't mean you shouldn't strive for optimal visibility, and since we know that many of you don't like the bright orange and yellow safety vests, the Black Series Safety Vests might be the perfect product that you don't mind wearing every day. After all, they are pretty darn cool looking!

  • GSS Non-ANSI Identification Safety Vest

    GSS Non-ANSI Identification Safety VestWe all know the drill when it comes to safety vests - they help enhance safety in the workplace by keeping you as visible as possible. There's a wide variety of safety vests, from ANSI 2 to ANSI 3, FR Rated, and even specially designed vests for surveyors, utility worker and the like. They're proven to save lives, and play an integral part in everyday safety on the job. However, ANSI rated safety vests aren't always a requirement and there are many industries where simple, non-ansi safety vests are utilized, both to enhance visibility and provide identification. This is where a product such as the GSS Identification Safety Vest is most useful.
    Imagine working on a large industrial job site such as that's well lit and indoors, or maybe an outdoor event venue where safety hazards are practically non-existent to employees. There's really no need for high-visibility workwear, but it'd be nice to have a way to identify workers from the public, or to classify certain workers from others based on their job tasks or title. Identification safety vests are perfect for these scenarios, offering a simple & cost-effective solution that make it easy to clarify who's who.
    Available in multiple colors, the GSS Non-ANSI Identification Vest can be assigned by color to specific groups of workers. For example, on a large industrial site where hundreds of workers may be present, it would be reasonable and effective to assign orange vests to all electricians, blue vests to all plumbers and fitters, red vests to general laborers, etc.. Not only does it simplify and organize the job site, it also makes it easier to locate someone specific in a busy environment. The same is true when used for event venues, emergency response or other situations where large groups of people are present and the ability to identify workers is critical for running a smooth operation. These can also be used to increase profits by making it simple for the public to identify vendors at concerts venues or sporting events.
    The GSS Non-ANSI Identification vest is lightweight, inexpensive and has several features to increase usability. Made from 100% polyester mesh, it's ideal for warm weather or to be worn over a jacket in colder environments. For improved visibility, 2-inch prismatic reflective striping adorns the lower half of the vest. Both the front and the back of these vests have clear plastic ID holders, making it easy to display identification cards.
    Communication is also made easy, thanks to the microphone tab located on the chest. Simply clip a mic on it and your radio or smartphone can be used for effective hands-free device. The vest has a large outside pocket that can fit a tablet or clipboard, a inside patch pocket, and is equipped with adjustable side straps for a computable and secure fit.
    Overall, the Non-ANSI identification Safety Vest by GSS is an effective, flexible and affordable vest that offers unlimited range of use.
    To see and learn more about this safety vest, check it out here on our website. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in bulk discounts.

  • Winter Safety Gear: Portwest Contrast Thermal Lined Coveralls

    portwest contrast ansi class 3 thermal lined coverallsWorking outdoors during the winter can get pretty sloppy. Between the rain and snow, wet working conditions and general messiness that winter brings, it's a real relief to have a nice pair of coveralls that can keep you warm and dry out there. The Portwest Hi-Vis Contrast Thermal Coveralls are designed to do exactly that, making it easier to focus on your work.
    It all starts with a solid and durable fabric, in this case, a very rugged 300-Denier polyester oxford material. The 300-denier fabric is an especially strong weave made to resist tears, rips and snags. This gives the coveralls a longer lifespan and reduces the chances of minor injuries (such as cuts & scrapes) that could occur from accidental contact with heavy materials that could easily penetrate normal polyester. The thermal lining is quilted and loaded with nylon wadding for sufficient insulation and retention of body heat, which is important on those extra-cold days. Another important factor is that these coveralls are polyurethane coated to prevent wind & water penetration and keep you perfectly warm & dry during even the harshest winter climate. As an added bonus, the material has a stain resistant finish to help keep a clean appearance.
    As the name implies, the coveralls feature a contrasting design with darker colored legs and lower contrasting reflective striping to give an excellent level of visibility over your whole body. These are ANSI Class 3 compliant coveralls improve safety in all environments, including low-light conditions. The striping arrangement on the legs provides a nice, large area of reflectivity that helps you be seen while working in nearly any position, even laying down.
    While the Portwest Thermal Lined Coveralls are certainly warm, comfortable and deliver improved safety, they also have some great convenience features. There are cargo pockets on the front of each thigh with snap closures that are perfect for strong anything from gloves to small tools, and dual flap pockets above the waist. The front closes with a simple zipper, but a button-style storm flap gives additional closure. There's a built-in hood that can be used as needed, which can come in handy during bouts of falling rain & snow. Ribbed inner cuffs help ensure a secure fit while preventing drafts, and the zippered ankles make it easy for these coveralls to zipper right down over your work boots. What more can you ask for? Well, there's also a radio loop to provide easy access to communication without the need to store it in your pockets.
    Coveralls seem like they're pretty simple, but the Portwest has surely crossed all the "T"s and dotted all the "I"s. These are top quality, well designed and offer excellent safety for the wet, cold and sloppy winter workdays that you'll be facing. In fact, even if you only use them during the snow days, they're still an excellent investment for the confidence of warmth & dryness when you really need it. Check out the Portwest ANSI CLass 3 Thermal Coveralls on our website to learn more or purchase your own today, we think you'll be very happy with your decision, as will your wallet. There's no doubt that these coveralls are an excellent value.

  • Winter Work Safety: Frostbite & Trench Foot Prevention

    frostbite and trench foot preventionWinter is here, and if you're working outdoors in a cold climate, you know just how uncomfortable it can get without the proper protection. While you might be a veteran of winter workdays, it's always smart to be safe and avoid pushing yourself beyond your limits.
    The cold air temperature and other unique situations created by winter weather can be damaging and even fatal to your body if they aren't prevented, recognized or treated properly. Two of the most commonly occurring problems are frostbite and trench foot, both of which can sneak up on you relatively quickly. Below is some information on preventing, identifying and treating frostbite and trench foot.


    Frostbite occurs by the body beginning to literally freeze. Usually only an issue in extreme cold, it's most common with the hands/fingers, nose/face, ears, feet, or toes. Once it has began, frostbite can cause permanent damage by cutting off the flow of blood to the affected area. This leads to cell and tissue death, which can require amputation. People with low or reduced blood circulation are at an increased risk of frostbite.
    To prevent frostbite, be sure to wear sufficient protection from the air temperate, wind, and any materials that you might be handling. This includes wearing proper insulated gloves, hats and/or face protection, and sufficient insulation around the feet such as heavy socks.
    Symptoms of frostbite include reduced blood flow, numbness, tingling or stinging sensations in the affected areas, aching, and bluish or pale, waxy skin.
    If you or a co-worker is suffering from frostbite, you should get into a warm space as soon as possible. Do NOT walk on frostbitten feet or toes, as this could increase the damage to those areas. Apply warm water to the affected area (not hot water) and/or warm the area with heat. In emergency situations where a source of heat is not available, use an armpit. It's important to note that you should not rub or massage frostbitten areas because this could increase the damage. Additionally, refrain from using heating sources such as a heating pad, heat lamp, stove, fireplace, or radiator; since the affected areas are froze, burning can occur very easily due to numbness and the inability to properly feel the heat. If the signs are severe or if self-treatment doesn't help, seek the help of a doctor or emergency medical attention immediately.

    Trench Foot

    Trench Foot, sometimes called immersion foot, is a condition when an injury to the feet is sustained due to long exposure to wet & cold conditions. Believe it or not, trench foot can happen at temps of 60 degrees fahrenheit if your feet are continually wet. Since wet feet lose heat 25 times faster than dry feet, your body will attempt to prevent heat loss by shutting down the circulation to the feet, resulting in dying skin tissues.
    To prevent trench foot, it's critical to keep your feet dry. This means the use of waterproof boots, waders, or similar when working in wet conditions. Job sites with a lot of snow, or melted/melting snow are a prime scenario for causing trench foot. The best bet is to have waterproof workbooks all winter, and to make sure they rise high enough to prevent entry of water.
    Symptoms of trench foot include numbness, reddened skin, swelling, leg cramps, tingling pain, blisters, sub-dermal bleeding and gangrene.
    If you or someone you know is suffering or believed to be showing the warning signs of trench foot, it's important to take immediate action. First, remove wet boots and sox. Thoroughly dry the feet and avoid walking on the feet as much as possible. Avoid the cold and any water for a generous period of time and until all symptoms are gone. If symptoms don't begin to improve or if the symptoms are sever, consult a doctor or emergency medical help immediately.

    Stay Warm & Use Your Head

    We say this time and time again, folks. Your job is an important part of your life, but don't allow it to ruin your life. Practice proper safety on the job to reduce the risk of accidents, injury, or death. Wear the proper safety equipment, follow safety procedures and be aware of your surroundings. Stay educated and informed and make sure that the same is true of your co-workers.
    For proper winter workwear products that will prevent frostbite, trench foot and other cold-related health issues, visit our website's winter workwear selection. We have a large inventory of a variety of products from the top brand names, specifically designed to protect those of you who work outdoors in the winter. A small investment can go a long way when it comes to personal safety.

  • ML Kishigo Emergency Response and Incident Command Vests

    Versatile High-Visibility Safety

    ml kishigo incident command vestsThe incident command safety vest is the perfect solution for safety and visibility. It's effective, inexpensive and offers a very versatile range of uses. Generally, these vests are designed for emergency response situations, yet their functionality reaches far beyond that.
    The ML Kishigo 3700 Series Incident Command Safety Vest contains ID insert areas on front and rear, and is also available in 12 colors. These two qualities alone make it very easy to recognize who is who, not only for individual purposes, but more so for group purposes.
    For example, a specific colored vest could be used on a job site to identify all workers from a certain company, or to identify all electricians, all inspectors, all trainees, etc.. The clear plastic insert areas make it easy to insert a company/organization logo for further identification, or in instances were all companies or organizations have the same color vests.
    As you can begin to imagine, the versatility of these vests is very useful in certain situations, such as:

    • • Large, expansive job sites
    • • Extremely busy job sites
    • • Emergency situations
    • • Emergency response drills
    • • Job sites where many different companies are working closely or in unison with one another
    • • Larger Job sites with sensitive areas or equipment
    • • Widespread emergency response situations
    • • Foreign aid missions
    • • During a disease epidemic
    • • Natural disaster response
    • • Large public events
    • • Large private events
    • • Security applications
    • • .. and more

    The incident response vest has practically unlimited uses. While they work great as a general all-around high visibility safety vest, they are extremely convenient for the situations mentioned above. These vests are also very effective for emergency situations where a very large number of vests needs to be handed out in a short period of time, or when certain individuals need to immediately be identified as responders.
    These vests feature the following:

    • • 12 different color options
    • • One size fits all
    • • Dual 1-inch 'Reflexite' Reflective Striping
    • • Identification insert areas on front and rear
    • • Lightweight
    • • Inexpensive
    • • 100% Polyester
    • • Upper right Chest/Pencil pocket
    • • Inside, lower-right pocket

    The low cost, flexibility of use is what makes our ML Kishigo incident command vests so unique. For more information on this or our other emergency response vests, visit our Safety Vests Page to view the complete inventory.

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